Which Auckland Airport Shuttle is Right For You?


Ready to find the best Auckland airport shuttle? Then let’s get started! We’ve researched the best and the most well-known Auckland Airport shuttle services on the market, so that your trip to the airport is as stress free as possible. We've gathered plenty of helpful advice and information about prices, luggage restrictions, meet and greet options, and cancellation policies, all contained in the short reviews below:

Auckland Airport Shuttles

Shuttle ServicePrice - One WayPrice - ReturnLuggage Allowance
SuperShuttle$33.00$66.001 suitcase & 1 item of hand luggage
ShuttleExcellence$40.00$80.002 pieces of luggage
South Auckland Shuttles$40.00$80.001 suitcase & 1 item of hand luggage
Shuttle Bus$45.00$90.001 suitcase & 1 item of hand luggage
TT Shuttles$45.00$90.002 pieces of luggage


There are more than a dozen Auckland Airport shuttle bus services in operation, but SuperShuttle, Shuttle Excellence, South Auckland Shuttles, Shuttle Bus, and TT Shuttles are consistently rated as some of the best. These companies can get you to/from Auckland Airport for anywhere between $66.00 and $178.00 NZD per person (return), provided that you’re departing from the CBD area. Just bear in mind that these are shared shuttle services, meaning that the bus may stop to pick up other passengers along the way. While less convenient than other, more private, transport solutions, it does allow the various shuttle transport companies to pass on lower prices to customers. 

For more information about these services, plus information about additional costs, baggage restrictions, booking methods, and handy links, please scroll down! We've provided a summary of each shuttle service mentioned in the table, to make it easier to find the right transfer service for your next trip away.



Consistently rated the cheapest airport shuttle Auckland, SuperShuttle’s rates start at $33.00 per person, one way, from the CBD to the airport. Prices increase for long journey times and different service types, however customers can use the SuperShuttle website or app in order to receive a free quote for their intended journey. As the shuttle will pick you up from your doorstep, it’s advisable to get your own personalised quote in advance, to prevent any surprises on the day. 

The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on both a shared and exclusive ride basis. Buses typically have eleven seats, meaning that single travellers and couples can expect to share, whereas parties of eleven can book out the entire bus exclusively. If you are travelling on a ride share basis, meaning that you can expect the bus to stop 2-3 times on the way to/from the airport, in order to pick up other passengers. This is one of the best options for the cheapest Airport Shuttle Auckland.

Customers are entitled to carry one piece of checked baggage and one piece of hand luggage, to ensure that there’s enough space for travellers and their belongings. Additional services, such as extra luggage, oversized luggage, including skis, mountain bikes, and surfboards, plus seats for babies and children can be booked at additional cost. SuperShuttle Auckland also welcomes pets on-board their buses, provided that the animal remains in its travel cage.



A door to door airport transfer service, ShuttleExcellence offers competitive rates on rideshare journeys to and from Auckland Airport. Fare prices start from $40.00 one way, per person, depending on where you start your journey from. The longer the journey time, the higher the rate, however discounts are available for large groups travelling together. ShuttleExcellence’s buses can also be booked on a charter basis, if you’d prefer to travel without stopping or with other passengers. 

The airport shuttle Auckland service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be booked at any time, at least two hours in advance, via the phone or the company’s website. Customers are entitled to carry two pieces of luggage with them, with the option to pay an additional fee of $5.00 per bag, for every extra suitcase. The shuttle buses tow trailers behind them, enabling ShuttleExcellence to transport oversized luggage such as bikes, boards, skis, as required. 

Each of the company’s vehicles offer a belt for every seat, as well as one baby seat and one booster seat. If you’d prefer to bring your own child seat, ShuttleExcellence can store it for you, awaiting your return to Auckland. 


South Auckland Shuttles

South Auckland Shuttles can transfer passengers both to and from Auckland Airport, safely delivering passengers to all Auckland hotels, motels, and backpackers accommodation, plus addresses in all Auckland city destinations and suburbs, including the West, North Shore, Inner city and Central Business District, East, and the South. Prices start at $40.00 per person, one way, with discounts available for groups of three or more passengers.

The eleven seat buses have trailers for oversize luggage, such as bulky suitcases, bikes, surfboards, and skis. Pre-booking is essential, as the shuttles do not make extra stops along the way. Customers are assured fast, direct transfers to AKL and back, plus a late arrival guarantee. You also have the option to take advantage of the company’s Meet & Greet service, for $5.00, ensuring that the driver waits for you in the Arrivals hall and shows you the way to the shuttle.

For information about possible charges for extra luggage and other services like baby and child seats, we advise contacting South Auckland Shuttles directly for advice before booking your transfers. 


Shuttle Bus

The Auckland Airport Shuttle Bus serves the greater Auckland area, providing a friendly, reliable, door to door shuttle service to/from AKL. Shuttle Bus offers fixed, economical prices, with rates starting from $45.00 per person, one way. Travellers can use the shared ride service to get to Auckland International or Auckland Domestic Airport quickly and conveniently, with group pricing and charter services available on request.

Shuttles can be booked online and via the phone, with six, nine, and eleven seat vehicles in use. The company’s eleven seat bus has an additional trailer, which can hold excess and oversized luggage, as well as bikes, golf bags, surfboards, and ski gear, at additional cost. Passengers also have the option of booking the company’s Meet & Greet service, for an extra $15.00, ensuring that there will be someone to meet you at 'Arrivals' with a white sign board bearing your name, who can lead you to the shuttle. 

Travellers should be aware that there are extra surcharges which apply after hours, during public holidays, and for additional pick-ups. If you have complex travel plans, for insurance, you have extra luggage, need a baby seat, and want to make multiple stops along the way, you’ll need to get in touch with Shuttle Bus before booking, to receive a personalised quote. This shuttle is a perfect option for anyone looking for a cheap shuttle to Auckland Airport. 


TT Shuttles

A popular transportation company offering affordable vehicles options to the airport and back, TT Shuttles is one of the most popular AKL Airport shuttle companies. TT Shuttles offers a shared door to door service to/from AKL and all over the Auckland metropolitan region, as well as private hire and charter buses. The shuttle buses service all hotels, motels, and lounges, plus residential addresses, at fixed, economical prices. Rates start at $45.00 one way, per person, with a $10.00 surcharge for journeys that start from the airport.

TT Shuttles’ buses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on demand, and make no more than three additional stops along the way. The company offers all passengers, clean, safe, and reliable transportation on late model vans, which are fully air conditioned. There are also forty-nine seater luxury coaches available for large groups. Passengers are entitled to two pieces of luggage each, with an additional $5.00 charge for every extra bag. 

In addition, shuttle journeys that commence after 10.00pm cost an extra $10.00, while a waiting charge of $10.00 is applied for every 15 minutes the driver is left waiting, past the scheduled pick-up time. A Meet & Greet service can be added to your booking for $10.00, while baby seats and boosters can be rented for $10.00 per piece. We advise that you request a quote from TT Shuttles before booking, should you need to use any of these services. 


Looking to Save Further?

Airport shuttle services are typically advertised as being a cheaper alternative to airport taxis, and when you consider the fares charged for one person in one direction, that is indeed the case. But what if you’re travelling with another person? Or as part of a larger group? At that point, it makes sense to start comparing the cost of travelling to the airport by additional means of transport. After all, a return shuttle trip for two people is likely to set you back at least $132.00, which isn’t cheap by any means.

To put that sum into perspective, you could book a fortnight’s worth of Auckland Airport parking and still have $40.00 left over. Not convinced? Enter your travel dates into the search bar above, to see how much it would cost you to park your car near Auckland Airport. Our intuitive online search engine will show you the lowest prices available for off-site parking, with the option to filter the car parks shown by distance, price, and customer rating. 

Not only will you be able to travel to the airport in the comfort of your own vehicle, but you’ll receive complimentary shuttle transfers to your terminal, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your car will be kept safe and secure while you’re away. Instead of leaving your car at home, or worse, on the street, consider booking into a low priced, off-site car park, with all the benefits of 24-hour security, including CCTV and manned patrols. You won’t be charged extra for additional luggage, and you won’t have to make stops along the way to pick up other passengers. What could be easier? 




All of the airport shuttle rates mentioned in this article serve as a guide only. While they were accurate at the time of publishing, prices can and do change regularly. It is not possible to book airport shuttle services on Flyparks; the information above is provided for reference only, and does not constitute travel advice. All prices for New Zealand car parks are shown in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ).

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