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Any journey that involves flying from Hobart Airport requires a considerable amount of planning. Driving to the airport is the easiest way to get there, however you will need to consider parking. The most practical option is to leave your car parked at or near the airport. There are several lots that offer long term parking Hobart Airport. Before delving into the specifics of long term parking, check out all the parking options at Hobart Airport:

Hobart Airport Parking Fees

Car Park1 Day1 WeekKeep Keys?Distance to Airport
Airport Undercover Parking$24.00$80.00No3 min drive
Saver Car Park$18.00$117.00Yes8 min on foot
Terminal Car Park$22.00$120.00Yes4 min on foot
Premium Car Park$30.00$172.00Yes1 - 2 min on foot
Valet Car Park$35.00$180.00No1 min on foot


Parking at Hobart Airport Overview

You have to find and purchase your airline tickets, book your hotel, and possibly a rental car, all while juggling things like packing, house sitters, and kennels. One essential detail that many people often overlook is where they will leave their car while they’re away. 

Parking right next to the terminal entrance is highly convenient - all you need to do is park up and proceed to your flight. On your return, your car will be waiting for you right where you left it, but you will have to pay a premium for this level of convenience. Or, if you want to save a few dollars, you can book a parking space at a nearby parking facility, located just down the road from the airport.

But is it safe to leave your car at Hobart Airport? Is there a limit to how long you can leave your car there? What advantages do car parks with shuttle service offer compared to car parks within walking distance? And for those travelling out of Hobart International Airport for the first time, what are some tips for leaving your car in long term parking Hobart Airport? If you’re planning a trip from the island state, we can help answer these questions. We’ve put together this guide on how to prepare your vehicle for long term parking, how to keep your car safe at the airport, how much you can expect to pay for parking, and much, much more. For additional information, check out our guide to Hobart Airport


Long-term Hobart Airport Parking Fees

If you’re searching for low priced, long-term Hobart Airport parking, it’s worth keeping in mind that the cost of on-airport parking, right next to the terminal, is always going to be higher than parking a couple of minutes away at an off-airport car park. For the lowest Hobart Airport parking fees, it’s always advisable to book online. Hobart Airport often discounts its drive-in rates, featured in the table below, by a couple of dollars for advance online bookings, while off-airport car parks will offer competitive online rates as standard. 

To get the best price possible for your trip, we advise that you search and compare your options online before booking. As noted below, the difference in the rates charged by the various long-term car parks near Hobart Airport can exceed 54%. For example, three days of parking at the budget, Saver Car Park would cost you $54.00, but only $35.00 at Airport Undercover Parking - a difference of 54%. Likewise, seven days of parking would cost you $108.00 at the Saver Car Park, or $73.00 at Airport Undercover Parking. That’s a difference of close to 48%, just for parking three minutes away from the terminal! For a more clear overview of Hobart Airport parking costs, you can check the table below:

Hobart Airport Long Term Parking Rates

DurationValetPremiumTerminalSaverAirport Undercover 
24 Hours$35.00$30.00$22.00$18.00$24.00
1 - 2 Days$65.00$60.00$44.00$36.00$24.00
2 - 3 Days$95.00$90.00$66.00$54.00$35.00
3 - 4 Days$120.00$115.00$80.00$72.00$45.00
4 - 5 Days$135.00$130.00$90.00$90.00$55.00
5 - 6 Days$150.00$144.00$100.00$99.00$65.00
6 - 7 Days$165.00$158.00$110.00$108.00$73.00
Per day there after$15 per day
there after
$14 per day
there after
$10 per day
there after
$9 per day
there after
Sliding scale


Why Should I Park My Car at Hobart Airport?

It’s extremely common for travellers to park at Hobart Airport and leave their vehicle over a long term basis, since there is no public transport connection to the centre of the city. If you’ve never left your car near the airport before, you might feel a bit hesitant about the idea. Leaving your pride and joy in a parking lot for a couple of weeks can be nerve-wracking. However, it’s well worth keeping in mind that most people who fly on a regular basis do this, and have never encountered an issue. In fact, most airport car parks are protected by a range of security features, such as 24-hour CCTV, manned patrols, and gated entry, which would likely make them a safer option than parking on the street in front of your home. If you’re comfortable leaving your car parked outside of your house or apartment, then the airport will be equally as or even safer.


Where Can I Park at Hobart Airport?

You’ll find a variety of both on-site and off-site Hobart Airport parking options available, to meet different needs and budgets. Travellers can choose from Valet Parking and Premium Parking services at the top end of the scale, whereas the Terminal Car Park, and the Saver Car Park lie somewhere in the middle in terms of cost and convenience. For budget parking, the privately owned Airport Undercover Parking is located close by, and offers shuttle bus rides directly to the airport, to save you the trouble of walking after you park your car.


How Long Can I Leave My Car at the Airport?

You can leave your car at Hobart Airport for hours, days, weeks, or even months. The fees charged will be assessed accordingly. Off-site car parks tend to charge per day only, and have no time limit. They may also discount their rates for long term bookings, on a sliding scale. Your car will remain safe while you’re away, and it won’t be towed if your flight is delayed. Be sure to check overstay rates with the car park if you need to extend your trip. 


Should I Use Car Parks with a Shuttle or Within Walking Distance?

Choosing the right car park for your trip away depends on a number of factors. To help evaluate whether car parks with shuttle service or car parks within walking distance are right for you, here’s a list of the primary differences between the two:

  • Distance: most on-site airport parking options are within walking distance to the terminal. Facilities with shuttle services on the other hand, are located off the premises of the airport and provide shuttle services that will drive you right up to the Departures door.
  • Comfort level: parking at a large and busy airport can be intimidating. It’s easy to lose sight of your car and forget where you’ve parked, or even have it sideswiped by someone else who’s in a hurry to get to check in. Smaller parking facilities with shuttles tend to offer an easier and more streamlined experience, free from the hustle and bustle of the airport.
  • Price: as a general rule of thumb, parking within walking distance tends to be much more expensive. By being open to parking further away, you’ll be able to snag a better deal. For the cheapest parking at Hobart Airport, check out our Flyparks top 3.


Are Airport Car Parks Safe?

Safety and security are paramount to most car parks, regardless of whether you park on-site or off-site. Facility managers and car park staff realise that your vehicle is both valuable and important to you, and they take their responsibility to protect it very seriously. This includes installing and maintaining security features such as CCTV cameras, fencing, entry gates, flood lighting, and manned patrols. 

Off-site airport parking services are extremely security-conscious. Airport Undercover Parking, for instance, parks your car for you in their secure lot, and close it off to the public. This means that your car will remain free from scratches or dings from other drivers or passers-by. They also provide free shuttle services, so that you don’t have to walk to the terminal and back. Their uniformed and trained employees are also present at all times to keep an eye on the vehicles, and to assist customers with any concerns. Your vehicle will never leave their lot once parked up. 


How Can I Keep My Car Safe at the Airport?

While airport car parks are ultimately responsible for creating a safe environment, there are extra steps that you can take to ensure your vehicle’s safety and security while you’re away. To keep your car as safe as possible, we suggest:

  • Removing your valuables: It should come as no surprise that one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from theft is to remove all items of value from your car. It’s important not to leave jewellery, electronic devices, or money in the car while you’re away. This also includes essential documents that you may have stowed in the glove compartment. You should also take a copy of your booking confirmation, if you have one, along with you on your trip.
  • Removing any extra keys: Many people leave an extra car key somewhere in or on their vehicle. This is okay under certain circumstances, since it offers an easy solution to lock-outs, but if you park your car at the airport, however, you should remove any extra keys.
  • Arriving early for your flight: as well as at the car park, ahead of time. This means that you won’t have to rush through things like gathering your luggage, cleaning out your car, and securing everything. It will also give you plenty of time to speak to a parking attendant, to ask any questions that you might have.
  • Taking a moment to consider which car park is best for you: There are indoor lots, outdoor lots, budget lots, as well as premium. On-site parking is certainly closer to the terminal, but it is usually more expensive and a lot busier. Off-site parking is often less costly and less crowded, which is ideal when you’re on a budget or simply want to avoid stress.
  • Inspecting your vehicle on your return: make sure you complete a thorough once-over of your vehicle. This includes double-checking that any items you left in the car are still there, and looking for scratches, dents, or other signs of tampering that weren’t there before you left. If you do spot any damage, it’s important to report it to car park staff before you leave. It will be very hard to make an insurance claim afterwards, if you fail to take photographs and report the damage at the facility.


Flying Out of Hobart? Book Your Parking with Flyparks 

If you’re travelling from Hobart International Airport and want to find a safe and affordable parking option, consider using our handy online search tool. We can help you to find a range of secure airport car parks, compare rates, and then book your space online. All of the off-site car parks featured on Flyparks are fully secured, and offer frequent and reliable shuttle services. Many can even clean and detail your car while you’re away. Get your free long term parking Hobart Airport quote today, by entering your travel dates into the search bar above.


At present, you cannot book any of the Official Hobart International Airport car parks on our website. The rates mentioned in this article were valid for stays in April 2022.

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