Emu Parking Sydney Airport


Before delving into the details and information about Emu Parking Sydney Airport, check out all the other options for secure parking Sydney in the table below:

Overview of Sydney Airport Parking Rates
Car ParkCost per WeekService 
Blu Emu$176.40Shuttle: 10 - 15 minInfo
Air Travel­ Parking$140.00Shuttle: 6 minBook
Airport Express­ Sydney$149.00Shuttle: 5 minBook
P3 Car Park$451.00 Walk: 5 - 8 minInfo
P1&2 Car Park$548.70Walk: 5 minInfo
P7 Car Park$548.70Walk: 5 minInfo
T1 Premium Valet$596.00 Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo
T2 Premium Valet$596.00 Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo
Qantas Valet$667.70Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo


Blu Emu car park is Sydney Airport’s official long-term, budget parking option. Located within the airport precinct along Ross Smith Avenue, it is both the most affordable on-site car park and the furthest from the terminals. There is a free Blu Emu parking shuttle bus that operates between the Emu car park and the Domestic airport (T2 and T3), which runs 24 hours/7 days per week, however, international travellers would need to take the terminal transfer bus or train onwards to Terminal 1 (International).

The Blue Emu Car park offers open-air and shaded car parking spaces, enabling drivers to park their vehicles and keep hold of their keys. It is ideal for budget-conscious domestic travellers looking for car parking Sydney Airport, who don’t mind the shuttle ride to the airport and back. Additionally, travellers will find 24 accessible parking bays at this car park. 

Note! You cannot reserve a space at Blu Emu Parking Sydney via the Flyparks website at present. You can instead search, compare, and book at a range of lower-priced airport car parks. Before we dive into information about Blu Emu car park, let's check out the more affordable options available at Sydney Airport.


Low Cost Alternatives to Blue Emu Sydney Airport

Travellers also have the option of booking their parking through a range of private parking companies, almost all of which provide cost-free shuttle transfer services. To compete with Sydney Airport parking Blue Emu, many of these businesses advertise lower prices and offer a host of additional services such as 24/7 security, car washing and repairs, and assistance with luggage.

If you're looking for the best deal, and want to avoid paying too much for airport parking, you should consider and compare multiple options before booking. You'll find lower prices and special offers, as well as discounted rates for advanced bookings, simply by searching online. Although Blue Emu parking rates Sydney are the least expensive of the official car parks, you can find much better deals from the independent offers that are offered here on Flyparks. 

Rates start from just $30.00 per day with Air Travel Parking, a secure open-air parking facility located 6 minutes from the airport, and $61.00 per day at Airport Express Sydney which offers 24-hour monitored CCTV and is minutes away from the terminals. If that seems expensive it's because, the longer you park, the less you will pay. You can see how these rates compare to the airport car parks below, or get a free quote for your holiday dates by entering them into the search bar above and booking when you are ready. 


Air Travel Parking ($140.25 for 1 Week)

air-travel-parking-sydney-airportAir Travel Parking is an affordable car park that offers safe and reliable parking at Sydney Airport. The shuttle can pick you up and drop you off at either the domestic or the international terminal in just 6 minutes.

The car park has excellent security measures, including 24/7 CCTV, to ensure that your car has surveillance at all times. When compared to the Blu Emu Parking, Air Travel Parking is $36.40 less per week, with the same security features and 4 - 8 minute shorter travel time to Sydney Airport. Reviews of past travellers praise the parking for its efficiency and promptness in shuttle services, the simplicity of the parking process, stellar customer service, and low, competitive parking rates. 

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min shuttle
  • Height Restrictions: Any vehicle that can park within a standard car park bay is accepted; please contact us for parking availability of motorhomes & large trucks 

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Airport Express Sydney ($149.49 for 1 Week)


Airport Express Sydney is a very convenient and quick parking service that offers lower rates than the Blu Emu Parking at Sydney Airport by $26.91 per week, and a free shuttle that will take you to the airport in just 5 minutes. The car park is equipped with 24/7 CCTV security, and hand car washing for an additional fee.

If you want to park with a reliable, secure, and low-rate car park, then Airport Express Sydney is the way to go. After utilising the parking service of Airport Express Sydney, many travellers' have left reviews mentioning the car park's great service, reasonable rates, simple booking process, and friendly bus drivers.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min shuttle
  • Height Restrictions: 3.2 metres; vehicles outside this height restriction can still be parked but will incur a surcharge

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Park & Fly (Currently Unavailable)


Park & Fly is a premium parking service that has valet-style undercover and outdoor parking and is an excellent choice for airport parking at Sydney. Leave your keys with the helpful staff and wait for the complimentary shuttle bus to transfer you to the airport in 5 mintues. When compared to Blu Emu Parking, Park & Fly offers better security features due to its on-site mobile patrols, quicker becuase of its on-demand shuttle services, and cheaper. 

While Park & Fly is not available currently on Flyparks, we recommend checking out Airport Express Sydney or Air Travel Parking as they are great alternatives to the Blu Emu and Park & Fly, with cheaper rates than both, and more thorough security features.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min shuttle


Park on King (Currently Unavailable)

park-on-king-sydney-airportPark on King is one of the newest and largest car parks available at Sydney Airport. This car park has a plethora of services and facilities, such as car washes, electric car charging, a waiting room, and even luggage assistance. Parking on King is also a highly secure facility that has security fencing, cameras, illuminated terrain, and secured nightly patrols.

Park on King offers shorter transfer times than the Blu Emu Parking at Sydney Airport does, with undercover parking bays available. 

  • Hours: 04:30 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 4 min shuttle


Blu Emu Car Park Location

Blu Emu Parking is located off of Ross Smith Avenue. If you are coming from General Homes Drive, turn onto Butler Road, past the B.P. and Mcdonalds, and enter the car park from Ross Smith Ave. While the car park is still officially within the airport precinct, the travel time between Blu Emu Parking and Sydney Airport is approximately 15 minutes by bus. The free shuttle service to Domestic terminals T2 and T3 runs every 15 minutes from 3:30am to midnight, and then every 30 minutes between midnight and 3:30am. 

Blu Emu Parking Sydney is primarily intended for domestic passengers. While it is possible to park at Blu Emu for international flights, there is no direct transfer service between Blu Emu Airport Parking and T1, the International Terminal. After taking the free shuttle service that runs between Blu Emu Car Park and the Domestic terminals, you would then need to get a transfer bus or a train from Domestic to International. The transfer buses are cost-free, and run from 6:00am to 8:50pm, while the trains run from 5:00am to midnight.


How much is Emu Parking at Sydney Airport? 

The Blue Emu car park rates are by far the best and most affordable of the official airport car parks. Parking at Blu Emu anywhere between 1 minute - 1 hour will be free.  After that, parking for 1 - 3 hours will be $26.90. To then park at the Blue Emu for one day will be $37.30, parking for 3 days will cost $96.90, while parking for 8 days, or 1 week, will cost you $176.40. Parking for a fortnight, or 14 days, will set you back $271.80. Blu Emu, then, offers some of the lowest on-site Sydney Airport parking costs, however, the off-site car parks available to book on Flyparks remain the cheapest, and offer a quicker shuttle service than the Blu Emu.

When compared to its neighbour parkings like the P2 Car Park Sydney Airport or the P3 Car Park Sydney, it is no wonder why travellers choose the Blu Emu. The Emu is $372.30 cheaper per week than the P1/P2 Car Park, and $274.80 cheaper than the P3 Car Park Sydney.  Daily rates start at $56.40 for a space at P3, and $69.90 for a spot at P2 (P1 is currently inoperable until mid-2024).

Below is an overview of hourly & daily rates for Blu Emu parking: 

Blu Emu Parking Rates 

0 - 15 minsFree
15 - 30 minsFree
30 mins - 1 hourFree
1 - 2 hours$26.90
2 - 3 hours $26.90
3 - 24 hours$37.30
2 days$68.90
3 days $96.90
4 days$112.80
5 days$128.70
6 days$144.60
7 days$160.50
8 days$176.40
*Each additional day thereafter will cost $15.90 


It’s worth noting that Blue Emu Parking prices can and do change over time, often around periods of high demand and major holidays. Likewise, these prices apply to a variety of vehicle types, such as sedans, Ute's, four-wheel drives, station wagons, people movers, and luxury cars, but height restrictions are in place. Cars parked at Blue Emu Parking Sydney Airport must not exceed 3.5 meters in height. Oversized vehicles such as campervans or trailers are not allowed. 


Blu Emu Car Park Reviews

The Blu Emu is rated a 3.6 / 5 with over 180 Google user reviews. User reviews are quite mixed when it comes to the car park's quality. On the one hand, user reviews express satisfaction over the ease of booking, affordable rates, and helpful shuttle service staff. Further, travellers express favour over the size of the car park and availability of parking bays.

On the other hand, many user reviews have highlighted the need for a more consistent shuttle bus system, as dozens of travellers have been left waiting for a shuttle past 40 minutes, when its stated the shuttle bus runs every 15 minutes to and from the terminals. Further user reviews express discontent over the lack of shuttle buses, as when they do arrive, they fill quickly, leaving travellers who couldn't get on the bus waiting for longer, in addition to their previous wait time. A few user reviews have also reported damage to their cars whilst parked at the Blu Emu, with no accountability taken by the airport to further investigate or compensate for the damage. 


Can you use Blu Emu Parking for International Flights?

Travellers can use the Blu Emu Car Park for international flights. However, the shuttle bus from the Emu Car Park will only transfer travellers to the Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport. To reach the international terminal, passengers will need to take the T2 Domestic Transfer Bus or the AirportLink from the domestic terminal to the international. The free T2 Transfer Bus operates from 5:30 - 21:30, every 30 minutes, while the AirportLink operates between 05:00 and midnight and costs between $7.30 - $8.50.


Where is the Best Place to Park at Sydney Airport?

The best, most affordable place to park at Sydney Airport will be with Air Travel Parking or Airport Express Sydney, as they offer the lowest rates at $140.00 and $149.90 a week. The most convenient option, however, will be at the T1 or T2 Premium Valet, as you will not need to park your car, and you can be within the terminal check-in desk within 1 minute. Aside from the valet services, the P7 Car Park will be the closest car park to the terminals being only a 5 minute walk away, however rates are a bit steep at $548.70 for a week of parking. 


Does Emu have Free Parking? 

Yes! Park for free at the Blu Emu Parking Sydney Airport up until an hour upon arrival. 


How much is Blue Emu Parking daily?

At $176.40 for a week of parking, the Blu Emu costs $22.05 per day. For 24 hours of parking, the Emu costs $37.30.


What is Blu Emu?

The Blu Emu is an official Sydney Airport Car Park known for its affordable rates. The car park is located on Ross Smith Avenue, designed for travellers flying out of T2/T3 at Sydney Airport, open 24/7, and offers a complimentary 15 minute shuttle service for travellers who park at this car park.


Book Sydney Airport Parking with Flyparks

Flyparks can assist you in finding low cost Mascot Airport parking, by making it easy to compare numerous offers and parking providers. Instead of visiting multiple car park websites and manually comparing prices, you can filter by price, distance, and service level all in one place. Customers can book their Sydney Airport car parking space directly on Flyparks, and pay using any of the major payment methods. The entire process takes as little as two minutes. 

To get started, enter your travel dates into the search bar above. You'll be shown a full list of all the off-site car parks available, as well as the best deal they can offer you. Once you've selected your ideal parking space and secured your spot, your booking confirmation will be sent via email, shortly afterward. If you have any questions or need any help, our friendly customer service team is on hand to help, Monday through Friday. 




All costs cited are approximate and subject to change without notice but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days) in April 2024. Please note that it is not possible to book at any of the official Sydney Airport car parks through Flyparks at present. If you wish to book Blue Emu parking directly, you must do so through Sydney Airport's official website. 

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