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Interested in Qantas Valet Parking at Sydney Airport? Look no further. Below, you can view the hourly and daily rates of Qantas Valet in comparison to other Sydney Airport parkings, and view their standard booking & operational procedures so you know exactly what to expect on the day of arrival. 



Overview of Sydney Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService & Travel Time 
Qantas Valet
Walk: 1 - 2 min-
Air Travel­ Parking$140.25Shuttle: 6 minBook
Sydney Airport Express$149.49Shuttle: 5 minBook
Blu Emu$176.40Shuttle: 10 minInfo
Guaranteed Space$271.70Walk: 3 - 5 minInfo
P3 Car Park$451.00 Walk: 5 - 8 minInfo
P1&2 Car Park$548.70Walk: 5 minInfo
P7 Car Park$548.70
Walk: 5 minInfo
T2 Premium Valet$596.00 Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo


About Qantas Parking at Sydney Airport 

Designed for travellers who are flying domestically and wish to start their holiday early by being relaxed and catered to, Qantas Valet Parking offers exactly that.

Located a few minutes walk away from the Qantas Domestic Terminal 3, at the Eastern end of T3, all you have to do is check-in to your flight before arrival at the car park, and the Qantas team will do the rest. The Qantas Valet car park is open daily from 5:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. 


Qantas Valet Parking Rates 

The valet parking rates held by Qantas are not going to be the cheapest Sydney Airport parking rates you will find, however in lieu of cheap rates, you will have direct access to Terminal 3 and your car parked for you. Rates start at $65.00 for stays of 0 - 3 hours, $99.00 for 1 day, and then increase up to $241.00 for 3 days, $383.00 for 5 days, $667.00 for 8 days, and $1,164.00 for 15 days, or 2 weeks.  Each day thereafter 15 days will be $71.00. 


Qantas Valet Hourly & Daily Parking Rates

0 - 3 hours$ 65.00
1 day$ 99.00
2 days$ 170.00
3 days$ 241.00
4 days$ 312.00
5 days$ 383.00
6 days$ 454.00
7 days$ 525.00
*Every day thereafter will incur a daily fee of $71.00 per day. 


Reviews of Qantas Valet Parking at Sydney Airport 

After a trip away, user reviews are left by past travellers detailing their parking experience. At present, Qantas Valet Parking is rated a 2.5/5 with 90+ reviews. 

Reviews of Qantas Parking Sydney Airport are not the best. Many travellers have expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of customer care and assistance from the Valet team; a lack of signage, leaving drivers confused about where to turn and drop off their vehicle; high parking rates for lack of quality service; a long and seemingly inefficient check-in process; and damage done to cars to be found by owners' upon their return, with no accountability taken for what may have happened. Of course, at Flyparks, we recommend viewing reviews for yourself and conducting your research, as these are only a few of dozens of reviews left by past travellers. Before booking, it is also important to remember that while the parking is called Qantas Valet, it is operated and managed by Sydney Airport, which many have regarded as a cause for the lack of attention and respect shown to loyal Qantas members. 

Despite the less-than-satisfactory reviews, a few customers have mentioned that pre-booking their Qantas Valet parking at Sydney Airport led to a smoother check-in experience upon arriving on-site. Additionally, customers familiar with the parking destination have expressed more ease in finding the drop-off location upon arrival. 


Booking & Refund Procedure  

To Book: 

To book the Qantas Valet Parking Sydney Airport, you can do so online or in person.

For online bookings, head to the official websites of Sydney Airport or Qantas. If you'd like to book upon arrival, simply drive up to the parking on the day of your flight and the Qantas Team will take care of the rest. Please note that during peak travel or holiday seasons, spaces are likely to be booked, so it is best to book in advance.


To Cancel:

To be entitled to a refund, you must cancel your online reservation at least 24 hours before the booking’s start time via 'My Account' on either the Qantas or Sydney Airport website. Failure to do so will result in no refund.


Directions to Qantas Valet Parking at Sydney Airport

To access the Qantas Valet Car Park, follow the directions below: 

  • From General Holmes Avenue, drive straight until you reach Joyce Drive 

  • Take a left onto Sir Reginald Ansett Drive 

  • Follow the ‘Arrivals’ sign towards Keith Smith Avenue 

  • Stay on Keith Smith as it turns into Shiers Avenue 

  • As you drive toward the end of T3, look for the Qantas Valet Parking signage 

  • Take a left into the car park 


Additional Information:

  • Suitable for domestic travellers

  • Qantas points are available to redeem when booking Qantas Valet Parking Sydney

  • Receive 3 Qantas Points per $1.00 spent 

  • Direct Terminal Access
  • Express check-in is not available 

  • Self-service baggage drop is available

  • Tesla car chargers are available upon request 


Alternatives to Qantas Parking Sydney Airport

Valet parking is typically expensive, but general airport parking at Sydney Airport doesn’t have to be. Should you wish to find reasonable airport parking rates, check out the Sydney Airport Parking providers on Flyparks. They are reputable, secure, and offer highly competitive rates. Since the providers offered are not on airport grounds, they offer complimentary shuttle services to take you to and from the airport on demand. Read each provider’s reviews and decide for yourself! Should you have any questions, our customer service team is happy to assist you. 


Air Travel Parking ($140.25 for 1 Week)

air-travel-parking-sydneyWhile it's not Qantas Valet Parking at Sydney Airport, Air Travel Parking offers travellers a more affordable car park option that is only a 6 minute shuttle ride away from T3, and all other terminals. Car washing services are also available at Air Travel Parking for only $30.00, so you can return from your trip to a clean car and know you saved on airport parking.

This car park is known by past travellers for its prompt pick up and drop off shuttle services, so you won't have to wait long when heading to the airport, or waiting to be picked up from the terminals. The car park has CCTV around the entirety of the car park, so you can be assured your car is well looked after.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min shuttle

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Sydney Airport Express ($149.49 for 1 Week)


Airport Express Sydney is one of the most convenient and fast parking services offered at Sydney Airport. The car park has an on-demand, complimentary shuttle service to transport passengers to and from their select terminal within 5 minutes. Past user reviews pride the car park for its secure premises, friendly customer service team, affordable rates, and short distance between the terminals and the car park. 

Similar to Qantas Valet Parking at Sydney Airport, Sydney Airport Express offers valet-style parking where travellers can drive up to the airport house, hand over the keys, and let the car park staff take care of the rest as travellers board the shuttle bus to be dropped off at the terminal of their choice. 

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min shuttle

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All the parking rates and related information cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication in April 2024. For the most accurate rates of official airport car parks, visit the official Sydney Airport website. Please note that you may not book any official Sydney Airport parking(s) on Flyparks at present. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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