Top Hotels near Adelaide Airport


For those looking for hotels near Adelaide Airport, you don’t have to look far as we have put together some of the best airport hotels to stay in whether you are departing from or arriving at Adelaide Airport, so you can easily compare your choices. Below are our top 3 picks.

                                                                                                            Top Adelaide Airport Hotels

HotelPrice per NightRatingFree Shuttle Service?
Ibis Adelaide Airport$ 116.00 - 123.00★★★No 
Hilton Adelaide Airport$ 137.00★★No 
Atura Adelaide Airport$ 239.00★★★No 


1. Ibis Adelaide 


If you are looking for one of the most affordable airport hotels near the airport, Ibis is it. Ibis Hotels is known by guests for its affordable rates and comfortable, clean rooms with basic amenities. While there are no frills as you may encounter at a bit higher-end hotels, you can expect great value for your money here for affordable rates of $116.00 - $123.00 per night for two guests when planned at least 2 weeks in advance. Ibis also offers a breakfast buffet and self-parking for an extra charge, and if you need additional toiletries, there is a vending machine on the hotel premises to supply you with such. You can also expect 24/7 reception service, a free fitness centre, and child-friendly rooms.

Please keep in mind that Ibis Hotel does not have an airport shuttle. However, the hotel is only 7 kilometres away from the airport and is easily accessible via taxi, for approximately $20.00. Additionally, travellers can take the J1 or J2 bus, which has a bus stop located outside the hotel on Grenfell Street, and only costs $4.00 to or from the airport. While the buses run every 10–15 minutes during the day, we do recommend checking the timetables closer to your needed arrival/departure if during the late night or early morning. If you want to stay within an affordable range and only splurge on the vacation while maintaining convenience and security, Flyparks customers recommend Andrews Airport Parking time and time again when it comes to Adelaide Airport parking. While you will have to drive your car to the car park on the day of your flight after checking out of the hotel, you can then take the complimentary shuttle to the airport with your belongings, knowing your car is protected and cared for. 


2. Hilton Adelaide Hotel


The second-best airport hotel in terms of affordability and convenience, recommended by Flyparks, is the Hilton. The Hilton is a medium - higher-end hotel near Adelaide Airport that offers pet-friendly rooms, an outdoor pool, a fitness center, a business centre, a restaurant, and more. When booked a few weeks in advance, you can stay in the Hilton for approximately $137.00 a night for 2 people. Additionally, upgrades are available. For an extra $100 - $200 more, you can choose from higher-end suites such as a King Hilton deluxe, deluxe plus, or executive suite. These suites are extra spacious with additional furnishings, amenities, and stellar views. If you are a Hilton honors member, you are also welcome to use your points when staying at this location. 

No complimentary shuttle is available for guests staying at the Hilton Hotel near Adelaide Airport. However, the airport is only a 15-minute drive away (6.5 kilometres) and can be reached via a taxi for $25, or a private, hotel-arranged chauffeur for approximately $51.00. Lastly, there is a shuttle service called the Northern Flyer that can be booked on the ground level of T1 (across baggage collection) at the ‘Information’ booth at Adelaide Airport for $10 a person. 


3. Atura Adelaide Airport


Atura Hotel is going to be, without a doubt, the most convenient hotel near Adelaide Airport. For $239.00 a night for 2 guests, you don’t even have to leave the airport to be at the hotel as it has a direct walkway between its premises and the Adelaide Airport domestic & international terminals. The Atura is known by guests for its hospitable staff, modern and clean interiors, and high-quality food. Do be aware that after 10 p.m. there is little to imbibe in from the hotel, as cited by guests - so perhaps grab some snacks before arriving if your flight has a late arrival or early take-off. This may be the best hotel near Adelaide Airport if you value convenience and don’t mind paying a pretty penny for it. 

The Atura does not have an airport shuttle service, as the hotel is located within walking distance of the airport terminals. Additionally, if you need parking, you can park at the on-site official airport car parks which have partnered with Atura Hotel, although it will be pricey as you will be charged on-site car park rates. For off-site Adelaide Airport parking, view the car parks available on Flyparks.  


How far is Adelaide Airport from the city?

Adelaide Airport is less than 6 kilometres away from the city center, or a 10 - 15 minute drive via taxi for $18.00 - $25.00. Should you wish to take a bus from Adelaide Airport to Adelaide CBD, you can hop on the Jetbus service for $3.00 - $6.00, which is located right outside the Adelaide Airport terminal. Hop on the J1 or J2 bus to Adelaide CBD. 


How early should I arrive at Adelaide Airport?

In conjunction with the official Adelaide Airport recommendations, Flyparks suggests arriving at Adelaide Airport 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. If you have checked in before arrival and don’t plan on checking your bags, however, you can plan on arriving at least 15 minutes later as you won’t need to wait in line to check in or drop your bags off. Because there is only one terminal serving both domestic & international flight arrivals, you don’t need to travel far within the actual airport to get to varying gates.


How busy is Adelaide Airport? 

Adelaide Airport is rather busy, primarily around 6 - 7 p.m. in the evenings and 4:45 am. - 6 a.m. in the mornings. Please be advised that the first flight from Adelaide Airport can depart at 6 a.m. due to curfew, so longer queues can be expected before then. If you want an overview of the timetable of flights at Adelaide Airport on the day of your departure, we have you covered. We recommend checking the timetable to see if your flight is on time, and to determine how far in advance you need to be at the airport. 


Is it good to stay in an airport hotel? 

Absolutely! If you value time and convenience and don’t mind paying a bit extra to do so, an airport hotel is a good idea. Flyparks especially recommends an airport hotel if you have late night flights or early morning departures.






Please note that the information above is provided for reference only, and does not constitute as travel advice. You cannot book a hotel room via the Flyparks website, and we do not have any influence on the data found on external hotel websites. While the contents of this article were complied with the greatest possible care, there is the possibility that certain information will become outdated or incorrect by the time of reading. For the most recent and relevant information about Adelaide Airport, you should check the official website(s).

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