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It’s no secret that prices at Perth Airport are higher than elsewhere in the city. Whether you’re paying for airport parking or simply ordering coffee, you know that you’re paying an inflated price just because you’re stuck for choice. Driving your own car to the airport can make the trip a lot easier, but many people worry that it’s not the most economical way to get there. That’s why at Flyparks, we’ve compared the prices for Perth Airport parking against other methods of Perth Airport transportation, to bust the myth that airport parking is always the most expensive option when deciding how the best way of getting to Perth Airport. 

We researched the various ways that you can reach Perth Airport; park, taxi, rideshare, or train, and found that for trips of up to one week, and in many cases up to two, most travellers would save money by using an off-site parking provider. 


Perth Airport: Parking

While parking at Perth Airport itself can be costly, there are several off-airport car parks which offer lower rates. These car parks are typically 5-10 minutes away from the terminals by shuttle and provide free transfers in both directions. Off-site airport parking is similar to parking at the airport in many respects. This is by far the best option for transportation to Perth Airport. The main difference is that you first need to drive your vehicle to the car park, then board a shuttle bus which will transfer you to your terminal. On your return to Perth, the car park will send a shuttle to come and collect you from outside of the terminal building and drive you back to the car park. 

The rates offered by these parking garages are often lower because they are further away from the terminals. This means that they pay less ground rent for their sites, and can offer their customers more competitive pricing. Likewise, to attract more business, many of these car parks offer car washing and maintenance services, and go the extra mile when it comes to customer service.

For one or two-week-long stays in June 2020, you can park near Perth Airport at an off-site car park for just $96.18 and $131.25 respectively, at The Car Port & Spa. We checked the prices advertised by the best-rated parking providers, and found that you can expect to pay:

Overview of Perth Airport Parking Fees


Car ParkCost per Week (8 Days)Service + Transfer TimeCovered Option? 
Bay Airport Parking$ 94.185 min shuttleBook Now→
The Car Port & Spa$ 96.752 min shuttleBook Now→
Regional Car Park $ 118.00 3 min walk-
Hamer Airport Parking$ 121.998 min shuttleBook Now→
Skypark$ 131.252 min shuttleBook Now→
Long Term Car Parks$ 158.0015 min shuttle-
Short Term Car Park$ 365.002 min walk-
Premium Car Park$ 380.001 min walk-
Valet Parking Perth$ 399.00Valet - 1 min walk-


Tip: to find out more about any of these Perth Airport car parks, simply click on their names. You'll be taken to an individual parking provider page with more information, including opening hours, shuttle transfer details, ratings, customer reviews, photographs, and more.


Taxi to Perth Airport

Taxi costs Perth are of course dependent on whereabouts you start your journey, but we’ve listed costs from travelling from some of the most populous suburbs in Perth. The main taxi Perth service providers are Black & White Cabs and Swan Taxis, and we’ve quoted the rates offered by the latter. To make it easier to understand how much your journey is likely to cost, we've also compared peak and off-peak rates.

At best, you’re looking at paying roughly $100.00 to get to the airport and then back again, and closer to $170.00 if you live further afield. It’s worth noting that most of the suburbs listed are only 20 - 25 km away from PER, so for greater distances of 30 - 40km, you can expect to pay at least $200.00 (return). If you based in Mandurah, for example, a taxi to Perth Airport would cost you around $348.00 for a return trip. Ouch!

Travelling from Perth Airport to city cost you approximately $43.00, plus a $3.00 airport surcharge. It's worth noting that you may be asked to pay your fare in advance. Check out the table below for taxi cost Perth. 

Perth Airport Taxi Rates


SuburbReturn Fare (Peak)Return Fare (Off-Peak)
Thornlie$ 102.34$ 97.02
Dianella$ 108.46$ 103.14
Armadale$ 153.12$ 147.80
Ballajura$ 115.12$ 120.42
Morley$ 85.04$ 90.36
Willetton$ 115.78$ 121.10
Gosnells$ 106.22$ 111.54
Duncraig$ 162.28$ 167.60
Kingsley$ 168.46$ 173.78
Canning Vale$ 119.46$ 124.78


Rideshare Perth Airport

Similarly, rideshare pricing is dependent on whereabouts you start your trip from, but we’ve listed costs from some of the most well-known suburbs in Perth. In this instance we used Uber’s online fare estimator, but Lyfts and Ola’s pricing is fairly similar. Perth Airport applies a $3.00 fee to all pick-ups, which will be automatically added to your bill. This is a way cheaper option than any Perth cabs that you will find.

If you live reasonably close to the airport, you can expect to pay around $90.00 to get to the airport and back. If you live a little further away, prices jump to $110.00+ (return). These rates were generated for off-peak times, without surge pricing. If you're planning on travelling during rush hour, between 7.00 - 9.30am and 5.00 - 7.30pm, rates could easily double. It's well worth getting a price estimate for your trip, in both directions, when comparing transport options. Surprise fees while travelling are never fun, and unfortunately, surcharges and extra costs are quite prevalent in the ridesharing space.

To find out more about rideshare services at Perth Airport, you can view our blog article about Uber Pick-up Points.

Perth Airport Rideshare Rates


SuburbReturn Fare (Uber X)Return Fare (Uber XL)
Thornlie$ 78.00$ 130.00
Dianella$ 82.00$ 134.00
Armadale$ 116.00$ 192.00
Ballajura$ 90.00$ 148.00
Morley$ 66.00$ 108.00
Willetton$ 90.00$ 148.00
Gosnells$ 112.00$ 186.00
Duncraig$ 122.00$ 202.00
Kingsley$ 92.00$ 150.00
Canning Vale$ 94.00$ 150.00


Perth Airport: Train

Unlike in Sydney and Brisbane, there is currently no rail line or Perth Airport Train. The Forrestfield–Airport Link is a railway line currently under construction, and due to be completed in mid-2021. The line is intended to link Perth Airport and the Perth foothills with a terminus in Forrestfield. This will make it easier to go from Perth Airport to train station.

Tunnelling work began on the $1.86 billion Forrestfield–Airport Link Project in 2017 and, after a number of setbacks, the completion date was pushed back. Work on a 280m-long skybridge is also underway, to help passengers move from the train station to the terminals.

Until the Forrestfield–Airport opens, Perth Airport is best accessed by car. 


Book Parking Online with Flyparks

The easiest way to secure your parking space at Perth Airport is to book online. Not only do you unlock the lowest rates, but you guarantee a bay for your car during peak periods. Instead of driving in circles around Perth Airport’s official car parks, looking for the most affordable rate, you can search, compare, and book parking with Flyparks in less than two minutes.

Flyparks only features the most trusted and most reliable Car Parks near Perth Airport, which offer competitive rates and quality services. Simply enter your travel dates into the search bar above to get started. You’ll be able to filter all of the available car parks by price, distance, and rating, and then reserve your space.

You don’t need to register an account - simply provide a few details and make your payment by credit card. Your email confirmation will be sent within minutes, and you can reach out to our customer service team at any time, should you need to make changes to your booking.


The prices mentioned in this article are valid for a one week (8 days) or two week (15 days) stay in June 2023 subject to availability. Rates were collected in June 2023, and were valid at the time of publishing. All taxi and rideshare prices mentioned serve as a guide only. Travellers should ensure that they check the price of their proposed journey with the service provider before booking.

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