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What are the steps?

Created in 1997 in Melbourne by Andrew himself, Andrew’s Airport parking is a car storage service that serves airports across Australia. Andrew’s Airport Parking serves three major airports and has become the only facility offering park and ride options to Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide Airport, as well as long term storage options for your caravan, boat or motorhome.

With its experience, Andrew’s Airport Parking offers a well-established service that prides itself on their slogan, “good-old-fashioned service”. We explain the process and the advantages of Andrew’s parking service to you, along with the list of airports where you can benefit from it.

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The Benefits of Parking with Andrew’s 

Rather than parking at the airport and paying expensive airport parking fees, you can park with an independent car park and receive a short shuttle bus ride to and from the airport. This is often the cheaper option and helps avoid the stress of finding a parking spot or even remembering where you parked your car!

- Benefit from a fast service at the airport and do not waste a minute

- Excellent long term parking rates

- Covered / outdoor

- Experienced drivers + Trained Staff

- Additional services

- Only Airport Parking available


How Andrew’s Airport Parking Works

Andrew’s Airport Parking has been leading the game for airport park and ride since its creation in 1997 and is able to offer you a service that will meet your needs and more. Regardless of the airport for which you are looking to book a parking service, the service offered by Andrew’s remains the same. The quality and efficiency of the service have already been widely demonstrated and appreciated by thousands of customers. 

The procedure to follow is very simple:


When Booking your Andrew’s Airport Parking

In theory, you can make a booking a few hours prior to your arrival at the car park. In practice, it is recommended to make your reservation in advance, especially if you are leaving during a peak holiday season or from an airport where demand is high.


Operation of Andrew’s Airport Parking: Day of Departure

As you arrive at Andrew’s Airport Parking, you’ll be directed to park your vehicle in one of the available bays or leave your vehicle with one of the car park's valet staff. After unpacking your luggage, you should head to the reception area to check-in. Make sure you take your Flyparks booking confirmation with you, as you will be asked to provide evidence of your reservation and payment. Once your vehicle has been successfully checked-in, you’ll be shown to the next available shuttle bus and driven to either the international or domestic terminal at your chosen airport.

The shuttle buses run on demand, with up to six in operation at any given time. Andrew’s always aims to get you to the terminal on time. The regularity of the service also guarantees a prompt return to your car upon your arrival back to the airport. The drivers are fully uniformed and fully trained, to ensure that you receive a high level of customer service. The Andrew’s Airport car parking facilities are highly secure, ensuring that your vehicle is not at risk of being damaged or harmed. 


Day of Return: 

The day of your return, the process will be similar. Indeed, once your plane has landed, you can contact Andrew’s Parking so that they can be sure to send the shuttle to pick you up. In order to guarantee you a smooth and efficient service, we recommend that you call Andrew’s while you are waiting to collect your luggage. There are up to six of Andrew’s shuttle buses running at any one time, meaning that the regularity of the service means you will be guaranteed a prompt return to the parking facility. Once the shuttle arrives, the staff help you load your luggage and take you back to the car park.

If you notice damage or a problem on the vehicle that was not present at the time of arrival, you should take pictures and discuss with the car park or reach out to our customer service!. If all goes well, you can head back home from your lovely trip. If your return flight is delayed, don't worry. Indeed, Andrew’s monitors the return flights of its customers and is able to adapt in the event of a delay, especially since Andrews is open 24/7 to ensure that you get back to your vehicle safely.


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At Which Airports is it Possible to Benefit from Andrew’s Airport Parking?

Andrew’s Parking is a service that was launched in Melbourne in 1996, but thanks to its innovative character, its quality of service and its commitment to customer satisfaction, Andrew’s has rapidly developed and today offers its services at three major airports in Australia. So if you are looking for Andrews Airport Parking Melbourne, Andrew’s Airport Parking Brisbane or even Andrew’s Airport Parking Adelaide, then you came to the right place! Find the complete list of Andrew’s Airport car parks below:

Andrew's Airport Parking in Australia


Car ParkCost per Week (8 Days)Transfer TimeCovered Option? 
Andrew's Airport Parking Adelaide$ 101.9915 min Book
Andrew's Airport Parking Melbourne----
Andrew's Airport Parking Brisbane$ 149.495 min Book


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