Long Term Parking Gold Coast Airport


Take advantage of inexpensive long term parking Gold Coast Airport, by booking your space before your day of departure. No matter how long you’ll be away, no question, finding the best and the lowest long term parking rates is easier online. Below is a quick overview of all parking options at Gold Coast Airport:

Overview of Gold Coast Airport Parking Prices

Car ParkCost per weekService + Travel Time 
Budget Uncovered Car Park$143.00Walk: 5 - 10 minInfo
Budget Covered Car Park$207.00Walk: 4 - 8 minInfo
Terminal Car Park$229.00Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo
Premium Car Park$400.00Walk: 1 minInfo


Overview of Long Term Parking Coolangatta Airport 

The cost of long term parking at Gold Coast Airport will of course vary depending on the reservation length, but typically, parking fees will set you back $20.00 a day at the Terminal Car Park and $45.00 at the Premium Covered Car Park. In comparison, tariffs at off-site car parks usually cost around $12 per day at an undercover economy lot.

But what are the main differences between on-site and off-site airport parking? And how can you secure the lowest possible price? With Flyparks of course! We’ve put together a short guide on long term parking near Gold Coast Airport, designed to help you find the best parking option depending on what matters most to you. Read on for more details about long stay options, parking rates, tips, and links to other resources.


What is Long Term Parking at Coolangata Airport?

Gold Coast Airport long term parking simply means keeping your car in a parking spot at or near the airport while you’re away travelling. Naturally, this means that you will need to pay a fee to the parking facility you use for the privilege. It’s almost impossible to find secure, free parking at an airport. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find inexpensive alternatives for long term car parking Gold Coast Airport. 

On-site parking, i.e. parking lots owned and maintained by the airport itself, tends to be more expensive but will get you closer to the terminal. It may be harder to secure a spot, especially on short notice, and the cost can quickly add up. The convenience may seem worth the expense for two or three days, but if you need long term car parking near Gold Coast Airport for a month, it can really add up. 

Off-site parking is similar in many respects, but the car parks are not located at the airport. Run by private businesses, off-site parking facilities are usually positioned not too far from the terminal, but not in easy walking distance either. The major difference is that once you drive your vehicle to the car park, it will be parked for you, while you’ll take a short ride in a shuttle bus to the airport. It’s a fairly quick process, and the savings can make it more than worthwhile. 

You can find out more about the different car parks available for long stay parking Gold Coast Airport on our dedicated Gold Coast Airport Parking page. 


How Much Does Long Term Parking Cost?

Long term parking Coolangata Airport can be a little tough to figure out when looking at all the different rates. There’s Premium Covered Parking, Terminal Long Term, Budget Covered, and Budget Uncovered. Each of these car storage facilities employs its own rate system, and it can change depending on how long you’re planning on parking for. If you are looking for more information about covered & uncovered parkings, on-site or off-site parkings check out our Gold Coast Airport Parking Rates page.


Things to Consider When Booking a Long Term Car Park Gold Coast

  • Reserve your space early. Imagine taking a week-long trip, then arriving at the airport to find that only short term parking is available. You’d be forced to pay by the hour - for a week! Why risk the additional expense?
  • Check out the airport’s map before you make your parking booking. Familiarise yourself with the location of the terminals and the gates, as this will help you to avoid car parks that are far from where you need to be, or shuttle services that don’t service your terminal
  • Finding a parking space is one thing, receiving good service is another. Take a little time to compare different service providers, to ensure that you’re booking the best option within your budget. You can view the blog with the cheapest Gold Coast Airport parking to see the car parks with the best rates for long term Gold Coast Airport parking and compare!
  • It’s best to leave home early, and plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. If you haven’t booked your parking space in advance, you may experience some difficulty finding a free spot during busy periods 
  • Keep in mind that different car parks offer different levels of security. Some will be protected by manned patrols and 24-hour CCTV, but many others won’t. Always do your research before parking


Find Long Term Coolangata Airport Parking with Flyparks

Booking your airport parking in advance not only guarantees you a space at one of Australia’s busiest airports but also means you can save up to 60% off the price if you were to just turn up. You can search, compare, and book long term parking Gold Coast Airport on Flyparks, to secure the best price possible. We help travellers all over Australia find guaranteed parking spaces at their chosen parking lots, and enjoy complete peace of mind. Booking your airport parking online is easy and fast. You don’t need to line up by a ticket machine or keep hold of cash to pay at the end of your trip. You just take a copy of your Flyparks booking confirmation with you when you park - it’s as simple as that.



All the Gold Coast Airport parking prices that are cited are approximate and subject to change, but were accurate at the time of publication in January 2024. Please note that Flyparks does not compare all the airport car parking spaces available in the market, and cannot take into account specific needs and individual requirements. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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