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Here on Flyparks, you can simply compare prices, features, and customer reviews for secure car parks at Canberra Airport. Our simple and intuitive comparison function will help you find the best deal in seconds.

With Flyparks it’s easy to find the best rates for car storage Canberra Airport. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on undercover, open air, short- or long-term airport parking, we have your parking needs covered. Choose between car parks within walking distance, or park and ride shuttle services which take you to the terminal and back. Booking online is straightforward, and takes less than two minutes.

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Overview of Parking at Canberra Airport 

We know that when it comes to finding Canberra Airport parking, most just want to book with a trustworthy, efficient and affordable car park, to park their car whilst they’re away. It is our mission here at Flyparks to help travellers find exactly that.


🚘Number of car parks available3
Best ratedIndoor Car Park
💰Cheapest optionOutdoor Car Park
📏Closest to the airportIndoor Car Park


Canberra Airport Parking Rates 

If you are looking for information on cheap parking at Canberra Airport, then you are in the right place! Flyparks has compared all short and long-term parkings at Canberra Airport, bringing you updated rates with no booking fees. Below you will find all Canberra Airport parking fees, so you can start your journey with all the information you need.


Canberra Airport Parking Rates

Car Park

Cost per Week

Service & Travel Time

Outdoor Car Park


Walk: 2 - 4 min

Indoor Car Park


Walk: 1 - 2 min

Canberra Airport Express


Walk: 1 min

Please note that these rates are subject to change without notice, but were verified in March 2024. Compare car parks in Canberra in the search bar above, or consult the official Canberra Airport website to see the most updated rates.


Types of Parking at Canberra Airport

You will find 3 official car parks at Canberra Airport: including the Indoor Car Park, Outdoor Car Park, and Express Car Park. Both the Indoor and Outdoor Car Parks consist of 2 parking lots each, leaving you with many parking options to choose from. The Express Car Park is located within the Indoor Car Park, but only offers short-term parking services.

If you hate the hassle of arranging travel - don’t worry! With our site you can search, compare, and book airport parking in less than two minutes. Thousands of customers agree that Flyparks can save you both time and money. There is no more convenient way to reserve airport parking Canberra.

Canbera airport map

Canberra Airport Parking within Walking Distance to Terminals

Parking within walking distance icon

You’ll find the Indoor Car Park, Outdoor Car Park and Express Car Park close to the main airport building. Not only are these car parks convenient in terms of location, but affordably priced for Canberra Airport long term parking, as well as short weekend trips. There are two parking lots located within the Outdoor Car Park, they are differentiated by the colours yellow and red on the airport’s parking map. Similarly, the Indoor Car Park has two multi-level parking lots, differentiated by the colours blue and green on the airport’s parking map. 

Online bookings are not required for Canberra Airport parking, you can simply drive up to the car park of your choice on the day of your flight and pay the drive-up rates detailed below. 

*At present, you cannot get your space at any of the parking facilities listed below through the Flyparks website.

Arrival: You simply drive to the car park. On arrival, take a ticket or tap your credit card at the entry gate of your chosen car park. If you want to pay by cash, you may do so only at the pay station. If you tapped your credit card upon entering the park, you must exit the car park by using the same credit card.

Return: You walk back to the car park, get in your car and leave the car park using the same credit card you entered with. Visit the pay station if you plan to pay your ticket by cash.



Outdoor Car Park ($165.00 for 1 Week)

The Outdoor Car Park consists of two parking lots, both located adjacent to Terminal Avenue, each differentiated by the colours red and yellow. The only difference is that the red outdoor car park has a pick-up and drop-off area that is free for the first 10 minutes. The outdoor car parks offer excellent parking costs for both short and long term parking Canberra Airport as there are over 865 spots to choose from. 

Right now, you can take advantage of two types of specials at these car parks. The first is a special valid every weekend, known as the ‘‘Weekend Special.’ Taking advantage of this deal only costs you $45 when you enter the car park after 3 pm on Friday and exit before the last flight arrives on Sunday. The second special is known as the ‘Long Stay Special,’ and allows you to park for up to 6 weeks for only $250. After you reach 6 weeks, you will be charged $5 per day. Canberra airport parking rates don’t get better than this! 

*This car park has accessible parking spaces for those with a disabled parking permit 



Indoor Car Park ($215.00 for 1 Week)

The Indoor Car Park is perfect for those looking for parking at Canberra Airport as close to the terminals as possible. With two indoor, multi-level car parks to choose from, each adjacent to Terminal Avenue, you have direct access to the arrivals and departures hall.

The indoor car parks are differentiated by the colours blue and green on the official airport’s parking map - the green indoor car park has the express car park, ride share waiting lounge, and customer service desk on its ground floor. The blue indoor car park, on the other hand, has a rental car park and bicycle parking rack located within its premises. Both indoor car parks are of equal distance to the terminal and located directly beside passenger pick-up and drop-off bays.  

If convenience and excellent Canberra airport parking rates are what you are searching for, the indoor car park should be your go-to. With rates starting at $36.50 for 24 hours, you have access to over 1000 parking spaces with an advanced parking guidance system to guide you to available parking spaces on each level of the car park, so you can say goodbye to wasting time searching for a parking spot!



Canberra Express Car Park ($244.00 for 1 Week)

The Express Car Park, located within the green indoor car park, offers passengers the opportunity to be at the arrival's hall in minutes, thanks to its short distance (20 metres) from the car park to the terminals via a covered walkway. This car park is ideal for those picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport.  If you are a driver, scan your credit card at the entry gate and use that same credit card at the exit.

If you would rather pay in cash, take a ticket at the entry gate, and pay your fee at the payment machine upon exiting the car park. Alternatively, if you are a passenger waiting to get picked up, you may utilize the Express Pick-Up Lounge. While this car park isn’t ideal for Canberra Airport long-term parking, rates start at $7 for 1 hour and $160.00 for 4 days. Each day thereafter will incur a $15.00 charge.


Car Parks with Valet Service

Unfortunately, there is no valet parking at Canberra Airport at present.


Canberra Airport Short-Term Parking Rates

Looking for free parking at Canberra airport to pick up or drop off passengers in 10 minutes or less? Utilize the pick-up and drop-off location within the red outdoor car park - your first 10 minutes of parking at this location is free, and is only a 2 minute walk from the terminals. If you decide 10 minutes isn’t long enough, you are welcome to stay as long as you please and pay the outdoor car park rates. 

If you don’t care for this particular facility, you may park at the Express parking location within the green indoor car park, as it is the most convenient and closest Canberra Airport parking to the terminal building, and has hourly rates starting at $7.00.

About Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport is an international airport located near Canberra, an Australian city, that is located in the District of Majura. The airport is located only 8km away from Canberra city centre and is the eight-busiest airport in Australia.

Canberra Airport services direct flights to all the Australian states, such as flights from Canberra to Melbourne or Canberra to Sydney. The airport also has direct flights to other more regional airports across the east coast of Australia. Canberra International Airport has flight links to many overseas destinations including Singapore, New Zealand, Qatar and over 180 destinations across Asia and Europe.

The airport underwent redevelopment in 2013 and a new terminal emerged that can accommodate 8 million passengers annually. Canberra International terminals and Canberra Domestic terminals are all located within the same building, making this airport simple and easy to conquer.


Which Airlines Operate out of Canberra Airport?

The main airlines at the airport are:

Virgin Australia


Qatar Airways

Regional Express Airlines

Jetstar Airways


Book Parking at Canberra Airport 

If you're searching for parking at Canberra Airport, you don't need to look any further than Flyparks. Our fast, easy-to-use online comparison tool lets you search, review, book, and ultimately save on parking at all major airports in Australia and New Zealand. We've helped thousands of people find the best deal on airport car parking and assisted many more by providing free, in-depth, and up-to-date information on a wide range of parking options.

While Canberra Airport is one of the top-ten busiest airports in Australia, it experiences fewer crowds than the other major cities. In addition, there is ticketless car parking Canberra that makes parking easy, simple, and fast! Thus, you will experience less traffic and waiting time and have more time to relax before your flight takes off. Remember, the earlier you book, the more you save onCanberra Airport parking fees.


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All the Canberra Airport parking fees that are cited are approximate and subject to change, but were accurate at the time of publication for 1 week (8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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