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Flying from Adelaide Airport and looking for a place to park your car whilst away? 

Whether you are looking for the most highly rated or the most affordable, with Flyparks, you can compare a wide array of parking providers that have been vetted by our team, ensuring their quality, security, and excellent customer care. 

To compare the car parks available near Adelaide Airport, select the dates for your trip in the search bars above. You can then view each car park’s rates, characteristics, and user reviews, allowing you to book the best car park for you, at the best price. 

To learn more about the platform, the car park options available, and how they operate, keep reading as we dive into everything you need to know before your trip.

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🚘Number of car parks available3
Best ratedTerminal Car Park
💰Cheapest optionLong Term Car Park
📏Closest to the airportValet Car Park 



Parking with shuttle services

Valet parking 

Parking within walking distance

Parking prices 

How to park cheaply?

Long term parking at the airport

Where can I park my car in Adelaide? Is there free parking?

When is cheapest to book?

Can I shower at Adelaide Airport?

Are the parking lots secure?

Can I keep my keys?

Is there a maximum height allowed?

Are there spaces reserved for the disabled?


What type of parking should I choose at Adelaide Airport?

Parking at Adelaide Airport is going to differ depending on the service you use. You will find three main services available: car parks with shuttle services, valet services, and those within walking distance of the airport terminals. While all three services are quite different, you can rest assured that all three will be efficient and reliable, some will just offer you more affordable or convenient experiences.

Adelaide airport parking map

Car Parks within Walking Distance of Adelaide Airport

For passengers wishing to park directly on airport grounds, you may do so with Adelaide Airport Terminal Car Park if you would like to be as close to the airport terminals as possible & Adelaide Airport’s Long Term Car Park for those who don't mind a longer walk to the terminals for a bit cheaper rates. Your options to park and walk at Adelaide Airport are the following: 


The Terminal Car Park 

terminal-car-park-adelaideThe Terminal Car Park at Adelaide Airport is located a 2 - 4 minute walk away from the entry doors, is the second most convenient option for Adelaide Airport parking. Open 24/7, travellers who park here will be able to walk to the terminals via an undercover walkway and have their vehicle parked in a covered facility whilst away.

Height restrictions of 2.2 metres do apply at this car park, so keep this in mind when considering which vehicle to take. 

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The Long Term Car Park

long-term-car-parkThe Long Term Car Park at Adelaide Airport is an open-air park located a 7 - 10 minute walk away from the terminal doors and is the cheapest parking at Adelaide Airport. Open 24/7, this on-site parking option features ticketless entry and is just a 7-10 minute walk to the terminals. It offers complimentary luggage trolleys and free cancellations up to 2 hours before arrival.

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Valet Parking at Adelaide Airport

man driving car

If you don’t like the idea of taking a shuttle bus to the airport, valet parking at Adelaide Airport may be more suitable for you. Currently, the valet car park at Adelaide Airport operates from 04:30 am - 11:30 pm, every day. Travellers can simply drive up to the terminal doors, receive luggage assistance, and hand over their keys to the attendant. 


Adelaide Airport Valet Car Park

valet-car-park-adelaideAdelaide Airport's Valet Service offers the ultimate in convenience and luxury, located just outside the terminal. Simply drive up to the valet check-in desk at least 10 minutes before your check-in time on the day of departure, hand over your keys, and our friendly staff will take care of your vehicle. You'll receive luggage assistance to ensure a stress-free experience, allowing you to seamlessly transition from your car to the terminal.

You can book the valet service online in advance or upon arrival, and your vehicle will be securely stored on Adelaide Airport grounds. Plus, you can cancel for free up to 2 hours before your scheduled arrival.

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Car Parks with Shuttle Services at Adelaide Airport

Andrews Airport Parking shuttle bus

Image courtesy of Andrews Airport Parking

Booking a car park with shuttle services in Adelaide is a great option for travellers seeking secure and affordable parking. By choosing this option, you'll need to drive to the car park, check in, park your car, unload your luggage, and board the shuttle bus to Adelaide Airport. Since you'll be taking a shuttle, it's important to plan. Although some car parks are just a few minutes from the airport, we recommend arriving at the car park 30 minutes before you need to be at the check-in desks.

This option is perfect for long-term parking at Adelaide Airport if you prefer to save money on parking and spend more on your trip. Among the various car parks with shuttle services at Adelaide Airport, we recommend the following:


The price of parking at Adelaide Airport

As you likely know by now, different services offered at Adelaide Airport come at different rates. To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay, we have created a table below of all the parking rates at Adelaide Airport that we observed. How much is parking at Adelaide Airport, you may ask? To park at Adelaide Airport, expect to spend between $99.75 - $352.00. Remember, the closer to the terminals you park, the more expensive rates you will be charged. 

In general, you can expect the following: 


Adelaide Airport Parking Drive-Up Rates


Car Park

Cost per Week

Service & Travel Time


Long Term Car Park


Walk: 7-10 min


Terminal Car Park


Walk: 2 - 4 min 


Valet Car Park


Walk: 1 - 2 min 


Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice, but were verified in July 2024. These are drive-up rates, online rates will differ and be cheaper. Compare car parks in Adelaide in the search bar above, or consult the official Adelaide Airport website to see the most updated online rates.


How to find the cheapest airport parking at Adelaide Airport?

To find cheap parking at Adelaide Airport, Flyparks recommends the following:

Reserve your parking spot in advance to pay less

Even if you can only book your parking spot a few hours before you arrive at the airport, you will pay less than the fee you would incur arriving at the airport without a booking. To incur the most affordable rates, Flyparks suggests booking your airport parking at least one month in advance. If you are a regular traveller, you are probably aware that Andrews Airport is consistently a cheap, quality parking provider in the Adelaide area. With consistent positive user reviews, many are pleased with the provider’s affordable rates and customer care.

Compare cheap parking prices at Adelaide Airport

Flyparks allows you to find and compare cheap and reliable Adelaide airport parking, so you find the best solution for your needs. Of course, prices will vary depending on the service, season, and how far in advance you book. Despite this, Flyparks is committed to providing you with results you can trust.


Does Adelaide Airport have long term parking?

Yes, the long term car park at Adelaide Airport is designed for long-term travellers looking to park their car for a few days, to a few months. Additionally, you can park your car at any off-site car park at Adelaide Airport offered on Flyparks for long-term stays and pay less than you would for the official long-term car park.


Where can I park my car in Adelaide? Is there free parking?

Airport parking aside, you can find free parking near Adelaide Airport at select locations, a few being:


Is it cheaper to book airport parking last minute? 

No. The further in advance you book, the more cheap rates you will find. Even booking the day of, before arriving at the airport, will allow you to pay cheaper rates than those you would have to pay by driving up and paying at the car park. 


Can I shower at Adelaide Airport? 

Yes, you can shower at Adelaide Airport. There are communal showers on the First Floor, on Level 2 behind Gate 16 and behind Gate 18, which is part of the international departure's hall. 


Are the parking lots secure?

All the car parks offered on Flyparks offers 24/7 CCTV surveillance, security fencing, and entry/exit barriers. Andrews’ even guarantees to have a security guard present - offering travellers a complete sense of peace that their car is in good hands. 

As for the security of parking lot facilities on airport grounds, Adelaide Airport accepts no responsibility in the event of an accident. However, the airport car parks do have entry / exit barriers and state on their website that the car parks are secure. 


Can I keep my keys?

Depending on the car park you choose to park in, you may or may not keep your keys. 

When parking on official Adelaide Airport grounds, you can keep your keys with you, or store them in one of the lockers on the ground floor of the multi-level car park.

When parking at car parks like Andrews Airport Parking Adelaide, you are not able to keep your keys as the car park offers valet-style services, and they may need to move your car to a long-term parking bay and return it to you upon your arrival at the car park. Doing so ensures you are delivered a high-quality service so that you are not waiting to get in your car and get home. 


Is there a maximum height allowed?

Official car parks in Adelaide, such as the Outdoor Long Term Car Park, have no height restrictions. The Multi-level Terminal Car Park, however, limits the size of vehicles accepted to 2.2 meters. 

The car parks offered on Flyparks, such as Andrews Airport Parking Adelaide, have no height restrictions. However, we must inform you that certain types of vehicles, such as caravans or trucks, will be parked outside. If you are in doubt, we recommend contacting us to be sure! 


Are there spaces reserved for the disabled? 

You can find disabled 26 disabled parking bays at the official Terminal car park and a few by the entry/exit of the official long term car park at Adelaide Airport.  Should you need any assistance at a car park offered at Flyparks, we are happy to assist you with providing any information you need as assistance is available, just send us a message. 

Why Choose Flyparks for your parking in Adelaide? 

By booking with Flyparks, you can benefit from a few guarantees, such as: 

Should you have a question, problem, or concern, consult our FAQ page or contact our Flyparks customer service team Monday - Friday. We are happy to assist you. 



All the Adelaide Airport parking fees that are cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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