Flyparks Now Accepts Guest Posts


Yes - Flyparks accepts blog articles from guest writers! Feel free to pitch any travel related topic you like. We’re looking for posts that are succinct, shareable, and engaging for our readers. It’s always a win-win. Good for our readers, good for the writer, and good for our website.

We welcome submissions from great writers and avid travellers, who’d like to submit a guest post to be featured on our blog. Guest posting is a great way for aspiring writers and travel bloggers to gain more experience and exposure, as it promotes their content to wider audiences.


How to Get Published on Flyparks 

All submissions will need to go through an internal review, but here are some of the things that will help us determine which blog posts we will eventually publish, either on Flyparks or on one of our other travel blogs. If you’d like to write for us, try to:

  1. Know the target audience for your blog post and write with them in mind
  2. Cite and link back to credible sources/resources that can substantiate your ideas
  3. Give relatable examples that help readers visualise the message you are trying to deliver 
  4. Include images that complement the content of your post, wherever possible

Please keep in mind that we only accept original content, i.e. we do not post anything that’s been published elsewhere, including on your own blog. Articles should be around 1,000 words (minimum), but can be as long as you want.


Topics We're Looking For:

Ideally, we want to post articles that solve a problem or offer value for our readers, especially when they are searching for information to answer their specific travel questions. Whether it's how to get a visa, how to get from point A to point B, or how to see a particular destination on a budget – the article should educate and inspire. Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

  • Guide to Brisbane Airport
  • Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Japan
  • How to See Dubai on a Budget
  • Take this Amazing Cruise Across the Pacific
  • Lesser Known Destinations & Hidden Gems 


Want to Submit Your Post?

Please follow the simple steps below to submit your travel blog post to Flyparks:

  • Email your guest post to with “Guest Post Submission” in the subject line
  • Attach any photos you want included, as long as they are copyright free
  • Tell us if you want to link to a particular website 
  • Add a short two to three line bio about yourself, to be featured at the bottom of the post (optional) 


What We Do After We Receive Your Post:

We will look it all over, edit if necessary, or check to see if it would better suit one of our other travel blogs. Should we decide to use your guest post, we will get in touch via email before going live with the article. 

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