Nelson Airport Parking Rates


Nelson is a busy and fast growing regional airport, which is well connected to New Zealand and the rest of the world, with 500 domestic flights arriving and departing every week. To make it easier to find the right parking option for you, we’ve compiled this handy guide to Nelson Airport parking prices, with details on short- and long-stay operations, clear rate comparison tables, maps, and tips on how to get the best deal. Read on to find out how much Nelson Airport Parking costs and how to make an online booking.

Overview of Nelson Airport Parking Rates

Duration1 Day1 WeekKeep Keys?Distance to Terminal
Airport Car Storage$10.13$48.38Yes8 min drive
Zoom Parking$16.29$58.51Yes5 min drive
Value Car Park$10.00$60.00No2 - 3 min walk
Main Car Park$12.00$96.00No1 - 2 min walk
Premium Car Park$16.00$128.00Yes1 min walk


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Rates for Car Parks at Nelson Airport with Shuttle Service

Rates for Car Parks with Shuttle Service

DurationNelson Airport Car StorageZoom Airport Parking
24 Hours$10.13$16.29
2 Days$20.24$22.21
3 Days$24.19$28.39
4 Days$30.37$34.32
5 Days$30.37$40.48
6 Days$36.29$46.40
7 Days$42.45$52.59
1 Week$48.38$58.51
2 Weeks$90.84$94.79


For more information on parking with one of the car parks that offer shuttle services, you can click the name of either car park and be taken to their provider page. Here, you can find information about services, security, directions and additional information. For a brief overview of each car park, view the table below! If you are interested in discovering cheap parking Nelson Airport, then take a look at our blog to find the best deals with Flyparks. 





Nelson Airport Car Storage ($48.38 for 1 Week)


Nelson Airport Car Storage is an off-site parking facility that offers discounted rates on long-term parking. While it’s not the most convenient option for short stays, you can however book secure outdoor and indoor parking at Nelson Airport Car Storage from as little as $6.00 and $10.00 per day, respectively. The car park is located close to the airport, and provides free shuttle bus transfers in both directions. 


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00

Service: Valet

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk


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Zoom Airport Parking ($58.51 for 1 Week)


Located within walking distance of the terminal building, Zoom offers convenient and comprehensive car storage options at their Bolt Road location. Open from 7.00am to 8.00am, every day of the week, Zoom Airport Parking is housed in a secure, purpose built facility with 24 hour security. You can book uncovered parking with Zoom, which operates on a valet style basis. Simply park and let the trained staff at Zoom move your car to their storage facility for you, while you make your way to the terminal. 


Hours: 4:00 - 21:30

Service: Valet

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk


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Rates for Car Parks within Walking Distance of Nelson Airport

Car Parks within Walking Distance

DurationValue Car ParkMain Car ParkPremium Car Park
24 Hours$10.00$12.00$16.00
2 Days$20.00$24.00$32.00
3 Days$30.00$36.00$48.00
4 Days$40.00$48.00$64.00
5 Days$50.00$60.00$80.00
6 Days$60.00$72.00$96.00
7 Days$60.00$84.00$112.00
1 Week$60.00$96.00$128.00
2 Weeks$120.00$180.00$240.00


If you are interested in finding out more information about any of the car parks within walking distance that were mentioned in the table above, you can keep on reading. In the tables below you can find helpful information about hours, rates, service type and even the distance to the airport. For more information on parking Nelson Airport, check out our blog with parking tips for Nelson Airport




Value Car Park ($60.00 for 1 Week)


The Value Long Term Car Park is located off the main loop road, to the left of the airport, Value airport parking is an open air, budget facility comprising 250 spaces. There is limited lighting and basic CCTV coverage, and the car park is in walking distance from the airport. Rates start at $2.00 per hour, or part thereof up to $10.00 per day, and $60.00 per week.


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminal: 2-3 min walk





Main Car Park ($96.00 for 1 Week)


Main Car Park has approximately 500 parking bays in the uncovered Main Car Park, which is located within the main loop road. Spaces in the Main Car Park are sealed and well lit, and protected by good CCTV coverage. The Main Car Park is in walking distance of the terminal building, and fees start at $3.00 per hour, or part thereof, and extend up to $12.00 per day.


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk





Premium Car Park ($128.00 for 1 Week)


Premium Car Park has parking bays that are 25% wider than standard spaces, and they are well lit, with full CCTV coverage. The car park is open air, and provides space for approximately 190 vehicles, directly opposite the terminal. Rates at the Premium Car Park start at $4.00 per hour, or part thereof, up to a maximum of $16.00 per day.


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminal: 1 min walk



Nelson Airport Long-Term Parking Rates

Long-Term Parking Rates

DurationValueMainPremiumAirport Car StorageZoom
24 Hours$10.00$12.00$16.00$10.13$16.29
2 Days$20.00$24.00$32.00$20.24$22.21
3 Days$30.00$36.00$48.00$24.19$28.39
4 Days$40.00$48.00$64.00$30.37$34.32
5 Days$50.00$60.00$80.00$30.37$40.48
6 Days$60.00$72.00$96.00$36.29$46.40
7 Days$60.00$84.00$112.00$42.45$52.59
1 Week$60.00$96.00$128.00$48.38$58.51
2 Weeks$120.00$180.00$240.00$90.84$94.79
3 Weeks$180.00$264.00$352.00$133.06$143.17
1 Month$240.00$348.00$464.00$175.26$150.08


There are several car parks at or near Nelson Airport which offer long-term parking. Travellers have the choice of using one of the airport’s own at-terminal car parks, primarily the Value Car Park, Main Car Park, and the Premium Car Park, or a private off-site car park such as Nelson Airport Car Storage or Zoom. The price of open air, long-term Nelson Airport parking typically starts at $10.13 for the first 24 hours, and then extends to $24.19 for three days, and $30.37 for five.

When selecting long-term parking, it is worth keeping in mind that price is not the only element worth considering. Distance from the terminal, the level of weather protection, and the option to purchase additional services such as car grooming, as well as security, reputation, and rating, are all important considerations. Since the rates charged by the various Nelson Airport long-term car parks are relatively similar, it’s worth checking to see which facility has better security features and undercover protection, and reading feedback left by previous customers to make sure everything is above board. 

If you wish to park at one of Nelson Airport's official car parks, you will need to pay drive-up rates as you exit the facility. It's not possible to book at the Value Car Park, Main Car Park, or the Premium Car Park online, but you can reserve a space at an off-site car park online through Flyparks.


Short-Term Parking Rates Nelson Airport 

Short-Term Parking Rates

DurationValue Car ParkMain Car ParkPremium Car Park
0 - 15 MinFreeFreeFree
15 - 60 Min$2.00$3.00$4.00
2 Hours$4.00$6.00$8.00
3 Hours$6.00$9.00$12.00
4 Hours$8.00$12.00$16.00
5 - 24 Hours$10.00$12.00$16.00


If you’re travelling to Nelson Airport to pick-up or drop-off passengers, you can park near Arrivals and Departures for as little as $2.00 per hour. Rates at the Value Car Park start at $2.00 per hour, up to $10.00, whereas the Main Car Park charges $3.00 per hour, and the Premium Car Park charges $4.00 per hour. If you can arrange an immediate drop-off for your passengers, it’s possible to use the Drop off P2 lane which is located in front of the terminal forecourt or take advantage of the free 15 minutes of parking provided at the Premium Car Park, the Main Car Park, and the Value Car Park.

Payment must be made via PayWave or credit card at the entry/exit barriers, or by EFTPOS or cash at one of the pay machines located at the front of the terminal. It's not possible to book short-term parking online at present, but you can view the short-term parking rates at Nelson Airport in more detail in the table above.


Book Nelson Airport Parking Online with Flyparks

By reserving an off-site Nelson Airport parking space online, you’re guaranteed a safe and reliable service for long-term parking. The online checkout is quick and easy to use, and booking through Flyparks offers excellent value for money when compared to parking at the on-airport lots. Your online booking guarantees your space, and we have clear, easy to understand terms and conditions surrounding amendments and cancellations.

We only feature quality off-site parking facilities on our website, which offer great rates on both covered and uncovered parking, plus complimentary shuttle services which will transport you to and from the terminal. To get started, enter your travel dates into our handy search tool. You’ll be shown a range of off-site parking options which you can then compare and book. Once you’ve completed all the steps in the online checkout, you’ll be able to download your booking confirmation straightaway. 


While we’ve made every attempt to report on Nelson Airport parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate over time. The rates quoted were valid in May 2022, for stays in July 2022. All prices for New Zealand car parks are shown in New Zealand Dollars ($NZ).

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