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Looking for a hassle-free travel experience and convenient parking at Sydney Airport?  Flyparks has you covered. 

To get started, simply enter your travel dates in the search bar above to compare all the private car parks offering secure parking at Sydney Airport. You will be presented with a selection of car parks that have been vetted by our team to ensure maximum quality and the start to a seamless travel journey for you. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Check out the user reviews of past travellers and filter your car park preferences on the left-hand side before booking your spot, so you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best car park for you.  

To find out more about the options available to you and how they work, continue reading - we explain everything! 

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What type of parking should I choose at Sydney Airport?

Your Sydney Airport parking experience is going to vary depending on the type of service you select. Generally, you will find three types of car parking: those with valet services, shuttle services, and within walking distance. We assure you that all three services are efficient and dependable, however, your experience will differ depending on what service you choose, and which terminal you are flying from.

Car parks with shuttle services like Air Travel Parking & Airport Express Sydney will transport travellers to the terminal of their choice. The rest of the car parks at Sydney Airport, however, are designed specifically for travellers flying from a specific terminal. Blu Emu will only transport travellers to T2 & T3, while the car parks and valet services within walking distance of the terminals are allocated for travellers flying from a specific terminal. To determine which car park you should park at based on location, trip duration, ratings, or Sydney Airport parking rates, we suggest taking a closer look at the car parks below. 


Sydney Airport Parking with Shuttle Services


Image courtesy of Andrews Airport Parking

Booking a car park with shuttle services at Sydney Airport is recommended for those who value affordability without compromising convenience. The procedure is as follows:

Arrival: Drive to the car park, check in with your booking confirmation sent via email, park your car or have it parked for you, unload your luggage, and board the shuttle to the airport. The car parks offered on Flyparks offer shuttle services that are on-demand. Regardless, we advise arriving at the car park 20 - 30 minutes before needing to be at the terminal check-in desks. 

Return: Once your flight has landed, and you've collected your luggage, call the number on your booking confirmation email to have the shuttle sent to collect you. Within minutes, you will be on the shuttle heading back to the car park. 

While a short ride to the airport is due, parking with a car park offering shuttle services is the best option for those looking for cheap Sydney Airport parking. If you have difficulty choosing what provider to go with, read the user reviews below of past travellers who have booked with a car park. Flyparks is committed to providing quality service through and through, and values customer input long after their journey has concluded. Below are our top picks for Sydney Airport Parking: 


Air Travel Parking 

Rated 8.8 / 10 based on Flyparks User Reviews 

air-travel-parking-sydneyRenowned for offering a convenient, secure Sydney airport parking experience, Air Travel Parking is located just 6 minutes from Sydney Airport. Travellers can park here no matter whether they need Sydney Domestic Airport parking or Sydney International, as the shuttle bus will drop passengers off at the terminal they are flying from.

The car park is equipped with 24/7 CCTV, security guards, and a well-lit lot, ensuring the security of your vehicle whilst away. 

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Air Travel Parking Reviews


Airport Express Sydney 

Rated 8.8 / 10 based on Flyparks User Reviews 

airport-express-sydney-airportAirport Express is a top Sydney Airport parking due to its low costs, yet high-quality security features and on-site service. The car park is equipped with 24/7 CCTV security features and offers valet-style parking, only 400 metres from the airport. The complimentary shuttle service is on-demand and will drop travellers off at the terminal they are flying from - domestic or international - so travellers will never be left waiting or walking.

The car park is 5 - 6 minutes from the Domestic Terminal and 9 minutes from the International Terminal at Sydney Airport, making it a credible choice for those who favour convenience without compromising on cost. 

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Blu Emu Parking

blu-emu-car-park-sydneyRated 3.5 / 5 with over 180 Google Reviews

The Blu Emu Car Park is Sydney Airport’s most affordable open-air parking option for Sydney domestic airport arrivals and departures. Despite its affordability, it is the airport’s furthest car park from Sydney domestic terminals. To ensure you get to your flights on time, there is a free shuttle service operating every 15 - 20 minutes between the Emu car park and T2/T3 domestic terminals. The shuttle service does not, however, extend to the T1 International Terminal, therefore while this car park can be used for Sydney International Airport parking, the shuttle bus will not transport travellers to the T1 terminal. Instead, travellers will have to get off at the domestic terminal, and then take another shuttle or train ride to the international terminal.

When considering this car park, be sure to take into consideration that you may experience long wait times for the shuttle service, as user reviews have reported it tends to run fairly slow, especially in peak travel season due to its popularity amongst passengers looking for Sydney Airport Domestic parking. Drive-up rates for the Blu Emu Car Park begin at $34.90 for 24 hours, and there are 24 accessible car park bays available.

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Blu Emu Reviews


Sydney Domestic Airport Parking 


For travellers flying from Sydney Airport's Domestic Terminal, there are a few car parks that may be just what you are looking for. The process for parking at the domestic terminal car parks is simple - travellers can either take a shuttle bus with Air Travel Parking, Airport Express Sydney, or the Blu Emu, or utilise an on-site car park that will have higher parking rates than those with shuttle services', but be within a few minutes walk to T2 and T3. The car parks located within walking distance of Sydney Domestic Terminal will be the P1&P2 Car Park, P3 Car Park, Qantas Valet, and T2 Premium Valet. The domestic valet car parks are going to be the most expensive, yet some of the most convenient, offered for domestic travellers. 


P1 Car Park

p1-car-park-sydneyThere are no Google Reviews to display

As of January 2024, the P1 Car Park at Sydney Airport is undergoing renovations and is therefore not operable as a Sydney Airport domestic parking. Its neighbour parking, the P2 Car Park, remains operable and available to be booked on the Sydney Airport website.


P2 Car Park 

p2-car-park-sydneyRated 3.1 / 5 with over 100 Google Reviews

The P2 Car Park at Sydney Airport is located off Keith Smith Avenue within a multi-storey facility, a short 4 - 5 minute walk from the T2 / T3 terminals. Travellers considering the P2 Car Park can choose between open-air or undercover parking and access their vehicle at any time due to the car park being open 24/7.

It is important to keep in mind that travellers who book this car park online for a duration of 3 hours or less will need to be sure that they do not arrive 2 hours prior to, or after, their nominated booking time as they will be charged additional fees if done. The P2 car park reviews are quite mixed, with many citing helpful staff but overpriced rates, defect entry barriers and QR scanners, and a lack of navigational signage, making it difficult to find, enter, and exit the car park effectively.

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P3 Car Park 


Rated 3.1 / 5 with over 120 Google Reviews

Similar to P2 Car Park, P3 is a multi-storey covered car park located off Keith Smith Avenue. It is a undercover parking facility with an open rooftop. Due to the longer walk time to Sydney domestic T2 and T3, P3 Parking Sydney Airport offers slightly lower rates than its counterpart, P2, with drive-up rates starting at $52.90 for 24 hours.

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T2 Premium Valet 

Rated 3.1/5 with over 6 Google Reviews 


T2 Premium Valet Parking at Sydney Airport is located on the Departures Level of Terminal 2. Its location allows travellers to have direct access from the car park to the terminal, and for their car to be parked fully undercover. Premium car washes are also available for an additional fee, payable on-site. The valet service is open from 05:00 - 11:30 pm every day of the week. 

User reviews on this valet service are also mixed - while limited, the majority of reviews express dissatisfaction with this valet service, citing long wait times for attendants to retrieve travellers' vehicles despite having their arrival times in the reservation; moreover, some cited overpriced rates for the quality of service. Others, however, gave 5 stars for their experience with no feedback. If you want a valet service but don't want to spend a fortune, Flyparks recommends looking into T2 Prebooked Valet, as discounted rates apply when booked online. 

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Qantas Valet Parking

Rated a 2.7 / 5 with over 90 Google Reviews


The Qantas Valet service is a great choice for those who are looking to start their get-away on a stress-free foot. Conveniently located, Qantas Valet is only a 1 minute walk from Terminal 3, and is located on the arrivals level within Qantas domestic terminal Sydney, allowing for direct terminal access from the car park. Currently, their express check-in is unavailable at the airport; therefore, it is necessary to check in online before your arrival. 

When considering Qantas and your choice of Sydney domestic airport parking, it is important to note that drive-up rates for this provider start at $65.00 for 3 hours, and $99.00 for 24 hours, and your car may be subject to storage in an off-site, open-air car park. Frequent Qantas travellers will benefit by parking with Qantas Valet at Sydney Airport as they can receive 3 Qantas points per $1.00 spent. 

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Sydney International Airport Parking 


For those wishing to park directly on Sydney Airport grounds and are flying from the Sydney International Terminal, there are a few car parks designed specifically for you. The car parks designed for Sydney International Airport parking are the following: Air Travel Parking, Airport Express Parking, P7 Syd Valet, T1 Premium Valet, and the P7 Car Park. 

All the car parks listed above, except for Air Travel Parking and Airport Express Parking, will offer relatively high rates for Sydney Airport parking due to their location being within walking distance of the terminals. They are therefore suggested for travellers who would rather walk to their terminal as opposed to being dropped off in front of it by a shuttle bus. The Sydney international airport parkings available to be booked are detailed below:

P7 Car Park

p7-car-park-sydneyThere are currently no Google Reviews ratings

The P7 Car Park is used repeatedly by travellers looking for long-term parking at Sydney Airport, and specifically, for those who want to park their car at an on-site, Sydney International Airport parking facility.  Although it is another expensive official airport car parking option, P7 Parking Sydney Airport is a multi-story, undercover facility that charges $62.00 per day for the convenience of being on the doorstep of Sydney Airport International Arrivals / Departures. 

If you plan to pre-book your reservation, simply scan your QR code sent in your confirmation email upon entry at the car park gate. You can alternatively take a ticket at the gate if you do not plan to book your space in advance. This car park is an excellent option for those looking for convenient car storage or those who need an accessible parking bay, as there are 34 accessible car park spaces available near the front of the P7 Car Park.

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P7 Syd Valet 

Rated a 3.5 / 5 with over 40 Google Reviews


The P7 Syd Valet is designed for those looking for ultra-convenient T1 Sydney International Airport Parking. Located on Centre Road, on the Ground Floor of the multi-storey car park, this valet service is open from 5:00 am - 11:30 pm, every day of the week. Considering that it is a valet service, it offers extremely affordable rates. For 1 week of parking, the P7 Syd Valet will be $335.00, which is cheaper than the P7 Car Park.

User reviews on the valet service are relatively positive, with most citing the ease of finding the valet service, the quality of the service itself, friendly staff, and affordable rates. Additional users cite the convenient walk to the International Departures / Arrivals, as it's within a few minutes by foot. 

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T1 Premium Valet 


There are currently no Google Reviews to display

T1 Premium Valet is a luxurious and convenient Sydney Airport Parking designed for international travellers flying from T1. The car park court is located directly across from the Departures Level of T1, but travellers that book this service can simply drive up to the kerbside of T1, show their booking confirmation, and hand over their keys to have their car parked for them. From there, travellers will only need to walk 1 - 2 minutes to be at the check-in desks at T1. 

Rates of the T1 Premium Valet are the same as that of its neighbour valet parking, the T2 Premium Valet, the only difference comes from the terminal location. While convenient, rates are high for this service.

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How much is it to park at Sydney Airport?

To park on Sydney Airport grounds, you can expect to spend anywhere from $324.00 - $596.00 for 8 days. To park at an airport car park only a short shuttle distance away, such as at Airport Express Sydney, you can expect to spend between $125.00 - $162.75 for 8 days. For a comprehensive view of all costs associated with Sydney Airport car parks, view our Sydney Airport Rates article. 


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Where to park at Sydney Airport for international departures?

For those flying internationally from Sydney Airport, Flyparks recommends parking at the P7 car park, Pronto Valet, or any off-site car park like Air Travel Parking or Airport Express Sydney as they cater to both domestic and international departures. 


Is it cheaper to pre-book parking at Sydney Airport?

Yes. You will always save money when you pre-book your Sydney airport parking space online, particularly, in advance. When you book in advance, you can save up to 40%. Remember, airport parking becomes more expensive closer to the time and date of your arrival. It is therefore always recommended to book your airport parking in advance. 


Where is the best place to park at Sydney Airport?

The best place to park at Sydney Airport depends entirely on your preferences. If you prefer proximity to the domestic terminals, the best place to park would likely be Qantas Valet, P1 or P2. If you are flying internationally and want to park on airport grounds, the best car park would be P7. 

The best place to park for those who wish to find the cheapest parking(s) for either domestic or international departures would be at any of the car parks offered on Flyparks.


Can you park at Sydney Airport with pre-booking?

Yes, you can park at Sydney Airport without pre-booking your spot by simply driving up to the car park on the day of your flight. However, Flyparks does not heavily recommend this, especially during travel season, as your space is not guaranteed. 


Where is the cheapest place to park at Sydney Airport?

The cheapest parking at Sydney Airport is Air Travel Parking, with one week (8 days) of parking being $142.99. For more information on where and how to find cheap parking at Sydney Airport, check our blog! 


Is there long term parking at Sydney Airport? 

There is long-term parking at Sydney Airport, and parking with select providers is very affordable when doing so for the long term. Long-term off-site parking options range from $267.75 - $278.25 for 2 weeks with providers like Air Travel Parking or Airport Express Sydney. 

On-site, long term airport parking with car parks like Blu Emu, Guaranteed Space Parking, P3, P7, or P1 - 2 will cost between $303.60 - 1,095.90 for 2 weeks.


What is the difference between short stay and long stay parking at the airport? 

Short stay parking is typically calculated based on the minute/hour, whereas long stay parking rates are calculated based on 24 hours, or each day. Long stay car parks rates will be cheaper the longer you stay, whereas you can expect short stays to cost more. We must inform you that some long term car parks only offer stays for travellers staying for a select period of days, such as 3 days or more, for example. So we always suggest checking the requirements before booking on the official Sydney Airport website. 


Are there parking bays reserved for the disabled? 

You can find clearly marked spaces for those with disabled parking permits at every official Sydney Airport car park. Specifically, there are 39 accessible parking bays across all official domestic car parks, 24 bays at Blu Emu car park, and 42 across the official international car parks. To park in the bay, you must display your disabled parking pass. 

At the car parks offered on Flyparks, assistance is available should you need it. Simply send our Flyparks customer service team a message, and we will accommodate you as best we can. 


Why Choose Flyparks for your parking in Sydney? 

By booking with Flyparks, you have a few guarantees from us, such as: 


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All the Sydney Airport parking fees that are cited are approximate and subject to change, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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