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Embarking on a journey from Brisbane Airport and looking to keep your car at the airport whilst away? Ensure your car is in safe hands with Flyparks. Whether you are looking for affordability or top-tier service, we have you covered. Our experts have selected and rigorously assessed every car park offered on the platform, guaranteeing premium quality, top-notch service & security. 

With a few clicks, you can compare the parking options near Brisbane Airport for your specific travel dates. After, you can filter your results and read user reviews from past travellers. Within 2 minutes, you can book the best parking at the best price.

To find out more about each service, how they work, or what we do, keep reading, as we explain everything to you.

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Overview: Parking at Brisbane Airport 

 At Flyparks, we know most people want to book with an affordable, trustworthy, and reliable car park to keep their car safe and secure whilst away, It is our mission to help travellers find exactly that. That said, at Brisbane Airport, you will find three types of parking services to cater to your preferences: car parks with shuttle services, valet services, and those within walking distance. 

All services are efficient, secure, and reliable, however, some are more affordable than others, while others are more convenient. Generally, you can expect to find car parks with shuttle services to be the most affordable Brisbane Airport car parks, while car parks within walking distance will be the most convenient, and the most expensive. Below you can find specific car parks based on budget, proximity to the airport terminals, and valet services. 


Airport Parking at Brisbane with Shuttle Services 

Andrews Airport Shuttle van

Image courtesy of Andrews Airport Parking

Car parks offering shuttle services to and from the airport are recommended most for travellers who want to travel affordably without compromising convenience. While parking at a car park with shuttle services means you will have to plan a bit, like being at the car park 30 - 40 minutes before you need to check-in. Despite this, when you park with an off-site car park, you will save tremendously on costs while not sacrificing security or convenience as most airport parkings at Brisbane have shuttle buses that run on demand or every 5 - 10 minutes to bring you to and from Brisbane Airport. 

Parking with an off-site car park is the best solution for affordable, long term parking at Brisbane Airport. Don’t take our word for it, though, we recommend checking the user reviews of the parkings to determine whether it is the best for you. Flyparks is committed to providing the best services possible, and to ensure we are doing so, we love to hear from you so that we can keep the high quality of our services maintained, even when it is for a low-cost.

Arrival: Drive up to the car park, check in with an attendant using your confirmation email, park your car or hand over your keys, unload your luggage, and you will be directed to a shuttle bus to take you to the terminals.

Return: On your return, call the number on your booking confirmation after collecting your baggage if you parked with a private car park like Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane. The shuttle bus will then be sent to pick you up and drop you back off at the car park within minutes. If you parked with an official airport car park like AIRPARK, you may need to wait for the next shuttle bus to arrive at the designated collection point. 

Among the various parkings with shuttle services that you will find at Brisbane Airport, we recommend:


Andrew’s Airport Parking Brisbane

Rated 4.5 / 5 with over 900 Google reviews

andrews-brisbane-airport Andrews Airport Parking is the largest off-airport car parking complex in Brisbane, and is well-known for its good old-fashioned service, convenient 24/7 opening hours, and range of additional car washing services from the most basic exterior cleans to a deluxe, intensive interior and exterior car wash. Andrew’s Airport Parking Brisbane is a trusted and reliable parking at Brisbane Airport, with undercover and outdoor spaces to choose from, plus free shuttle transfers to all terminals.

Andrew's Brisbane is the best Brisbane Airport Parking and should be your first choice! Don't take our word for it, though, read Andrew's Airport Parking - Brisbane reviews by clicking the button below, and see for yourself. 

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Reviews of Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane



Rated 3.6 /  5 with over 440 Google reviews

airpark-brisbane-airportAIRPARK Brisbane Airport is one of Brisbane's on-site, open-air, official Brisbane domestic airport parkings available to travellers flying domestically or internationally. The shuttle ride between AIRPARK and the Brisbane domestic terminal is approximately 6 - 10 minutes, with the shuttle bus running every 15 minutes between 3:30 am - 1:30 am, and every 30 minutes between 1:30 am - 3:30 am, and every 10 minutes between regular operating hours. The shuttle ride to the international terminal from AIRPARK is a few minutes longer, approximately a 7 - 10 minute shuttle ride. 

AIRPARK offers standard 24/7 CCTV and has undercover parking Brisbane, with bays equipped with protective shade sails, however, it is only available to be booked online at the official Brisbane Airport website. 

More Info →


AIRPARK 2 Brisbane 

Rated 4.3 / 5 with over 115 Google Reviews 


Brisbane AIRPARK 2 is located adjacent to AIRPARK, right off Bert Hinkler Drive. It is an open-air car park offering the same prices and shuttle services that AIRPARK does, and was designed as a parking option for travellers when AIRPARK becomes booked. AIRPARK 2 is a great Brisbane airport parking choice for those flying domestically or internationally.

The majority of user reviews of AIRPARK 2 are positive, with many expressing contentment over the quick shuttle drop off and pick up services, and the reasonable rates charged. This car park does have over-height parking compared to the other on-site parking's at Brisbane Airport, so if you have a large truck or van, Flyparks recommends parking here or at Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane as they will accommodate your oversized vehicle. 

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Gateway Airport Parking 

gateway-airport-parking-brisbaneUnfortunately, as of 2024, Gateway Parking Brisbane has permanently closed and can no longer be booked. 



BNE Airport Parking with Valet Services

man driving car with gps

For those seeking ultimate convenience & hassle-free parking, valet parking at Brisbane Airport may be for you. Valet parking in Brisbane is commonly rated highly for its service and location among users who experience it, so you can trust the service you receive and know your car will be taken care of. Simply drop off your car and go! Flyparks recommends valet parking for those with reduced mobility, travelling in large groups, or having large/bulky luggage or instruments. 

Arrival: While valet parking will not be a cheap airport parking solution, it will be fairly simple. On the day of your flight, drive to the terminal or drop-off bay noted on your booking confirmation. After checking in, you will hand over your keys while unloading your luggage or have it unloaded for you. Your car will then be taken to a secured car park on or near the airport.

Return: Upon return, your car will be retrieved from the car park and returned to you to drive home. 

Among the various valet services available at Brisbane Airport, Flyparks can recommend the following valet services: 


Park & Fly

Rated 3.6 / 5 with over 50 Google reviews 

park-and-fly-brisbane-airport Park and Fly Brisbane is an express parking solution designed to provide the most quick, simple Brisbane airport parking service. Upon arrival, travellers will drop your car off at the designated drop-off bay, hand over their keys to one of the attendants, and the attendant will proceed to park the vehicle while the traveller heads towards the terminals. 

Travellers considering Park & Fly as their parking at Brisbane Airport should know that their car will be parked in either an undercover or open-air parking bay somewhere on airport grounds. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that Park and Fly Brisbane is only available from 4 am - midnight and can only be booked on the official Brisbane Airport website, meaning travellers can not drive up to the car park on the day of their flight departure. This valet service ensures your car is parked in or around Level 3 of the P2 Car Park, which is equipped with 24/7 CCTV. 

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ParkValet is no longer operable at Brisbane Airport. Travellers are thus recommended to consider Park and Fly Brisbane if they wish to park with an on-site BNE airport parking with valet services. 


Parking at Brisbane Airport within Walking Distance 

overview of people walking

If you don't care for someone parking your car for you or handling your luggage but would still like to be in proximity to the airport terminals, you may consider booking with an official Brisbane Airport car park. On-site car parks are going to be much more expensive than off-site car parks with shuttle services, however, the benefit of parking with an on-site Brisbane airport parking is that the majority of them offer travellers a short walk to their terminals. 

Flyparks does not store user reviews of official Brisbane Airport car parks; however, we do suggest having a look at the Google Reviews left by past travellers before booking your spot. Your options for official airport car parks within walking distance are the following: 


ParkPremium Brisbane Airport

Currently, there are no Google reviews to display

park-premium-brisbane-airportParkPremium is known as the closest Brisbane Airport parking domestic option. It is a self-park option located on Level 3 and Level 4 of the Domestic Terminal, a mere 4 - 5 minute walk away from the check-in desks. Travellers booking with this car park will have exclusive entry into the car park as well as the option to pay for an undercover parking bay. After parking, flyers can quickly access the domestic terminal via the skywalk.

Flyparks recommends this car park for business travellers and those who don't mind paying higher BNE airport parking costs to be at the terminal doors. This car park must be booked online at least one hour before arrival, on the official Brisbane Airport website.

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ParkShort Brisbane Airport 

Currently, there are no Google reviews to display

park-short-brisbane-airportParkShort, a Brisbane Airport parking dedicated for travellers who plan to park for up to 4 hours. ParkShort is located in P1, the Multilevel Car Park on levels 2 & 4, at both the Domestic & International Multi-level car parks. While It is an airport parking in Brisbane that is only a 2 - 5 minute walk away from both terminals, it remains one of the more high-end parking options when compared to the other car parks for travellers parking for longer than a day. 


ParkLong Brisbane Airport

Currently, there are no Google reviews to display 

park-long-brisbane-airportParkLong is a favourite amongst regular travellers looking for Brisbane Airport parking. With the car park being only a 2 - 5 minute walk away from the airport terminals, it is a decent choice for affordable parking at Brisbane Airport. ParkLong Brisbane Airport is located in various places: on levels 5 - 9 of the P1 car park, levels 1 - 6 of P2, and levels 2 -4 in the open-air space of the International Terminal car park.

All ParkLong lots will have 24/7 CCTV, so you can rest assured your car is being monitored whilst away. 

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How much is parking at Brisbane Airport? 

Depending on where you park, and what service you decide to park with, Brisbane Airport parking rates will vary. However, you can expect to spend around $150.99 for a week of covered parking at Andrews Airport Parking. Or, if you prefer to park on the airport grounds, you can expect to spend between $180.00 - $442.00. Remember, the closer you park to the airport terminals, the more expensive car park rates will be. 


Is Brisbane Airport parking cheaper online?

Yes. You will always find cheaper Brisbane Airport parking rates online, particularly the further in advance you book. But, if you can only book the night before, you will still find better rates than those you would incur by driving up to the car park on the day of your departure.


Where is the best place to park at Brisbane Airport? 

The best place to park at Brisbane Airport is going to depend entirely on the preferences you want in the car park. If you wish to have a car park closest to the terminals, then the best spot to park is likely at ParkShort for short trips away, Park Long for longer trips, or Park Premium for ultimate convenience. 

If you wish to park at a car park that is convenient yet a bit further away from the airport terminals, Flyparks can recommend Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane as they are only a 5-minute shuttle ride away and charge much more affordable rates than its on-site counterparts. 


Where can I find free parking at Brisbane Airport?

There are select places to park for free at Brisbane Airport, a few being those noted for waiting-area purposes below: 


Is there free short term parking at Brisbane Airport? 

Travellers looking for free short term parking at Brisbane Airport can do so in the Domestic Terminal 'Waiting Area' for their first 30 minutes. Additionally, for 10 minutes, travellers can park at the International Terminal 'Express Pick Up' area for their first 10 minutes. There are additional parking bays to park in, in and around Brisbane Airport for a low fee. Should you be interested in parking off-site and waiting for your passengers to call you once they are ready to be picked up, consider looking at the BNE Service Center off Moreton Drive, which offers free parking for 2 hours, or at Kingsford Smith Memorial which also offers free parking for 2 hours.


Can you leave your car at Brisbane Airport?

Of course! Whether you are leaving for a few days or a few weeks, you can rest assured your car is in good hands when experiencing Brisbane Airport Parking. For budget parking at a secure car park, consider Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane for excellent customer service & affordable parking rates. You don’t need to worry about security at either on-site or off-site car parks as they are fully equipped with CCTV cameras, and even 24/7 security patrols at Andrews. 


How much is long term parking at Brisbane Airport? 

Long term parking at Brisbane Airport is going to range depending on the length and service you choose to experience. However, we can say that when parking on airport grounds, you can expect to spend between $216.00 - $300.00 for 9 days, whereas if you are parking at an off-site car park like Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane, you will spend approximately $159.75 for 9 days of parking.

When parking for 2 weeks, or 15 days, travellers can expect to spend between $189.00 - $497.00 at the official airport car parks, and $216.89 at Andrews Airport Parking. This means that BNE airport parking will be significantly less when parking at Andrews versus an on-site car park, with the exception of AIRPARK.


How much is short term parking at Brisbane Airport? 

Short-term parking will vary depending on the car park you choose. Generally, you can count on short-term parking to be for those who intend to park for less than a week. Parking for 3 days at ParkPremium will be $180.00, while parking at ParkShort will be $167.00 and parking at ParkLong will be $112.00. If these rates seem expensive for such a short stay, consider parking at Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane, where parking for 3 days amounts to $91.75. 


Where to find domestic pick up at Brisbane Airport 

To pick up passengers leaving the Domestic Terminal, follow the signs from Airport Drive towards Pick Up / Drop Off road. If your passenger is not yet ready, drivers can wait in the pick-up waiting area within the domestic terminal for free, for 30 minutes. Once your passenger is ready to be picked up, drivers may head to pick-up road and meet their passenger whilst remaining in their car. 


What time does Brisbane domestic airport open? 

Brisbane Airport’s domestic terminal opens from 5:00 a.m. until the last departure every day. It is recommended to arrive at Brisbane Domestic Terminal 1 hour before your flight within this terminal.  To ensure you can also have access to your car no matter the time you arrive or depart, the majority of airport parkings Brisbane will also be open 24/7, such as Andrews Airport Parking Brisbane, AIRPARK, AIRPARK 2, ParkLong, and ParkShort. 


How to get to Brisbane Airport? 

By Airtrain: 

You can get to and from Brisbane Airport via Airtrain, a non-Translink operator. The airtrain operates between 4:30 am and 10:00 pm, running in intervals of 15 minutes. Travellers can also take the Airtrain to Gold Coast Airport, Sunshine Coast Airport, Mackay Airport, and Cairins Airport from Brisbane. 

To get to Brisbane Airport from the city center, via Airtrain, travellers can board the Airtrain from any train station in South East Queensland. To pay for your journey, book your ticket online, directly through translink. Travellers can also use a Go card, purchase a single-use ticket, or pay using smart ticketing. 

By Car: 

You can get to Brisbane Airport from the city center via car in a short 28 minutes. To do so, follow the directions below: 

By Uber: 

An Uber to Brisbane Airport from Brisbane CBD is going to cost you approximately $32.00-$34.-00.


Are there electric charging stations at Brisbane Airport? 

Yes, you can find electric vehicle charging points at the following locations:

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All the Brisbane Airport parking fees that are cited are approximate and subject to change, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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