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Starting your holiday at Brisbane Airport couldn't be easier with a variety of parking options to fit every budget and need. Whether you prefer convenient terminal-side facilities or affordable off-site car parks, we've got you covered with our comprehensive guide filled with Brisbane Airport parking tips and money-saving suggestions.


Tip 1: Reserve Your Parking Space in Advance 

Save for the designated pick-up and drop-off areas, there’s no such thing as free parking at Brisbane Airport. To get the best deal possible, you should make your parking reservation as soon as you book your flight tickets. Reserving a space in advance ensures that you’ll pay the lowest rates possible. This is because many airport car parks adjust their rates based on capacity. The longer you leave it to book, the more likely it is that all the nearby car storage facilities have filled up. The last few empty spaces will go up in price, for those travellers who made last minute bookings. 

When it comes to the official airport car parks, such as AIRPARK, ParkShort, ParkLong, ParkValet, and the plethora of other on-site lots, drive-up parking rates can be up to 30% more expensive than online rates. If you spend just a few minutes researching rates online and making a credit card booking, you’ll stand to save a reasonable amount of money, not to mention stress. Why drive around in circles looking for space near Brisbane Airport, when you can reserve one before you leave home?


Tip 2: Check the Rates Online

As we mentioned in our first tip, parking rates can shift over time, especially for BNE parking. A little like flight prices, the rates charged by airport car parks can go up and down, based on numerous factors. Although it might seem like hard work to compare the prices charged by multiple car parks, you can do this in a couple of clicks by using an airport parking comparison website like Flyparks. Airport car parking comparison websites contain plenty of information, which can easily be found in one place, as well as rate calculators which can provide quotes for your exact travel dates. 

For example, if you were looking for parking near Brisbane Airport for one week or even a fortnight, you’d need to compare the prices offered by all the long term lots in the area to find the best deal. Flyparks has already put together a wealth of information about the rates of all the different Brisbane Airport parking rates, and we’ve also put a quick summary together below. Assuming that you want to travel in the first week of September, parking would cost you:

Overview of Brisbane Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time 
AIRPARK$108.00Shuttle: 10 minBook
AIRPARK 2$108.00Shuttle: 10 minBook
AIRPARK Undercover$149.00Shuttle: 10 minBook
Park&Fly$189.00Walk: 5 min Book
ParkLong$191.00Walk: 4 - 8 minBook
ParkPremium$217.00Walk: 2 - 5 minBook
ParkValet$219.00Walk: 2 - 4 minBook
ParkShort$442.00Walk: 2 - 5 minBook

The rates shown above are online rates and therefore will differ daily, and may not be the same rates displayed at the time of publication. For the most updated online rates for your parking duration, visit the Brisbane Airport parking website. 


Please note that you can’t reserve a space at AIRPARK, ParkShort, ParkLong, ParkValet, or any official Brisbane Airport parking through our website. If you want to find the cheapest Brisbane Airport Parking's, enter your travel dates into the search console above and find reputable car parks with reasonable rates, and verified reviews. 


Tip 3: Plan Ahead for a Stress-Free Trip

When you make an online reservation, you know exactly where you stand. You also have the opportunity to plan, ensuring that you know how to get to the car park, who to ask for help if something goes wrong, advance knowledge of exactly how much you are spending, and most importantly, a guaranteed space.    

Minutes after you have pre-booked your parking space online, you’ll be able to download your booking confirmation to your phone or print out a copy. Your booking confirmation will contain all the information you need about the car park; its address, phone number, shuttle bus transfer details, plus parking instructions, alongside the date and time that you’re expected to arrive and depart - it's that simple. 


Tip 4: Make Sure Your Car is in Safe Hands

To ensure that you don’t come back to any nasty or unpleasant surprises, you should try to book at an airport car park that employs the best security measures possible. Ideally, the car park should have high fences, gated entry, CCTV, floodlighting, and manned patrols. Combined, these features deter anti-social behaviour and criminal activity, and ensure that your car remains safely where you left it. 

How do you know if a car park is secure? The best way to check is to read about individual car parks and the security features they have in place and to see what previous customers had to say. On Flyparks, we collect user reviews about the various off-site car parks near Brisbane Airport and publish them, complete and unedited. 


Tip 5: In a Hurry? Choose Parking within Walking Distance or a Valet Service

There are several types of parking at Brisbane Airport to choose from, including shuttle, valet, and parking within walking distance. If you need to be at check-in as quickly as possible, then you may want to consider parking in walking distance or using a valet service. Take note, though, that these services can often be a lot more expensive than the shuttle option!


Valet parking at Brisbane Airport 

Parking with a valet service is a very easy way to park at Brisbane Airport. Valet parking works as follows:

  • You drive your car to the valet drop-off zone of the relevant parking company, which will be within easy walking distance of the airport
  • You transfer your car over to the uniformed employee of the parking provider of your choice. This could be ParkValet or Qantas Valet
  • Upon your return to the airport, and after you have collected your luggage, you contact your chosen parking provider
  • A trained and uniformed driver will meet you at a designated spot and hand you your keys so that you can drive home directly


Parking within Walking Distance

There are several car parks within walking distance of the terminals, and these car parks work as follows:

  • You drive to and enter the car park. The majority of Brisbane Airport Car Parks have entry barriers with license plate technology to automatically recognise your vehicle and booking
  • Have your confirmation email handy in case the entry barrier doesn't work, or the car park doesn't recognise your car
  • You can simply continue your journey to the airport on foot, and you can keep hold of your car keys
  • Upon your return to the airport, you walk back to the car park and leave the site.
  • The exit barrier will lift automatically, or you will have to provide your booking confirmation number



Please note that the information above is provided for reference only, and does not constitute travel advice. For the most recent and relevant information about Brisbane Airport, you should check the official website. The Brisbane Airport car park rates quoted in this article were taken based on drive-up rates and were accurate at the time of publication in July 2024, but are subject to change without notice. It is not possible to book at any of the Brisbane Airport car parks through Flyparks at present. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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