Gold Coast to Bali Direct Flights


Announcement alert: Gold Coast Airport now offers direct flights to Bali! The Australian-based airline, Virgin Australia, now flies directly into Denpasar Airport, for as low as $410.00 when planned a month in advance.



Gold Coast Airport Renovations 

With Gold Coast Airport’s recent international terminal renovations encompassing 3 stories and brand-new departure lounges paired now with Gold Coast to Bali direct flights, there is no shortage of improvements being done as part of the $500 million dollar renovations. $260 million of that will be allocated to GCA's Southern Terminal as it will be expanded to accommodate more passengers, restaurants, and retail locations. Additionally, the Southern Terminal will be refurbished within the departure precinct to include enhancements in wayfinding, electronic departure boards, seating, and children-friendly features like playgrounds. These renovations are deisnged to create a more modern, efficent facility and travel process. 

Due to the renovations of the GCA infrastructure, certain facilities will be closed or be under construction. Flyparks recommends passengers to arrive at least 3 hours in advance for international flights. While you will still find in-direct flights operating out of Gold Coast to Bali by airlines like Singapore Airways, Jetstar Airways, Scoot, and Batik Air, they will not fly directly, and will typically have stops in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney with overall flight durations of 10 - 12 hours. Virgin Australia, however, is the only airline offering direct flights from Gold Coast Airport at such an affordable rate, with a direct trip of 6 hours and 30 minutes. 



Benefits of Flying from the Gold Coast to Bali 

It's worth mentioning that Gold Coast to Bali direct flights with Virgin will also offer you Virgin Australia Lounge access for those who are Velocity Platinum, Gold & partner airline status members. Not a member? Not to worry. Travellers can still purchase a single-entry ticket for $65.00 to enjoy the benefits of the lounge, up to 2 hours before their flight departure.


Gold Coast Airport Parking

If you plan to fly from Gold Coast Airport and want to leave your car at the airport whilst away, Flyparks can help you find and choose the best Gold Coast Airport parking to suit your budget and preferences. At present, there are few options to choose from when considering parking at Gold Coast Airport. The lots below, however, offer a total of 2,000 bays. 



Budget Uncovered Parking ($143.00 for 1 Week)

Budget Undercover Gold Coast Airport is the most economical on-site car park. It is a bit of a walk from the Gold Coast Airport terminals, but remains a secure, dependable option for short and long term parking. The airport does offer discounts to those who park for 5 days or longer at this airport, so while it is a longer trek to the terminals, you can save on airport parking when booking online and in advance. 

Disabled parking bays are available at the Budget Uncovered Car park, it is required that travellers display their parking permit in order to utilise these pays. The Budget Uncovered is only possible to book via the Gold Coast Airport official website. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance: 5-10 minute walk
  • Height Restrictions: N/A



Budget Covered Parking ($207.00 for 1 Week)

Budget Covered Parking at Gold Coast Airport is a great option for those travelling who want their car to be protected from bird droppings, heavy rainfall or sunshine whilst away. While the GCA is open only from 04:00 - 11:30 pm, the car parks can be accessed at any time. There are not as many available parking bays at the Budget Covered Parking as at the Uncovered Budget Car Park, so Flyparks recommends booking your parking spot for this car park in particular well in advance.

Similar to the Budget Uncovered Car Park, travellers can receive a discount for parking at this car park when they park for 4 days or longer. Travellers can also utilise disabled parking bays at this location when displayed their parking permit. At present, the Budget Covered Parking at GCA can only be reserved via the Gold Coast Airport official website. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance: 4-8 minute walk
  • Height Restrictions: 2.4 metres



Terminal Parking ($229.00 for 1 Week)

The Terminal Car Park is going to be one of the most convenient car park's as it is situated directly in front of the main airport building. This car park offers shade covered bays for those who wish to have their car slightly protected. Only a 2-minute walk away, this car park is great for longer trips away. Like the Budget Covered Car Park, discounted rates may apply when travellers book their spot for 4 days or longer. 

Like the other car parks listed, the Terminal Car Park also has disabled parking bays. The Car Park must be booked online through the Gold Coast Airport website.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance: 1-2 minute walk
  • Height Restrictions: 2.4 metres



Premium Covered Parking ($400.00 for 1 Week)

Premium Parking is one of the most expensive, yet convenient parking options at Gold Coast Airport. It is a fully-covered lot that allows passengers to be at the terminals in 30 seconds - 1 minute via a covered walkway. The Premium Car Park is often used by business travellers and those who don't mind paying the higher rates for being at terminal doors. 

*Disabled parking spaces are available at Premium Parking. The Premium Car Park must be booked directly at the GCA website. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance: 30 second walk
  • Height Restrictions: No height restrictions in bays 


The information and rates presented in this article was accurate at the time of publishing, however, measures and rates may change without warning. Consult the official Gold Coast Airport website for the most updated information. Flyparks does not accept responsibility or liability for the use of the information supplied.

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