Where to Find The Uber Airport Pickup Point


Whether you are looking for the Sydney Airport Uber pickup, or the pickup locations at Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, or any other Australian airport, we’ve listed the designated Uber pickup spots at every eligible major airport in Australia. 


Sydney Airport Uber Pickup

Uber Pickup Sydney Airport Terminal 1

For Uber Premier pick ups, drivers will meet riders at the Limo pickup kerbsite area outside T1. For all other Uber pickups from T1, drivers will collect passengers from the Rideshare pick-up area otuside of T1.


Uber Pickup Sydney Airport Terminal 2

Travellers who arrive via Sydney Airport's T2 Terminal should still head to the Priority Pick-Up Zone, between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, following signs for UberX, Uber XL, and UberSELECT rides. Travellers can expect travel congestion to be much less in this zone than in previous years. 


Uber Pickup Sydney Airport Terminal 3

As of December 2023, there is a new Sydney Airport Uber pickup at Sydney Domestic Airport for travellers arriving from the T3 Qantas Domestic Terminal. Passengers awaiting pickup after arrival can now meet their drivers directly outside T3 at the kerbside. If you are arriving at T3 and/or flying with Qantas, it is important to note your pick-up location in the 'pick-up' details in the Uber app, as your driver may still be expecting to pick you up at the Priority Pick-Up zone between T2 & T3. Note that there has been an increase in the Uber pickup fee, which has increased to approximately $5.68 from the previous $5.01. This will be automatically added to your bill. 


Parking at Sydney Airport 

If you don't want to take an Uber to or from Sydney Airport, check out our top options for Sydney Airport parking that doesn't involve spending over $160.00 for 1 week of parking at the airport. There are affordable Sydney Airport car parks, located minutes from T1 - T4 terminals, which hold better user reviews, and equal, if not more, security measures than the official Sydney Airport car parks. We offer them here on Flyparks. 


Uber Pickup Melbourne Airport - T1, T2, T3

Travellers arriving back to Melbourne Airport from Terminal 1, 2, or 3, can find the Uber pickup area directly outside Terminal 2, in Lane 1. Zone B is reserved exclusively for UberX pickups, while Zone A & Zone C are located on both ends of the pickup areas, but are reserved eclusively for UberXL, Uber Comfort, and Uber Premier. 

Melbourne Airport has implemented Uber PIN technology that allows Uber X drivers to wait at the pickup zone for riders. This means that riders must read out their PIN code to their driver upon getting in. Doing so allows for a more efficient pickup process, reducing wait times at other airports with the PIN method from 40 - 50%. This pickup process is only available between 7 am - midnight, Monday - Friday, from Terminals 1, 2, & 3. 


T4 Rideshare Melbourne Airport: Premier, Comfort, XL

The Uber pickup spot for Premier, Comfort, XL, and Assist rides will be outside Terminal 4, or at the end of the Terminal 2 pickup zone. The PIN pickup does not apply to any uber pickup requests from Terminal 4, or any other ride other than Uber X. 

With all Uber rides from Melbourne Airport, a flat $4.82 pickup fee will apply, which will be automatically added to your bill. 


Melbourne Airport to City Uber 

An Uber ride from Melbourne Airport to Melbourne CBD will cost approximiately $45.00 - $58.00 for an UberX ride, $65.00 - $83.00 for an UberXL ride, $51.00 - $66.00 for UberComfort rides and between $75.00 - $97.00 for Uber Premier rides. In comparison, a regular cab will cost around $80.00 for the same trip. 


Find Melbourne Airport Parking 

The average cost of parking on Melbourne Airport grounds is $411.00 for a week of parking. But, there are more affordable car parks, that are just as secure. For parking one week at Melbourne Airport for $93.75 - $126.75, view top rated car parks at Melbourne Airport, that are only minutes from Terminals 1 - 4. If you want to travel to the airport in the comfort of your car, and have it waiting for you upon your return, its worth considering.


Avalon Airport Uber Pickup

Simply head to the designated Uber pickup bay outside of the Arrivals Hall. 

Avalon Airport charges a flat $3.00 pickup fee for Uber trips. This will be added to your bill. 


Uber Pickup Brisbane Airport

If you’re looking for the pickup spot for Uber at Brisbane Airport from the International Terminal, take the escalator from Level 2 to Level 1, and follow the Rideshare signs towards the car park on your left as you exit the terminal. 

For those looking for the pickup spot for Uber at Brisbane Airport from the Domestic Terminal, it is located on the central road, right between the 'Taxi' pickup, and the 'Passenger' pickup, on both sides of the Skywalk. Upon leaving the terminal, cross two crossings to find it.

Brisbane Airport charges a $3.90 access fee for Uber pickups. This fee is automatically added to your fare.


Perth Airport Uber Pickup

To find the designated pickup point for Uber at Perth Airport, regardless of which terminal you landed at, you’ll need to follow the signs to the rideshare pickup bays. There are rideshare pickup points outside of Terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

A flat $3.00 fee applies to all pickups at Perth Airport.


Adelaide Airport Uber Pickup

The Uber pickup, Adelaide Airport, can be found once you have exited the airport on Arrivals level, and followed the signs to the rideshare pickup area. The rideshare pickup area is located across the forecourt, and to the left of the multi-level car park. 

Adelaide Airport charges a $3.00 access fee for Uber pickups. This fee is automatically added to your fare when you request a ride.


Cairns Airport Uber Pickup

To find the pickup location for Uber at Cairns Airport, follow the signs to the Ride-Booking Zone. 

Travellers arriving from the Domestic Terminal should turn right after exiting the airport, whereas those arriving from the International Terminal should turn left after leaving the building. 

Canberra Airport charges a $3.00 access fee for Uber pickups. 


Townsville Airport Uber Pickup

The pickup location for Uber, Townsville Airport, is at the Uber Collection Point, directly outside the airport. 

Townsville Airport charges a $3.00 access fee for Uber pickups, which will be added to your fare.


Gold Coast Airport Uber Pickup

The pickup location for Uber at Gold Coast Airport, is the passenger pickup bay, outside the airport terminal. You will need to walk to the far left side, once leaving the Arrival Hall. 

A $3.00 fee applies to all pickups at Perth Airport, which will be added to your fare.


Newcastle Airport Uber Pickup

To find the pickup for Uber Newcastle Airport, at both the Domestic and International Terminals, simply head outside to meet your driver in one of the two commercial pickup zones. These will be signposted once you leave the Arrivals Hall. 

Newcastle Airport charges a flat $3.00 fee for Uber pickups, which will be added to your fare.


Canberra Airport Uber Pickup

To locate the pickup area for Uber Canberra Airport, you should walk towards the Express Pickup Lounge. Your driver will pick you up from the Express Pickup Car Park. 

Canberra Airport charges a $3.00 access fee for Uber pickups, which will be added to your bill.


Hobart Airport Uber Pickup

If you’re arriving at Terminal 1, 2, or 3, you will need to follow the signs towards the Uber Pick Zone, between the bus lane and the Short-Term Car Park. You should make your way across the pedestrian crossing and head to the right, by the far side of the car park area. 

To find the pickup spot for Uber, Hobart Airport Terminal 4, turn right towards the T4 Car Park and take the escalator or the lift to the pickup bays on Level 2. 

A rideshare access fee of $3.85 applies to those using Uber services at Hobart Airport, and will be added to your bill. 


Launceston Airport Uber Pickup

The waiting area for Uber, Launceston Airport, is located along the length of Hudson Fysh Drive, which is just off Evandale Road, opposite the airport. 

Launceston Airport charges a flat $3.00 pickup fee for Uber trips. This will be added to your bill. 


More Information About Uber Airport Pickups

Uber has shaken up the taxi industry in Australia, with both airports and government bodies struggling to keep up with regulations. For travellers, this means substantial cost savings of around 20-30% when taking an UberX over a taxi, from the airport.


The Uber Services Offered 

There are currently six different Uber services which you can request from Australian airports, but these differ between cities. From most smaller, regional airports, usually only UberX is available. 

In increasing order of cost, the Uber services available are:

  • UberX: the low cost option, with up to four seats in cars manufactured from 2009 onwards, e.g. the Honda Accord or the Toyota Prius
  • Uber Assist: a more accessible option, for people with disabilities or those who require additional assistance 
  • Uber Comfort: for vehicles that have more head and legroom than UberX cars
  • Uber XL: high capacity vehicles, usually SUVs or minivans, with up to six seats or extra room for luggage, e.g. Jeep Grand Cherokees or Toyota Prados
  • UberSELECT: a more upmarket option with newer cars and top-rated drivers 
  • Uber Premier: high-end cars that are a step up from those offered at Comfort level


Flyparks Tip!

It’s good practice to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area before requesting pickup from any rideshare app. You should be ready to leave the Arrivals Hall, luggage in hand, as soon as your driver arrives, as many airports have specific requirements about where riders can be picked up by rideshare vehicles, as well as wait time limits. 

Your app will confirm your pickup location when you’re required to meet your driver at a particular level or specific area of the airport. You may also receive a call or text from the driver, to clarify which section, terminal, or door you’ll meet at. 


About Flyparks

Flyparks is an online comparison site for airport parking in Australia and New Zealand. With Flyparks, you can search, compare, and book your airport car parking in less than two minutes. We can help you to secure, affordable off-site Sydney Airport parking, Melbourne Airport parking, and Brisbane Airport parking, as well as parking spaces at all other major passenger airports. 

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As the legislative environment surrounding the sharing economy is changing rapidly, the information imparted in this article may have changed since it was published. This content was generated for educational purposes only, to give you general information and a general understanding of the rideshare pickup zones at various airports, not to provide specific travel advice. Make sure you confirm and check all details before booking any service online, and read all relevant terms and conditions.  

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