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Overview of Airport Parking Hobart

At Flyparks, we know that when it comes to Airport parking Hobart, most people just want to find an affordable, trustworthy, and reliable car park, to keep their car safe and secure whilst they’re away. It is our mission to help travellers find exactly that.


🚘Number of car parks available5
Best ratedAirport Undercover Parking
💰Cheapest optionAirport Undercover Parking
📏Closest to the airportValet Car Park


Hobart Airport Parking Costs

Parking fees at Hobart Airport vary depending on the chosen car park. Flyparks has compared short and long-term options, from the most affordable at $97.99 per week with Airport Undercover Parking to the most expensive at $320.00 per week for Valet Service. Long Term Car Park follows at $144.00 per week, with Saver Car Park at $148.00 per week.

Hobart Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time 
Airport Undercover Parking - Open Air Valet$97.99Shuttle: 3 minBook
Long Term Car Park$144.00Walk: 8 min-
Saver Car Park$148.00Walk: 6 - 7 min-
Short Term Car Park$184.00Walk: 1 - 2 min -
Valet Car Park$320.00Walk: 1 min-

Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice, but were verified in June 2024. Compare car parks in Hobart in the search bar above, or consult the official Hobart Airport website to see the most updated rates.


Types of Car Parking at Hobart Airport

There are several different parking options available at Hobart Airport, to suit all budgets and requirements. Whether you are looking for short or long-term parking at Hobart Airport, there are on-site and off-site parking options available to suit your needs. 

For on-site Hobart Airport parking, you’ll find four official car parks: The Short Term Car Park, Long Term Car Park, Saver Car Park, and Valet Car Park. 

While parking at on-site airport locations offers you the convenience of being at the check-in desks in minutes, it's also very expensive. For those looking to save on Hobart Airport parking fees, there are off-site, budget-friendly, car parks at Hobart Airport that offer free shuttle bus transfers to the terminals and back.


Off-Site Hobart Airport Car Parking

Shuttle parking icon

Off-site parking at Hobart Airport is ideal for budget-conscious travellers who seek short or long-term airport parking in Hobart. These privately owned car parks provide shuttle services to the terminal in under 10 minutes and offer much more competitive rates than the official car parks. The process is simple - book online, drive to the car park, check in at reception, and take the shuttle to your terminal. Upon return, a shuttle will bring you back to your car.

Arrival: On the day of departure, simply drive to the address of the chosen car park. You can park your car outside the office, you will then be taken to the airport as quickly as possible in a complimentary shuttle. 

Return: On the day of return, after landing, contact the car park by phone, a shuttle bus will then be driven to the airport to pick you up and take you back to the car park. 



Airport Undercover Parking - Open-Air Valet ($97.99 for 1 Week)

As the perfect fusion of affordability and convenience, Airport Undercover Parking Hobart - Open-Air Valet is a one-stop shop. Located only a 3-minute shuttle drive away from Hobart Airport, all you must do is drive up to the car park's office, hand over your keys, unload your luggage, and hop onto the shuttle bus. Their complimentary shuttle bus runs every half hour, on the hour, to bring you to and from the airport.

The best part? Upon your return to Hobart Airport, your car will be waiting for you at the open-air car park, so you don't have to go looking for it! Airport Undercover Parking is open to meet the first flight to the last, even in the event of a delayed flight. They additionally offer car servicing & detailing available should you wish to come back to a pristine vehicle. Book your spot today to receive the most affordable rates. 

*Please note: this is an open-air car park service. 

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Hobart Airport Car Parks within Walking Distance

Parking within walking distance icon

On-site Hobart Airport car parks will be the closest parking options to the terminal, albeit charging higher Hobart Airport parking fees than park-and-ride options. It suits those meeting family, or travellers willing to pay for convenience. Hobart Airport has 4 official, on-site car parks: the Valet Car Park, Short Term Car Park, Long Term Car Park, and Saver Car Park. 

Demand for Hobart Airport Parking is high, especially during holidays, so booking online in advance is recommended to secure a spot. On-the-day parking options can be made when paying with a credit card or receiving a ticket at the entry gates.

Arrival: If you plan to drive to the car park(s) on the day of your flight without pre-booking your spot, you may park by paying with your credit card or receiving a ticket at the entry gate. If you booked online, you will receive this entry code as an attachment to your reservation confirmation.

Return:  Upon exit, you will need to pay with the same credit card used upon entry. If you plan to park and pay with the ticket system, press the ticket button upon entry at the car park, and pay by credit card at the exit gate when leaving, or with cash at the payment station.



Long-Term Car Park ($144.00 for 1 Week)

The Long-Term Car Park at Hobart Airport is an open-air budget car park, within a 4 - 8 minute walk of the terminal building. Parking at this car park allows you to park for your first 15 minutes, free. It is ideal for travellers who plan to park for 5 days or more. 

You can find daily rates for this car park starting at $24.00 and an additional $10.00 for each day thereafter. 



Saver Car Park ($148.00 for 1 Week)

The Hobart Airport Saver Car Park is the newest addition to the Hobart car park family and offers the most affordable Hobart Airport parking fees of all the official car parks. Like the Long Term Car Park, parking here for your first 15 minutes is free. It is most suitable for 1 - 4 days and is a 6-minute walk to the terminals.



Short Term Car Park ($184.00 for 1 Week)

The former long-term car park location at Hobart Airport is now the Short Term Car Park, accessed via Gatty Street near the Valet Car Park. It's ideal for weekend trips or stays of 2 days or less as it charges higher fees due to its short walk to the check-in desks. For $184.00 a week, if you prioritize convenience and quick access to security, this car park is for you.



Valet Car Park ($320.00 for 1 Week)

Valet Parking is located within the Short Term Car Park, and provides convenient and hassle-free Hobart Airport parking, seven days a week. Open from 5:00 am onwards, travellers can utilise valet parking by parking in one of the designated bays in the Short Term Car Park, and handing over their car keys to one of the attendants who will take care of the rest.

On your return to Hobart Airport, an attendant will drive your car to Arrivals to meet you and assist you with your luggage. The Valet Service at Hobart Airport is popular with business travellers, but this level of convenience does come at a cost; it’s by far the most expensive option for parking at Hobart Airport, with daily rates starting at $40.00, and $20 for each additional day thereafter.

*This car park has accessible parking spaces for those with a valid disability permit displayed. If this applies to you, you may park in these spots for free for the first 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, your car may remain parked there and be charged according to hourly parking rates.


Drop Off & Pick Up at Hobart Airport 

Travellers & Drivers can find a free drop-off & pick-up lane outside the terminal building at Hobart Airport. Drivers utilising the lane must remain in their vehicle and can not turn their car off. For any parking longer than 2 minutes, drivers should head to the Long Term or Saver Car Park at Hobart Airport for 15 minutes of free parking.

Drivers with a disability permit can use the designated bays in the drop-off & pick-up area. Drivers with disability permits are also welcome to use the Valet Car Park for an hour of free parking. 



Premium Car Park (Currently Unavailable)

*The Premium Car Park has been discontinued as of 1 May 2023. 

The Premium Car Park, while unavailable for bookings as of May 1st, 2023, remains open for Hobart Airport Valet parking, Disability parking, and Avis Car Rental customers to enter and exit as normal. It is also available for drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at the designated areas.



Terminal Car Park (Currently Unavailable)

*The Terminal Car Park has been discontinued as of 9 June 2023. 


Short Term Parking at Hobart Airport

If you’re heading to Hobart Airport to pick up or drop off friends and family, you’ll have the choice of parking in the Long Term Car Park or Saver Car Park for free for 15 minutes, or the Short Term Car Park for $6.00 for your first 15 minutes. After that, you will be charged $17.00 at the Short Term Car Park, $55.00 at the Long Term Car Park, and $26.00 at the Saver for 1 - 2 hours. For 1 day or 24 hours of parking, expect to spend $32.00 at the Short Term, $55.00 at the Long Term, and $26.00 at the Saver Car Parks. 

For stays of 2 - 3 days, your cheapest option will be to park at the Saver Car Park for $67.00 or be charged $76.00 at the Long Term Car Park and $97.00 at the Short Term Car Park. Overall, the Saver & Long Term Car Park will offer you the cheapest rates for parking of 1 - 2 days or more, but for parking less than 1 -2 days, you are best off parking at the Short Term Car Park.  


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All the Hobart Airport parking fees cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (7 - 8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot consider specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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