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Travellers departing from Christchurch Airport will find several car parking options at their disposal, from the convenient Long Stay lot to the budget park and ride facility. To help you to narrow down which long stay parking Christchurch Airport to book, we researched and collated a wealth of information about parking rates, opening hours, distance to the terminal, plus pros and cons, across all the major options for long term parking Christchurch.

Overview of Christchurch Airport Parking Rates


Car ParkCost per Week (8 Days)Service + Transfer TimeFree Shuttle? 
Craddock's Park & Ride$ 115.0015 min shuttle-
Orchard Road$ 157.007 min walkX-
Long Stay Car Park$ 175.005 min walkX-
Airpark Canterbury$ 205.394 min shuttleBook Now→
Express Park$ 215.001 min walkX-


Christchurch Airport Long Term Parking

Many passengers are put off from driving to Christchurch Airport by the parking fees charged at the official airport car parks. Whether you choose to park a few minutes' walk away from your terminal, or a ride away on a shuttle bus, you’re guaranteed a safe, secure parking spot in a purpose built facility when you make an online reservation. 

To help you to narrow down which car park to book with, we have researched and collated a wealth of information about parking rates, opening hours, distance to the terminal, plus pros and cons, across all the major Chch Airport Parking options. This includes Christchurch Airport’s official car parks; Express Park, Long Stay, Orchard Road, Craddocks Outdoor, and Craddocks Indoor, plus unofficial car parks such as Airpark Canterbury.

At present, only Airpark Canterbury can be booked via the Flyparks website. We only feature trustworthy, reputable, and affordable private lots on our website, to ensure that all Flyparks travellers enjoy complete peace of mind when booking through us. To find out more about Airpark Canterbury, you can click on the name of the car park, which will take you to a separate car park profile page. There you’ll find more details about the company, from its opening hours to its location, photographs, and customer reviews.


Long Term Parking at Christchurch Airport with Shuttle Service

Why are Christchurch Airport long term parking costs for off-site car parks so much cheaper? It’s not because they skimp on security or on staffing - it’s simply due to the fact that since these parking facilities are located a little further away from the airport, they pay less rent for the space they occupy. These savings are passed on to customers in the form of lower prices, with the added benefit of free shuttle transfers and great customer service. Since there are several private options for long term parking ChCh Airport, all vying for your business, competition forces prices even lower. The most well-known car park Christchurch Airport is Airpark Canterbury, which offers standard park and ride services. Christchurch Airport owns and maintains the Express Park, Long Stay, Orchard Road, Craddocks Outdoor, and Craddocks Indoor car parks. These are known as the ‘official’ airport car parks, and they all offer secure long term vehicle storage. Rates and amenities differ across the various options, so it’s important to read the fine print before booking. The most affordable car park may not be the most convenient, and the most expensive may not offer all the services that you require. Find out more about the official Christchurch Airport long stay parking options below:


Airpark Canterbury ($205.39 for 1 Week)


Located just four minutes from the airport, the Airpark Canterbury is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This car park facility is uncovered and offers free shuttle transfers in both directions. Your vehicle will be safe and secure as it will be placed in a protected facility with security features such as high fences, floodlighting, and random security patrols. For complete peace of mind, excellent rates on ChCh Airport long term parking and the utmost convenience, book with Airpark Canterbury. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle

Book Now→


Christchurch Airport Express Car Park ($215.00 for 1 Week)

express-car-park-christchurch-airportThe Express Park facility is the closest option to the airport terminal. It’s a premium covered car park, which offers parking Christchurch Airport long term that has quick and easy access to arrivals and departures. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that customers on early morning and late night flights can access their vehicle when needed. There is however a 2.2 metre height restriction in place, and vehicles must fit into a standard-sized parking space to utilise Express Park, meaning that you cannot park a campervan or trailer. Parking spaces at Express Park can be reserved online via the airport’s own website, or customers can opt to pay drive-up rates.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle


Christchurch Airport Long Stay Car Park ($175.00 for 1 Week)

long-stay-car-park-christchurch-airportThe Long Stay Car Park is a short five-minute walk from the main airport terminal, and provides budget long term parking for both domestic and international flights. The car park is uncovered, and accommodates standard-sized vehicles such as compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and utes. This car park Christchurch Airport facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays, and is suitable for both domestic and international flights. You can reserve a space in advance by booking online on Christchurch Airport’s website, or pay drive-up rates.

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min walk


Christchurch Airport Orchard Road Car Park ($157.00 for 1 Week)

orchard-road-car-park-christchurchOrchard Road is a budget, open air car park which is located approximately seven minutes by foot from Christchurch Airport. The car park is open 24/7; suitable for domestic and international flights, departing or arriving at any time day or night. Vehicles must fit within a standard-sized parking space, and mobility spaces are available near the entrance. It’s worth noting that Orchard Road is the only car storage facility at the airport which currently offers electric vehicle charging. Travellers can either pay drive-up rates, or book a space in advance on Christchurch Airport’s website. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 7 min walk


Christchurch Airport Park and Ride ($115.00 for 1 Week)


Craddocks Outdoor offers open air car storage, with free on-demand shuttle transfers to the airport and back. The car park is approximately five minutes away from the airport by car, but Craddocks staff recommend that you factor in at least 15 minutes for the journey. Whilst Craddocks Outdoor is open 24 hours, you will need to leave your keys at the facility so that your vehicle can be placed into storage. On your return, you will need to call Craddocks Park and Ride Christchurch to request a pick-up. Vehicle grooming and mechanical services are also available on-site, and are bookable on arrival. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle


Search, Compare & Your Long Stay Car Park Christchurch with Flyparks

You can receive a free online quote for your travel dates with Flyparks. Find parking Chch Airport by using our handy online search tool will compare multiple offers, and reveal the lowest priced parking for your trip away. You can then filter all the available car parks by price, distance, and customer rating, to ensure that you select the right option for your needs. Booking online is easy and straightforward. You don’t need to create an account - you simply supply your travel and vehicle details and then select your payment method. Once you have completed all the steps in our secure checkout, you’ll be able to download a copy of your booking confirmation. And should you need any assistance, our friendly customer service team are on hand to help, Monday through to Friday. Just send us a quick email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


All of the parking rates cited are approximate and subject to change. Estimations were taken for stays in June 2023. Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking. All prices for New Zealand car parks are shown in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ).

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