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🚗 Parking type Walking Distance
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🕒 Opening hours: 24/7
🥾 Walking Distance 4 - 8 Min
🔑 Keep car keys Yes
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Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal Car Park, Alpinia Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia ; International Terminal, International Multi-Level Brisbane, Brisbane QLD 4007, Australia

Park Long Brisbane Airport

Just steps away from the Domestic Terminal, Park Long, as its name implies, was designed for travellers seeking a long-term parking option. The parking service is available at 3 locations: Levels 5 - 9 at P1, Levels 1 - 6 at P2, and Levels 2 - 4, and within the outdoor area at the International Terminal Car Park.

The car park is equipped with 24/7 CCTV, is open 24/7, and offers reasonable rates for parking at Brisbane Airport. To secure your spot at this long term car park at Brisbane Airport, book today! 


Why Park Long?

  • Open 24/7
  • Locations:
    • Levels 5 - 9 of P1
      • Height restriction: 2.25 metres
    • Levels 1 - 6 of P2
      • Height restriction: 2.4 metres
    • Levels 2 - 4 & the outdoor area at the International Terminal Car Park
      • Height restrictions: oversized vehicles are permissible 
  • 24/7 CCTV 
  • Ideal for long term stays or travellers flying domestically 
  • 4 - 8 minute walk to terminals 
  • 24/7 CCTV 
  • Covered indoor & open-air (International Car Park) parking facilities 
  • Over-height options are available at the International Terminal Car Park 
  • Dedicated motorcycle parking is located on L1 of the P1 car park, and anywhere in the International Terminal Car Park 
    • Tickets must be validated at the Parking Customer Service office to receive a discounted rate for motorbike parking
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How does it work?
Walking Distance

How Does Parking at the Long Term Car Park at Brisbane Airport Work?                         

Parking at Park Long Brisbane Airport is a very straightforward process. Read below for more specific details regarding your arrival and return to the car park.


Upon Arrival

To enter the car park, simply drive up to the car park’s entry barrier and if you made an online booking, the car park’s license plate software will recognize your car and open accordingly. If it doesn’t, you may scan your QR code received on your confirmation email after making your reservation. Should you require any assistance in entering, press and hold the ‘HELP’ button on the car park’s entry machine, and an attendant will be with you. 

🚘If you did not make an online booking, you can pay for your parking at the exit gate; with credit card at any Automatic Payment Machine; with cash at the Automatic Payment Machine on L2 of the P1 Car Park or on the Ground Level at the International Terminal Car Park. 

PARKING TIP: It is recommended to get to Park Long Brisbane Airport Parking only 5 - 7 minutes before you would like to arrive at the terminal.


Upon Return

After collecting your luggage, head back to the Long Term Car Park at Brisbane Airport, retrieve your vehicle, and exit the car park as normal if you had an online booking. If you didn't make an online booking, exit the gate with the same credit card you used to enter the car park with. If you'd like to pay with cash, do so before heading back to your vehicle at one of the Automatic Payment Machines. 


How do I get to Park Long Brisbane Airport?

From Brisbane CBD, follow the directions below to reach the Long Term Car Park at Brisbane Airport: 

  • Begin on Adelaide Street or another major CBD street
  • Head towards the Riverside Expressway
  • Merge onto the Riverside Expressway/M3
  • Continue on this road, following signs for the Airport
  • From the Riverside Expressway, take the exit onto Airport Link Tunnel
  • Continue through the Airport Link Tunnel
  • Exit the tunnel onto Airport Drive.
  • Follow the signs for Brisbane Airport.
  • Continue on Airport Drive, which will lead you to Moreton Drive.
  • Follow the signs for long-term parking (Park Long).
  • Arrive at Park Long:
  • ✈️ For Domestic Departures:
    • Levels 5 - 9 of P1
    • Levels 5 - 9 of P1
  • ✈️For International Departures: 
    • Levels 2 - 4 & the outdoor area at the International Terminal Car Park
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Park Long Brisbane Airport Reviews 

Park Long currently doesn't have certified Google Reviews of its own. Instead, because the services reside within the Domestic & International Terminal Car Parks Google Reviews showcases the reviews of all services within these Terminal Car Parks. The Domestic Terminal Car Park holds a 4.2 / 5 with over 100 reviews, while the International Terminal Car Park holds a 4.0 / 5 with over 400 Google Reviews. 

Most reviews for these car parks are positive, with many user reviews citing the accommodating, friendly staff available for any questions or concerns they had whilst parking. Some reviews cited defective entry/exit barriers, damage done to vehicles, and steep parking rates, but otherwise, many were satisfied with the proximity to the terminals, the ease of the online booking system, and an overall simple parking facility. 


Security Features at the Long Term Car Park 

The Long Term Car Park at Brisbane Airport boasts 24/7 CCTV, parking spots within a covered parking facility, 

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With Park Long Brisbane Airport you're sure of
  • 24-Hour Surveillance
  • Cameras
  • Entry/Exit Barrier
  • Security Fencing
  • Asphalt or Paving
  • Car Inspection
  • No Max. Clearance Height
  • Illuminated terrain
  • Electric Car Charging
  • Waiting Room
  • Toilet
  • Open 24 hours
  • Keep Car Keys
  • Indoor
  • Starting Aid
  • Luggage Assistance
  • Car Wash
  • Child Seats
  • Security guard
  • Oversized

Extending your Stay at the Long Term Car Park 

Travellers can extend their stay at Park Long with ease should they wish. Overstay rates will apply, which can be paid upon exiting the car park. 


Drive-Up Rates at Park Long Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport Park Long offers parking rates that may seem steep due to being only a 4 - 8 minute walk from the terminals. The rates are as follows: $69.00 for 4-24 hours, $123.00 for 3 days, $172.00 for 5 days, $205.00 for 7 days, $221.00 for 8 days. An additional $15.00 fee applies for each subsequent day.

Park Long Drive-Up Rates

4 - 24 hours$ 69.00
2 days$ 97.00
3 days 

$ 123.00

4 days $ 148.00
5 days$172.00
6 days$189.00
7 days$ 205.00
8 days $ 221.00
*Every day thereafter will incur a daily fee of $15.00 per day. 

The rates shown above are drive-up rates and therefore will be different from those displayed when booking your car park online. 




All the parking rates cited are approximate and subject to change without notice. Parking rates associated with 'one week' above, are for 1 week (8 days). Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot consider specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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