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On this page, you can compare prices, features, and customer reviews for the secure Maroochydore airport parking. Our simple and intuitive search engine will find you the best deal in seconds.

With Flyparks, you can easily find competitively priced parking at Sunshine Coast Airport. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on undercover, open-air, short- or long-term airport parking, we have your parking needs covered. Choose between the amazing selections that SCA offers for parking, all located super close to the airport! Comparing rates and booking at Sunshine Coast Airport is straightforward and simple with Flyparks, and takes less than two minutes!

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Overview of Airport Parking at Sunshine Coast 

We know that when it comes to finding cheap parking Sunshine Coast Airport, most just want to book with a trustworthy, efficient, and affordable car park, to park their car whilst they’re away. It is our mission here at Flyparks to help travellers find exactly that.


🚘Number of car parks available4
Best ratedParkCovered
💰Cheapest optionParkValue 
📏Closest to the airportShort Term


Types of Parking at Sunshine Coast Airport

You will find 4 official car parks at Sunshine Coast Airport: including the Short Term Car Park, Long Term Car Park, ParkValue, and ParkCovered. All these options are located within walking distance of the airport terminals to ensure convenience for those flying!

If you hate the hassle of arranging travel - don’t worry! With our site you can search, compare, and book airport parking in less than two minutes. Thousands of customers agree that Flyparks can save you both time and money. There is no more convenient way to reserve car parking at Sunshine Coast Airport.

Parking at Sunshine Coast Airport within Walking Distance

Parking within walking distance icon

If you are looking for convenience, you’ll find the ParkValue, ParkTerminal, Park Long Term, and ParkCovered all close to the main airport building. Not only are these car parks convenient in terms of location, but affordably priced for short and long term parking at Sunshine Coast airport. To secure your parking space, book online and in advance as it is the most affordable option to secure your parking space, just keep in mind that booking online means you must book for a minimum of 24 hours.

Arrival: You simply drive to the car park. If you pre-booked your spot online, use the same credit card you booked with to scan upon arrival at the car park entry gate. If you did not pre-book your spot, still scan a credit card at the entry gate, but be sure you have it to scan again upon return. The acceptable forms of payment are American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. 

If you prefer to pay in cash and receive a ticket as proof of payment, you may do so at the automatic payment stations. When you receive a ticket for your purchase, keep it somewhere safe. Should you find yourself with any questions, trouble with your payment method, or entry/exit of the car park, don't worry - just press on the ‘Help’ button for 3 seconds to receive assistance from an agent!

Return: You walk back to the car park, get in your car, and leave the car park using the same credit card you booked your spot or entered the car park with.

*At present, if you plan to book a car park on the official Sunshine Coast Airport grounds, you must do so on their official airport page, it is not available on Flyparks at this time.



ParkValue ($183.00 for 1 Week)

ParkValue is the most cost-effective parking option at Sunshine Airport. If you want to save money, but not trade convenience to do so, the ParkValue is your best option. Located just a short walk away from the terminals, this open-air car park is most suitable for those who want to save, no matter the duration of your stay. It is worth noting that this car park may not be accessible for campervans and long vehicles due to the sharp left turn you must take to get into the car park. If you have any doubts, contact the airport parking customer service team!

Aside from this, Park Value offers you the chance to park for free for 15 minutes, making it more convenient to say hello and goodbye to your loved ones! If you want to book with ParkValue, you may only do so online, at the official website of Sunshine Coast Airport.



P-Long-Term ($183.00 for 1 Week)

As the newest addition to the sunshine coast airport parking facilities, P Long-Term is perfect -  as its name implies - for passengers looking for long-term parking Sunshine coast airport. It is an open-air car park with some of the most affordable rates offered. Despite its low rates, it is a bit of a longer walk to the terminals from the car park than its counterparts. One of the best features of this car park is that when you book online for 14 consecutive days at P Long-Term, you save up to 50% (or $10.90 a day) compared to what you would pay in drive-up rates.



Short Term Car Park ($248.00 for 1 Week)

Located directly across the terminals, the Short Term Car Park is the closest, most convenient option for parking at Sunshine Coast Airport. While it is more expensive than the ParkValue & Long Term Car Park, you will be at the terminal ready to check your bags or go through security in one minute! If you are looking for discounted Sunshine Coast airport parking fees, you can acquire them when you book online.



ParkCovered ($288.00 for 1 Week)

ParkCovered is an indoor, fully-fenced, highly secure parking at Sunshine Coast airport. As the most secure car park of all those offered, it also offers the most expensive Sunshine Coast airport parking fees.

While booking online is recommended, if you decide to drive to and park at the airport at the last minute, you can drive into the car park to grab an entry ticket, and pay upon your return.



ParkSaver (Not Available)

Unfortunately, if you were a fan of Park Saver car park, it is no longer available due to the renovations taking place at the airport. Not to worry, though, you will find affordable parking rates and premium parking services at the car parks listed above.


Car Parks with Valet Service

Unfortunately, there is no valet parking at Sunshine Coast Airport at present.


Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Fees

To avoid the hassle of researching all parkings at Sunshine Coast Airport, we have put together a table of costs associated with each car park on or near the airport. Simply glance below and select the car park that works best for you. Keep reading beyond the table to find out more about what each car park offers!


Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Rates

Car Park

Cost per Week

Service + Travel Time




Walk: 6 min


P Long Term


Walk: 7 min


Short Term


Walk: 1 min




Walk: 3 min


Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice, but were verified in May 2024 for 1 week, or 7 - 8 days. Compare car parks in Sunshine Coast in the search bar above, or consult the official Sunshine Coast Airport website to see the most updated rates.


Short-Term Parking Rates at Sunshine Coast Airport

If you are looking for free parking Sunshine Coast Airport, or simply somewhere to park for 15 minutes or less, you are in luck! You are welcome to park at any of the car parks for 15 minutes or less, for free! After that, parking for 2 - 3 hours at the Short Term Car Park, Long Term Car Park, and Saver will cost you $16.00 while it will be $20.00 at ParkCovered. Parking for 4 - 24 hours, however, will cost you $31.00 at the Short Term, $36.00 at Park Covered, $27.00 at ParkValue, and $27.00 at the Long Term Car Park. Do keep in mind that as your stay increases at the Short Term Car Park, the rates will become more expensive than at any other car park. Flyparks strongly recommends booking ahead of time so you don’t miss out on great short-term parking rates at Sunshine Coast Airport. 


About Sunshine Coast Airport

Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA) is located in Marcoola, in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, Australia, and was developed by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. This airport is the direct gateway to the Sunshine Coast and Noosa regions in Australia. With more than 1 million passengers annually, Sunshine Coast Airport is the fastest-growing airport in Australia and is also the 14th busiest. and 14th busiest airport in Australia. In addition, the airport is recognized as Australia's first carbon neutral airport and has been awarded this status for four years in a row. 

Sunshine Airport has only one terminal, but does service flights to New Zealand, thus technically creating two terminals: international and domestic. These terminals share one building and passengers only need to take a short walk on the tarmac to reach their planes. There are limited food and shopping options for passengers, but the lounge is quite large, which can comfortably accommodate around 300 people. 


Which Airlines Service Sunshine Coast Airport?

We offer you a list of airlines at Sunshine Coast Airport. The main airlines at the airport are:


Sunshine Coast Airport Parking Made Easy

As Sunshine Coast International Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the country, it will become increasingly important to book airport parking well in advance. As only the 14th busiest in the country, you should have no problem finding parking at Sunshine Coast Airport considering the plethora of options available. The airport has an excellent selection of affordable, close parking options that ensure customers will have a stress-free parking experience. No matter where you’re going, and for how long you’re going away, you’ll be able to compare and discover suitable, secure, long term or undercover parking Sunshine Coast on Flyparks.


Discover Sunshine Airport Parking with Flyparks

If you’re searching for car parking at Sunshine Coast Airport - you don’t need to look any further than Flyparks. Our fast, easy-to-use online comparison tool lets you search, review, book, and ultimately save on parking at all major airports in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve helped thousands of people find the best deal on airport car parking, and assisted many more by providing free, in depth and up-to-date information on a wide range of parking options.

Instead of shopping around to find the best deal, you can search, compare, and book Sunshine Airport parking through Flyparks in as little as two minutes. We don’t add on any additional fees or charges. The prices we display on our site are exactly the same as those charged by the car park providers themselves, ensuring that you’re offered the lowest rates possible.

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All the Sunshine Coast Airport parking fees cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (7 - 8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot consider specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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