Melbourne Airport Business Car Park


Located just 50 metres from Terminal 1, Melbourne Airport Business Parking was primarily designed for use by Qantas travellers. As a Melbourne Airport premium parking service, the Business Car Park is often frequented by corporate and business travellers, boarding domestic flights within Australia. Below is a brief overview of the different car parks offered at Melbourne Airport:

Overview of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates


Car ParkCost per Week (8 Days)Service + Transfer TimeCovered Option? 
Business Car Park$ 632.001 - 2 min walk-
Jetaway Airport Parking$ 95.757 min shuttleXBook Now→
Busy Beaver Airport Parking$ 98.754 - 5 min shuttleBook Now→
Easy Airport Parking$ 102.995 min shuttleBook Now→
Andrew's Melbourne$ 103.995 min shuttleBook Now→
A1 Airport ParkingCurrently UnavailableValet - 5 min shuttle-
Melrose Airport Parking$ 120.753 min shuttleBook Now→
T 1-3 Melbourne $392.001-3 min walk-
T4 Melbourne $392.00 2-5 min walk 


How Do I Book the Melbourne Airport Business Park?

At present, drivers can simply drive up to the car park on their day of travel and self-park their vehicle. Please note that it is not possible to book a space at the Business Car Park Melbourne Airport through Flyparks. We instead feature a range of off-site Melbourne Airport parking solutions, at trusted, reputable private car storage facilities. 


How Much Does Melbourne Airport Business Parking Cost?

Rates at the Business Car Park Melbourne Airport typically start at $79.00 for 24 hours, $158.00 for two days, $237.00 for three, and $735.00 for one week. These prices are at the higher end of the scale when it comes to Melbourne Airport parking rates, due to the fact it is premium parking at Melbourne Airport, is in proximity to Terminal 1 (50 metres), and offers shade-covered parking. You can view the Business Car Park drive-in rates in the table above, as well as the Premium T1-3 and T4 Car Parks, which offer a similar level of service. It’s worth noting that rates are charged per calendar day, meaning that you’ll pay the full $79.00 (24-hour) charge for a short stay, even if you’re only parking for a couple of hours.


Will My Car Be Safe at the Business Car Park at Melbourne Airport?

All vehicles parked in the Melbourne Airport Business car park are protected by advanced security measures, including gated entry, 24-hour monitored CCTV, security lighting, and regular patrols. Melbourne Airport installed license plate recognition technology in the Multi-Level Car Park, the Long Term Car Park, and the Business Car Park in late 2014, which offers drivers the benefits of increased security and lost ticket reconciliation.


Can I Park my Caravan or Motorcycle?

This Melbourne Airport Premium parking lot can accommodate a variety of different vehicle types, from hatchbacks to minivans, 4WDs to sports cars and luxury vehicles. Cars must be able to fit inside a standard-sized parking bay, and not exceed 2.3 metres in height, as the Business Car Park cannot accommodate oversized vehicles such as camper vans or trailers.

Motorcycle parking is available in all the official Melbourne Airport car parks, and a specially designated motorbike area is located in the Terminal T1 T2 T3 Car Park. Within the Business Car Park Melbourne Airport, motorcycles are charged the same rate as full-sized vehicles. 

Accessible Parking bays are also available at the Melbourne Airport Business car park. 


Alternatives to Business Parking Melbourne Airport

If you’re looking for the lowest price on Melbourne Airport parking, you may want to compare the price of Melbourne Airport Business Parking against alternative parking providers. If you don’t mind parking a little further away from the terminal, off-site parking is a great choice for budget-conscious travellers. When you park with an off-site airport car park, the longer you stay, the less you’ll pay per day. And you’ll be at the terminal before you know it, with free on-demand shuttle services. 

There are several car parks within the general vicinity of Melbourne Airport which advertise lower rates for long term parking, including Jetaway Airport ParkingEasy Airport Parking, and the well-known Busy Beaver Airport Parking. For bookings of one or two weeks in length, off-site airport parking costs on average 86% less than the drive-up prices charged at the Business Car Park. Instead of paying $632.00 for a one-week stay at the Melbourne Airport Business Car Park, you could park at Jetaway Airport Parking for just $91.75, Easy Airport Parking for $101.99, or the award-winning Busy Beaver Airport Parking for $97.99. 


How Flyparks Can Help You Find Melbourne Airport Parking

If you’re searching for Melbourne Airport parking, whether for a holiday or a business trip, Flyparks can help you compare the various options available and book the best deal. Our easy to use search tool will show you the full range of airport car parks available for your travel dates, sorted by price. You can also opt to filter by shuttle transfer time and customer rating. 

Once you’ve found a car park that suits your requirements, you can secure your space using our secure checkout, in less than two minutes. No account is needed - it’s as simple as entering in your name, email address, and travel dates. We’ll do all the rest!



All the Melbourne Airport parking rates that are cited are approximate and subject to change without notice. Parking rates associated with 'one week' above, are for a period of 8 days. Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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