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For affordable Melbourne Airport parking, choose a car park with complimentary shuttle bus transfers to and from the terminals. Ideal for long-term stays over four days, this option reduces costs and offers easy terminal access in 15 minutes or less, depending on the car park.

Flyparks recommends the following options for Melbourne Airport long-term parking with shuttle services, both on-site and off:

  • Jetaway Airport Parking: 9 min shuttle 
  • Melrose Airport Parking: 8 min shuttle 
  • The Value Car Park: 8 min shuttle 
  • The Value Express Car Park: 3 - 8 min shuttle (peak travel season only)

Select the car park that best meets your needs and enjoy a convenient, budget-friendly parking experience.


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Advantages of Melbourne Airport Parking with Shuttle Services:

There are a range of parking options at Melbourne Airport that include shuttle services. Here’s why booking with a shuttle service is beneficial:

  • Affordable rates: Located a few minutes from the airport, shuttle car parks offer lower rates, perfect for long-term parking.
  • Convenience: On-demand shuttles minimize wait times, getting you to Melbourne Airport in 3 - 12 minutes.
  • Advance online booking: Secure the best rates by booking online ahead of your travel date.
  • Additional amenities: Enjoy extra services like battery charging and vehicle cleaning when you book with off-site car parks.
  • Hassle-free parking: Book in advance, arrive at the car park on your travel day, and enjoy prompt shuttle service to the airport.

Rates of Melbourne Airport Parking's with Shuttle Buses 

Melbourne Airport car parks with shuttle buses offer economical parking options, with weekly rates from $93.75 to $126.75. These affordable rates are ideal for budget-conscious travellers, freeing up more funds for your trip.

Overview of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Transfer Time 
Jetaway­ Airport­ Parking$93.75Shuttle: 9 minBook
Melrose Airport­ Parking$126.75Shuttle: 8 minBook
Value Car Park$96.00Shuttle: 3 - 5 minBook
Value Express Car Park$124.00Shuttle: 3 - 8 minBook

Please note: These prices were verified at the time of publication. Prices are subject to change without notice. Always check updated rates by inserting your dates in the search bar above, or referencing the official Melbourne Airport website.


Jetaway Airport Parking ($93.75 for 1 Week)


Jetaway Parking is renowned for offering some of the lowest rates for Melbourne Airport parking. Operating 24/7/365, Jetaway charges only $93.75 for a week of parking. Despite their competitive pricing, the car park ensures high-quality service. Positive reviews commend their prompt shuttle services and dependable customer care.

For travellers seeking economical Melbourne Airport parking without compromising on service, Flyparks recommends Jetaway. Their Melbourne Airport parking shuttle operates around the clock, making it convenient for late-night or early-morning flights. Jetaway accommodates standard and large vehicles, including Utes, SUVs, 4WDs, and minibuses. Please note, that they do not accept trucks, caravans, trailers, or vehicles longer than 5.4 meters.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 9 - 11 minutes
  • Height / Length Restrictions: No vehicle longer than 5.4 metres can be parked

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Melrose Airport Parking ($126.75 for 1 Week)

Melrose Airport Parking

Melrose Airport Parking Melbourne is a top choice for short, long-term, open-air, or covered parking. The car park offers valet-style service upon arrival. Drive to the office, check-in, hand over your keys, and enjoy luggage assistance while boarding the Melbourne Airport parking shuttle to the terminal.

The on-demand Melbourne Airport parking shuttle ensures you never have to wait, and staff are always available to help with luggage. You can also book car washing services and any necessary repairs or maintenance upon arrival.

Melrose is ideal for those seeking covered parking, or those who simply desire a hassle-free, quick, & secure parking experience.

  • Hours: 04:00 - 02:00 am
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 8 - 12 min shuttle
  • Height / Length Restrictions: 2.6 metres

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Value Parking Melbourne Airport ($96.00 for 1 Week)

value-car-park-melbourne-airportThe Value Car Park at Melbourne Airport is an open-air, official car park designed for budget-conscious travellers. It offers a convenient Melbourne Airport parking shuttle service that transfers passengers to and from the terminals every 15 minutes, 24/7. The shuttle bus makes 8 stops along its route, covering terminals T1 to T4.

Priced at just $96.00 for a week of parking, travellers can book online or drive up to the Value Car Park on their departure day, but there is a risk of wasting time searching for an available bay or finding the lot at capacity, as reported by past users. To avoid this, book your spot online and in advance to save both time and money.

Despite its low cost, user reviews are mixed regarding the quality of the parking experience. While it is considered an affordable option for parking on airport grounds, there are other alternatives available.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
    • Operates 24/7, departs every 15 minutes
  • Distance to Airport: 3 - 8 minutes
  • Height / Length Restrictions: 3.3 metres

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Value Express Car Park ($124.00 for 1 Week)

value-express-parking-melbourneThe Value Express Car Park is a seasonal, open-air car park with valet-style parking designed for travellers who don't want to spend time looking for a spot in the Value Car Park. Similar to the Value Car Park, travellers will need to take a 3 - 8 minute shuttle bus ride from the car park to the terminals. The Value Express offers identical rates to the Value Car Park, with an additional one-time fee of $24.00 for the duration of your stay.

Travellers should keep in mind that the Melbourne Airport parking shuttle is not on-demand, meaning travellers may have a waiting time to board the bus as it departs every 15 minutes to and from the terminals. 

  • Hours: 06:00 am - 23:59 pm 
    • 27 June - 14 July 2024
    • 19 September - 6 October 2024
    • 19 December - 5 January 2025
    • 3 April - 20 April 2025
  • Service: Valet-style parking with Shuttle Service
    • Operates 24/7, departs every 15 minutes
  • Distance to Airport: 3 - 8 minutes
  • Height / Length Restrictions: 3.3 metres

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How to Book Melbourne Airport Parking with Shuttle Services


Book your Car Park

Insert your travel dates and times into the search bar above. Select the car park that best suits your needs in terms of proximity to the terminal, covered or open-air parking, and price. 


Arrive at the Car Park

On your day of travel, arrive at the car park 20 - 30 minutes before you need to be at the check-in desks. This will allow for a smooth transfer. If you booked on Flyparks, show the car park staff your Flyparks confirmation at the reception desk, park your car or have it parked for you, and board the shuttle bus.

If you booked on the Melbourne Airport official website, scan your QR code to be let into the car park upon arrival.


Shuttle Bus to the Airport 

For Flyparks bookings, travellers will be directed to board an on-demand shuttle bus at the car park immediately after checking in. Depending on your chosen car park, you can expect a shuttle transfer of 6 to 12 minutes to your desired Melbourne Airport terminal.

If you opt to park at the Value Car Park or Value Express Car Park, upon parking your car, you'll need to locate the designated shuttle bus drop-off and pick-up point and wait according to the shuttle schedule. 


Return to the Car Park

If you have booked with Jetaway or Melrose Airport Parking, upon your return to Melbourne Airport, please call the car park after you have collected your luggage. A shuttle will promptly be dispatched to pick you up from the designated drop-off/pick-up location as instructed by the car park.

For those who have booked with the Value or Value Express Car Park, there are designated drop-off/pick-up points outside each terminal, with shuttles running every 15 minutes to take you back to the car parks.

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