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For those flying from Perth Airport for just a few days and hoping to not pay a fortune to leave their car at the airport whilst away, consider the Short Stay Saver at Perth Airport. It offers some of the lowest on-site parking fees. For an overview, view the table below, and for what to know before booking your spot, keep reading.  

Overview of Perth Airport Parking Fees
Car ParkCost per WeekService & Transfer Time  
Short Term Saver $320.00Walk: 4 - 6 minInfo
Bay­ Airport ­Parking$92.00Shuttle: 5 minBook
The Car­ Port­ &­ Spa$95.00Shuttle: 3 minBook
Sky­park$127.50Shuttle: 5 minBook
Regional Car Park$125.00Walk: 3 minInfo
Long Term Car Parks$164.00Shuttle: 15 minInfo
Short Term Car Park$383.00Walk: 2 minInfo
Valet Parking Perth$399.00Walk: 1 minInfo
Premium Car Park$400.00Walk: 1 minInfo


About the Short Term Saver at Perth Airport 

As the cheapest official airport parking in Perth, the Short Term Saver is designed for travellers who plan to be gone for a few weeks or less and don’t want to spend the exuberant amount of money that usually comes with Perth Airport short-term parking. Travellers can also use this car park to receive 10 minutes of free parking to drop off or pick up their loved ones. 

The short term saver is only a 4 - 6 minute walk from the check-in desks, is within the T3 / T4 parking lots, is protected by 24/7 CCTV cameras and staff, and offers passengers complimentary cancellations up until 2 hours before arrival.


How to Book 

Like the other official Perth Airport parkings, the short term saver at Perth Airport can be booked online up to 12 months in advance and 2 hours before arrival at the car park. The credit cards accepted for online bookings are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diner Club cards. 

If booking online doesn’t suit you, you can also drive up to the car park on the day of your flight, although you will incur drive up rates. 


How to Cancel / Modify Your Reservation

Should you need to cancel or modify your booking, you can do so through the online portal on the official Perth Airport website, under the ‘Manage my Booking’ tab. Cancellations or modifications can be made up until 2 hours before your booking starts. Amendments related to the duration or person(s) within your booking will likely incur additional costs, so be wary of this. 

If you arrive late to your booking, you can still enter the car park and utilise your booking. However, you will not be compensated for the time that you did not use your booking. Similarly, if you exit the car park later than your stated return time, you will incur additional fees. If your booking has already started, you will not be able to extend your stay, and will instead be required to make another booking or incur the drive-up charges applicable for that time. 


Perth Airport Short Term Saver Rates

If you are looking for the cheapest on-site car park at Perth Airport, the Short Term Saver offers the best rates. For 0 - 10 minutes, you can park for free, which is a great option if you are only looking to pick up or drop off friends or family. After that, rates increase to $19.00 for 1 - 1.5 hours, $49.00 for 8 - 24 hours, $181.00 for 3 - 4 days, $320.00 for 1 week (7 - 8 days), and $532.40 for 2 weeks (14 - 15 days).  

While the Saver is the cheapest on-site option, it is not the cheapest overall Perth Airport parking, as Bay Airport Parking and The Car Port & Spa still offer the cheapest rates charging $56.75 - $59.00 for 3 days of parking, and $94.18 - $96.00 for a week. 


Perth Airport Short Term Saver Parking Rates

0 - 10 minsFree
10 - 15 mins$ 6.40
30 - 45 mins$ 13.10
45 mins - 1 hour$ 13.50
1 - 1.5 hours$ 19.00
1.5 - 1.75 hours$ 20.00
1.75 - 2 hours$ 20.20
2 - 3 hours$ 21.40
3 - 4 hours$ 23.00
4 - 5 hours$ 24.60
5 - 6 hours$ 25.60
6 - 7 hours$ 26.80
7 - 8 hours$ 28.00
8 - 24 hours (1 day)$ 49.00
1 - 2 days$ 93.00
2 - 3 days$ 140.20
3 - 4 days$ 181.00
4 - 5 days$ 230.00
5 - 6 days$ 262.00
6 - 7 days$ 297.00 
7 - 8 days$ 320.00
8 - 9 days$ 353.00
9 - 10 days $ 383.00
10 - 11 days $ 413.40
11 - 12 days$ 443.00
12 - 13 days$ 473.00
13 - 14 days $ 502.60
14 - 15 days$ 532.40
*Every day thereafter will incur a daily fee of $36.00 per day 


Entrance & Exit Protocol

Entering the Car Park: 

To enter the car park with a reservation, approach the designated entrance. The car park’s license plate technology will recognize the registration number (REGO) associated with your booking and issue you a ticket. In the case that the car park doesn’t recognize your license plate, scan your QC code on the confirmation email received after booking. If you can not find the confirmation email, press the phone icon on the car park’s entrance barrier to receive help from an agent. 

*Please note: Do not press the green button on the entry barrier, as it will generate a new booking number and ticket for you, which you may then be double charged. Only drive-up travellers should press the green button. 


Exiting the Car Park:

To exit the Short Stay Saver Perth Airport car park, simply insert the ticket you received upon entry, back into the exit barrier. 


Directions to the Short Term Saver at Perth Airport 

By Car: 

To get to the Short Term Saver car park, follow the directions below coming from the CBD via car: 

  • Take State Route 8 to Francisco Street in Rivervale 

  • Follow Francisco St to Fairbrother St / State Route 55 in Belmont 

  • Turn left onto Fairbrother St / State Route 55 

  • Follow Fredrick St until you reach Perth Airport 

  • The Short Term Saver is located within the T3 / T4 Precinct 

  • Follow the designated signs to the Short Term Saver Car Park


By the Line Train:

Travellers can also take the Airport Line Train from the CBD. The Line Train runs from 6 am - 12 am daily, and operates every 10 - 15 minutes, with a trip duration of approximately 18 minutes. Expect to pay around $4-5 travelling on the train. To get to the Short Term Saver car park, follow the directions below coming from the CBD via the Airport Line Train (the quickest method): 

  • Head to High Wycombe Station and get on the Airport Line Until Perth Airport Central Station

  • Get off at Perth Airport Central Station 

  • You may then take the sky bridge to your terminal 


By Bus:

To get to Perth Airport from Perth CBD, you can take the buses located below. The trip will take you approximately an hour, and cost you $5. You may need to transfer a bus or two along the way, but it is a very budget-conscious option if you are not in a rush. 

  • Take the 940 Bus from St Georges Tce after William St. eastbound 

    • Depart the bus at Fauntleroy Avenue, before Dunreath Avenue 

    • Walk 9 minutes to Perth Airport Terminals 

  • Take the 960 Bus from Perth Busport Zone B towards Curtin University Bus Station

    • Depart at Victoria Park Transfer Station 

    • Get on the 940 towards Redcliffe Station 

    • Get off the bus at Fauntleroy Avenue, before Dunreath Avenue

    • Walk 9 minutes to Perth Airport Terminals


Additional Information:

  • Car Park Height Restrictions: 2.8 metres

  • 4 - 6 minute walk from check-in desks

  • Disabled Parking bays are available

  • Free cancellations up to 2 hours prior to arrival time

  • Free jump-start assistance is available if needed 


Alternatives to the Short Stay Saver at Perth Airport 

An array of off-site parking options are available at Perth Airport, for far more affordable rates than the on-site Short Stay Saver. Off-site parking options, like those at Bay Airport Parking or The Car Port & Spa, are located within secure parking facilities, equipped with excellent customer service teams. Or, you can pay a bit extra and have your car parked for you and be transferred to the terminal of your choice in 5 minutes in a VIP shuttle bus at Skypark Valet Parking.

You can view all the Perth Airport Parking's available on Flyparks by clicking the blue link, or simply selecting 'Perth Airport' alongside the dates & times you need to book a car park for, in the search console above. You will be presented with options in seconds, and able to book in under 2 minutes. Booking is that easy! 


Find Out More

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All the parking rates and related information cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication in April 2024. For the most accurate rates of official airport car parks, visit the official Perth Airport website. Please note that you may not book any official Perth Airport parking(s) on Flyparks at present. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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