Brindabella Business Park

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The newest addition to the Canberra community is here and has garnered great attention for its reputation as one of Australia’s leading environmentally sustainable business hubs. With over 18 architecturally exceptional commercial buildings, a vibrant community has been established in which work and well-being are at the centerfold.

Located only 10 minutes away from the Canberra city centre, you can find sports facilities, cafes, restaurants, conference rooms, a childcare facility, and a plethora of social events to fill the spaces. Not to mention, parking at Brindabella Business Park grants you the ease of access to Canberra Airport, as it is right next door.

Brindabella Business Park car parking is only available for visitors and tenants that work in the following Business Parks: Brindabella Business Park, Majura Park, and Fairbairn.


Overview of Brindabella Business Car Park Online Rates

The Brindabella Business Park parking rates listed below can only be purchased online, and are pre-paid credits that take the form of passes or cards to be collected at the car park. The following card payments are accepted for online payments: Mastercard, Visa Card, and Debit or Credit Card. 

Once you have paid for your parking through the website, you may collect your parking card at the Customer Service Office located within the P3 car park at 17 Brindabella Circuit. 


0 - 30 mins$ 1.00
30 min - 1 hour$ 2.20
1 - 2 hours $ 3.40
2 -3 hours$ 5.50
3 - 10 hours (1 day)$ 11.50
1 week$ 50.00
2 weeks$ 97.00
1 month$ 185.00
3 months$ 525.00
6 months$ 1,050.00
1 year$ 1,900.00


Brindabella Business Park Car Parking

New and improved: Brindabella Business Park has recently upgraded its parking technology to include license plate recognition, new parking equipment, pass cards, online parking accounts, parking permits, and more. 

The car park offers both indoor and outdoor car parks in Brindabella Business Park. The covered car park, known as Car Park 3, is located within the multi-level car park on Brindabella Circuit. 

Because the undercovered area has limited spaces, it is advised to look into a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment plan so you can pay, and drive-in, in at your convenience and preference.


How Much Does Parking at Brindabella Business Car Park Cost?

The Brindabella Business Car Park costs differ based on the time you stay, the pass you purchase, and if you are paying online, with pre-paid rates. Only business park employees can purchase daily, weekly, monthly, or longer passes to utilise the car park. Keep reading to see the costs for parking with pre-paid rates vs. a car park pass. 


Parking at Brindabella Business Park Parking with a Pass:

By obtaining a parking pass for the Brindabella car park, you save more, especially the longer the pass duration is. By purchasing an annual pass, for $1,900, for example, you would save up to 40% of what you would spend by merely purchasing a ‘day ticket.’ By purchasing a 3 months pass, for $525.00, you save up to 28% of what you would spend on a ‘day ticket.’ 

If you know you will be utilising this car park a couple of days a week to park for work, and plan to be at your job for the considerable future, you are making a worthwhile investment by paying for the longer duration passes. If in the instance your employment ceases, you may receive a refund on any annual passes purchased. 


Parking with Pre-Paid Rates:

If you don’t plan to park at the Brindabella car park for a long period, don’t worry, as pre-paid rates are available, too. For 2 hours you can park for $2.50, and up to $9.50 for one day. 

If you pre-pay for your Brindabella Business Park parking online, you may purchase a top-up card which requires a minimum purchase fee of $60 - this serves as a $60 parking credit! You will still be charged pre-paid rates as seen below in the table, upon parking your car here. 

After purchasing this card, you may opt-in for automatic monthly recharges so a withdrawal is taken from your bank account when your card gets low, without you having to do anything yourself. You can modify this in your online account made on the airport’s business park website, and cancel whenever you’d like. 

Additionally, parking permits be may purchased online for $185.00. By purchasing a Brindabella Business Park parking permit, you can park at the car park monthly and have it renewed on the first of every month.


DurationPre-Paid Rates
1 hour$ 1.00
2 hours$ 2.50
3 hours$ 3.50
4 hours$ 4.50
6 hours$ 5.60
7 hours$ 6.80
1 day $ 9.50
2 days $ 19.00
* Any parking that lasts longer than 2 days will incur Canberra Airport Terminal Parking Rates 


How Do I Book the Brindabella Business Car Park?

To book your parking at Brindabella Business Park, download the app Easypark for the most convenient access to starting your reservation, and managing it, all at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Please note, overnight parking is not available for any person, or any pass. 

When you download the app, you can unlock several convenient parking options:

  • Initiate your parking session right from the comfort of your car, eliminating the need for parking meters.

  • Stay clear of pesky parking fines by extending your parking duration remotely via mobile phone.

  • Pay only for the actual time you use, ensuring fair and flexible payment.

  • Enjoy the flexibility to use your preferred payment method, whether it's a credit card, Klarna, or PayPal. Experience hassle-free parking like never before with EasyPark!


Additional Details of Brindabella Car Park: 

  • Address & Brindabella Business Park Post Code:

    •  Car Park 3, 17 Brindabella Circuit, Brindabella Business Park ACT 2609

  • Opening Hours: Monday - Friday:

    •  7:30 - 10 am 

    • 12 noon - 1 pm

    • 4 pm - 6 pm

  • Indoor Car Park Height Restrictions: 2.2 metres


  • Outdoor Car Park Height Restrictions: N/A


  • Entrance & Exit Protocol: 

    • If you registered your account, the boom gate at Brindabella Car Park will automatically open for you if you are parking the car holding the same license plate you registered your car with. 

    • If you received a QR code upon registration, you must scan it at the entry/exit boom gates. With a QR code, you may park any car you choose. 

    • If you have a pass card, simply tap your car at the entry/exit gates. You must pick up this car prior to entering the car park at the car park management office. Only one car is admissible at a time with the pass card. 


Canberra Airport Alternatives to Brindabella Business Park 

While Brindabella Car Park is not a Canberra Airport car park, there are a variety of Canberra airport parking(s) available for you to book that is affordable, secure, and conveniently located close to the airport. See below for a table overview of rates, the distance to the airport terminals, and the service offered.


Car Park

Cost per Week (8 Days)


Transfer Time

Outdoor Car Park

$ 155.00

Walking Distance

2 - 4 min walk 

Indoor Car Park

$ 205.00

Walking Distance

1 - 2 min walk

Canberra Airport Express

$ 244.00

Walking Distance

1 min walk



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Experience a stress-free way to secure airport parking and enjoy your journey with peace of mind through Flyparks' efficient and straightforward platform.


  • For more information on the safety of off-site car parks, visit our blog! 

  • To book Airport Parking Canberra, look no further. Simply type in the dates and times you wish to depart and arrive back at the car park and viola - options will be presented to you in seconds. 




While we’ve made every attempt to report the parking rates at Brindabella Business Park as accurately as possible, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, how long you intend on parking for and service type. The rates quoted were accurate in July 2023, and are subject to change without notice. Please note that it is not possible to book the Brindabella Airport car park with Flyparks. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.


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