Value Car Park Melbourne Airport


The Value Car Park Melbourne Airport is the airport’s own car park that is a great option for extended stay parking. Beforre you read more about the Melbourne Airport Value car park, check out all the parking options at Melbourne Airport. 

Overview of Melbourne Airport Parking Rates


Car ParkCost per Week (8 Days)ServiceTransfer TimeCovered Option?
Value Car Park$ 96.00Shuttle3 - 5 min
Easy Airport Parking$ 80.49Shuttle5 min
Jetaway Airport Parking$ 85.49Shuttle7 minX
Busy Beaver Airport Parking$ 97.99Shuttle5 min
Andrew's Melbourne$ 101.99Shuttle5 min
Melrose Airport Parking$ 118.49Shuttle3 min


The Long Term Car Park Melbourne Airport provides open air parking for longer stays. It is serviced by a free shuttle bus that picks up and drops off passengers by the entrance of all terminal buildings. This car park has recently been taken over by the Value Car Park. Find out more about the Value Car Park with this handy Flyparks guide, to get more details about opening hours, shuttle transfers, height restrictions, rates, and more. 


Essential Information

  • Budget outdoor parking
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24/7 shuttle bus service
  • Bus shelter on-site
  • Maximum car clearance is 2.2 metres
  • Disabled access


The Value Car Park Shuttle Service

There Melbourne Airport Value car park shuttle runs round-the-clock shuttle bus services every five minutes, to/from all terminals and the car park. The shuttle bus is free of charge at Value parking Melbourne Airport, and the journey time is approximately ten minutes. 


Value Car Park Long Stay Rates

The daily rates for Melbourne Airport Value parking are generally lower than that of the Terminal T1, T2, T3, & T4 Car Parks. It’s worth noting that the Value Car Park offers the same rates for online and drive-in bookings, meaning you won’t save any money by pre-booking on Melbourne Airport’s website. 

Rates start at $12.00 for 24 hours, $36.00 for three days, and $96.00 for week long stays. If you’re interested to know how the price of parking at the Value Car Park Tullamarine compares, you can read our article on Melbourne Airport parking rates. In the table below, we quote the Saver Fare, not the Flexi Fare. Both fare types can only be booked through the official airport website. It’s not possible to arrange parking at the Value Carpark Melbourne Airport through Flyparks at present. 


How to Book Value Car Parking Melbourne Airport?

When you arrive at the Value Car Park Melbourne Airport VIC, you must insert your credit card in order to gain access through the entry gate. If you use the incorrect credit card either upon entry or exit, this credit card will be charged again. This is because your card will not be recognised, and you may not be entitled to a refund or credit on those charges.


About the Value Car Park Melbourne

The Value Car Park is Melbourne Airport’s low rate, long-term parking option. The car park is open air, and serves all terminals. The complimentary shuttle bus service runs 24/7, at ten minute intervals, and there’s a bus shelter on-site. 

The Value Long Stay Car Park can accommodate a variety of different vehicle types, from hatchbacks to minivans, 4WDs to sports cars. Cars must be able to fit inside a standard sized parking bay, as the Value Long Stay Car Park cannot accommodate oversized vehicles such as camper vans or trailers. Bear in mind that the car park can and does sell out during busy periods such as weekends, as space is limited. 


Alternatives to the Value Car Park

If you’re looking for long stay parking at Melbourne Airport, and considering using a shuttle service, it’s worthwhile to shop around for lower prices. There are numerous private car parks near Melbourne Airport, which offer similar services to the Value Car Park. To make up for their distance from the airport, they all include free shuttle bus transfers to the airport and back, and many offer car washing and maintenance services (at additional cost). 

As seen below, you can save over 30% just by booking at an independent parking facility. Booking with Jetaway Airport Parking for 1 week (8 days) would cost $26.00 less than the Value Car Park, while the shuttle transfer time is shorter, and the buses run on demand. Likewise, if you only need to park your car for 24 hours, Busy Beaver's open air parking is $8.00 cheaper. 

We have collected a wealth of information about these off-site car parks, allowing you to compare price, journey time, and ratings, plus view photographs of the facilities themselves. You can also reserve your parking space via credit card payment; as the rates shown are exactly the same as those offered by the car parks themselves. We never add on booking fees or hidden costs.


Book with Flyparks and Save

When you compare the rates of the Value Long Stay Car Park against some of the private parking providers near Melbourne Airport, you can see why many people make the effort to park elsewhere. Unlike the Value Car Park, many of the independent car parks do offer better prices for advance online bookings, as well as undercover parking, on-demand shuttle transfers with no wait times, and friendly customer service that goes the extra mile. 

If you want to compare prices for your travel dates, you can use our online search engine to find the most inexpensive Melbourne Airport parking service, and get a free online quote. You can also filter by distance to the airport, service type, and rating. With Flyparks, you can book airport parking in as little as two minutes via our secure online checkout. And our customer service team are always on hand, in case you need any help with your booking or have any questions. 


All the costs cited in this article are approximate and subject to change. The rates advertised were taken based on advanced online booking, with estimations taken in August 2022. For the official airport rates we chose the lowest prices offered by the airport. Please note that it is not possible to book at any of the official Melbourne Airport car parks through Flyparks at present.

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