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Wilson Parking at Sydney Airport offers travellers a few parking options when looking for Sydney Airport Parking, however, most of them are located a great distance away from the airport. See the table below for an overview of Wilson Parking’s rates for car parks they own and manage, such as Space Shuttle Airport parking. 

Overview of Sydney Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService & Travel Time 
Space Shuttle Car Park - Outdoor*$176.00Shuttle: 5 min-

Space Shuttle Car Park - Indoor*

$224.00Shuttle: 5 min-
Air Travel­ Parking$140.25Shuttle: 6 minBook
Sydney Airport Express$149.49Shuttle: 5 minBook
Blu Emu$176.40Shuttle: 10 minInfo
P3 Car Park$451.00 Walk: 5 - 8 minInfo
P1&2 Car Park$548.70Walk: 5 minInfo
P7 Car Park$548.70
Walk: 5 minInfo

* Wilson Parking Owned & Managed


What is Wilson Parking at Sydney Airport? 

Wilson Parking provides several parking options around Sydney Airport, though many are a bit far and require independent transportation to reach the terminals.

Travellers can opt for a fixed monthly subscription to access select car parks, depending on availability. Alternatively, a Wilson Parking card can be purchased for entry and exit at designated car parks. Wilson also offers an app for reserving individual parking bays, but most of these are not conveniently close to Sydney Airport, so always check the distance before booking.


Where are Wilson Car Parks near Sydney Airport?

Below are the car parks you can find with Wilson: 

  • Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre Car Park
  • 55 Holt Street Car Park, 20 minute drive to the airport
  • Novotel Sydney Central Car Park, 17 minute drive to the airport
  • Space Shuttle Car Park, 5 minute drive to the airport
  • 187 Thomas Street Car Park, 20 minute drive to the airport
  • Market City Car Park, 17 minute drive to the airport 
  • Official Sydney Airport Car Parks can also be booked via the Wilson Parking website


How Late are Wilson Parking Car Parks Open? 

Because Wilson Parking offers a variety of different car parks you can book with, the opening hours of each car park will range, and will require you to search for yourself. Below are the car park's operating hours: 

  • Royal Prince Alfred Medical Centre Car Park: Open 24/7
  • 55 Holt Street Car Park: Open 06:00 - 12:00 a.m. (midnight)
  • Novotel Sydney Central Car Park: Open 24/7
  • Space Shuttle Car Park: Open 24/7 
  • 187 Thomas Street Car Park: Open 07:00 - 12:00 a.m. (midnight)
  • Market City Car Park: Open 24/7 


Wilson Parking Sydney International Airport 

For those considering Wilson Parking at Sydney International Airport, note that it charges official Sydney Airport rates. When booking through Wilson Parking, you will be taken to the official Sydney Airport website where you can choose from the P6, P7, and P9 Car Parks, which cost $617.00 per week.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider off-site car parks with shuttle services, like Air Travel Parking or Airport Express. These facilities offer secure parking with 24/7 CCTV and on-site personnel, plus the convenience of being dropped off right at the terminal, all for a fraction of the cost.

You don't have to settle for high parking rates - your choice of Sydney Airport Parking depends entirely on your preferences!


Wilson Parking Sydney Domestic Airport 

Wilson Parking at Sydney Domestic Airport follows a similar process to Sydney International Airport, with different car parks available. Booking online through Wilson Parking directs you to official on-site car parks, specifically P1, P2, and P3.

For one week of parking, P2, a multi-storey, undercover car park with an open-air roof, costs $617.00 and is a 4-5 minute walk to T2 and T3 Terminals. P1 is currently under construction and unavailable. P3, a 5-8 minute walk from T2 and T3, charges $507.60 for a week.


Wilson Parking Sydney Airport Reviews - Space Shuttle Parking 

Space Shuttle Parking, operated by Wilson, is a popular choice at Sydney Airport, boasting a 4.3/5 rating from over 480 Google reviews. Most reviews highlight the ease of parking, quick shuttle rides to terminals, minimal wait times, and a hassle-free, family-friendly experience. Additionally, the option to choose between open-air and shade-cloth parking bays is appreciated.

However, some negative feedback includes insufficient shade-cloth bays, leading to sun exposure, long shuttle wait times, and inconvenient parking, especially on the rooftop. Despite these issues, most users recommend Space Shuttle Parking and would likely use it again.



The information presented in this article was accurate when publishing in June 2024, however, rates and measures may be changed or imposed without notice. Flyparks does not accept responsibility or liability for using the information supplied.

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