Perth Airport Parking Fees


Perth Airport owns and manages eleven different car parks, and the fees it charges differ between the various options. There are also many independent budget Perth parking options available as well. Below is an overview of the lowest priced options for Perth Airport parking.

Overview of Perth Airport Parking Fees

Car ParkDaily1 WeekDistance to Terminal
Bay Airport Parking$18.01
$86.975 min drive
The Car Port & Spa$25.50
$89.992 min drive
Hamer Airport Parking$22.50
$102.008 min drive
Skypark Valet Parking$20.00
$108.9910 min drive
Regional Terminal Parking$28.00
2-5 min walk
Long Term Parking B/C/H$29.80
$149.000-10 min drive
Short Term Parking$53.00
$149.002-3 min walk
Valet Parking$65.00
1 min walk
Fast Track Car Park$67.80
$375.000-1 min walk


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Rates for Car Parks at Perth Airport with Shuttle Service

Rates for Car Parks with Shuttle Service

DurationThe Car Port & SpaBay Airport ParkingHamer Airport ParkingSkypark Valet ParkingLong Term Car Park B/C/H
24 Hours$25.50$18.01$22.50$20.00$29.80
2 Days$51.00$36.03$49.99$39.99$59.60
3 Days$56.25$46.09$57.25$59.75$88.40
4 Days$58.25$56.51$69.49$63.75$101.60
5 Days$66.49$61.71$77.75$77.25$113.00
6 Days$74.49$71.74$85.75$90.75$123.20
7 Days$82.75$86.97$93.99$102.99$137.60
1 Week$89.99$86.97$102.00$108.99$149.00
2 Weeks$114.75$123.04$159.25$151.99$235.00


If you’re looking to find Perth Airport parking deals, there are several independent car parks close to the airport that offer excellent rates. These car parks are not managed by the airport itself, but by smaller companies which can offer customers lower rates and a more personalised service. Since the car parks are not within walking distance of the terminals, they run free shuttle buses to the airport and back. 

We found that the rates charged by these car parks were generally 20% lower than at the official Long Term Car Parks B, C, D, H & J, for stays of two days or more. One week of parking at Bay Airport Parking, for example, would cost you just $92.16, compared to $149.00 at the airport. If you are looking for the cheapest parking at Perth Airport, then check out our blog that lists the Top 5 Cheap Airport Parking Options at Perth

If you'd like to know more about any of the car parks mentioned, you can read below about each or click on the name in the table above to head to the provider page. These pages contain more details about the individual car parks, including opening hours, addresses, shuttle bus drop-off points, and customer reviews. You can also view photographs of the car parks, and get a free online quote. You can also check out the brief details about each independent car park below with the hours, distance to airport and type of service.





The Car Port & Spa ($89.99 for 1 Week)


The Car Port and Spa is an excellent spot for fast and secure parking that is just minutes away from Perth Airport terminals. This Australian owned and operated car park offers excellent customer service to ensure your parking experience is amazing.


Hours: 24/7

Service: Park and Ride 

Distance to Airport: 2 min drive


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Bay Airport Parking ($86.97 for 1 Week)


Bay Airport Parking offers low rates with a convenient location that offers a free shuttle service in both directions with luggage assistance. Open 24 hours a day, with fences, a secured barrier and CCTV, you can ensure that your vehicle will be left in good hands with this Perth Airport secure parking option. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to Airport: 5 min drive


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Hamer Airport Parking ($102.00 for 1 Week)


When you park with Hamer Airport Parking you are guaranteed an easy experience with their friendly staff and luxury shuttle service. Hamer Parking offers both short and long term parking as well as open air and undercover parking, you can find all your parking needs here at an affordable price!


Hours: 4:00 - 22:00 on Weekdays; 8:00 - 18:00 on Weekends

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to Airport: 8 min drive


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Skypark Valet Parking ($108.99 for 1 Week)


The largest independent car parking facility near Perth Airport is Skypark Valet Parking. When you park with Skypark you can be sure that your experience will be as easy as possible since someone will simply park your car for you while you hop on the free shuttle to the airport!


Hours: 4:00 - 00:00 on Weekdays; 5:00 - 00:00 on Weekends

Service: Park and Ride 

Distance to Airport: 10 min drive 


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Long Term Car Parks B/C/H ($149.00 for 1 Week)


If you’re planning on parking at Perth Airport for 24 hours or more, there are several official Long Term Car Parks to choose from, including Long Term B, C & H. Long Term Car Park H services Terminals 1 and 2, whereas Long Term Car Park B and Car Park C service Terminals 3 and 4. The rates for all of them are identical to one another, so it makes sense to use the one closest to your departure gate. There are free shuttle services which run every 20 minutes and take passengers to and from the terminals. There is also a walking path to the Airport as well, but it is significantly longer than taking the shuttle. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to Airport: 2-5 min drive



Rates for Car Parks within Walking Distance of Perth Airport 

Rates for Car Parks within Walking Distance

DurationLong Term Car Park B/C/HFast Track Car ParkRegional Terminals Car Park
24 Hours$29.80$67.80$28.00
2 Days$59.60$135.00$55.40
3 Days$88.40$185.00$77.80
4 Days$101.60$221.00$86.80
5 Days$113.00$265.00$88.20
6 Days$123.20$305.00$104.00
7 Days$137.60$340.00$108.00
1 Week$149.00$375.00$112.00
2 Weeks$235.00$620.00$189.00


If you are looking to park within walking distance of Perth Airport, then you have come to the right place. In the table above we have the rates for all the parking options available that are within walking distance. If you would like to read more about any of the car parks with details such as the distance, hours or type of service, then you can read more below. If you are looking for more general details about Perth Airport, then check out our Guide to Perth Airport for more information on directions, parking, taxis, airlines and services. 





Fast Track Car Park ($375.00 for 1 Week)


Exclusive to Terminals 3 & 4, the Premium parking option offers 230 wider bays, one minute away from check-in. The car park was designed for those taking short trips away, or on business travel, and is often referred to as the ‘Fast Track Business Car Park’ or just the ‘Business Car Park’. The car park is covered, which provides extra protection against the elements, and protected by CCTV and regular security patrols. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to Airport: 1 min on foot





Regional Terminals Car Park ($112.00 for 1 Week)


The Regional Car Park is located close to the General Aviation precinct of the airport, and is 2-5 minutes away on foot to the terminal buildings. It is specifically for FIFO workers, travelling on airlines such as Astral Aviation, Cobham, Maroomba Airlines, Skippers Aviation, Maxem Aviation, and Network Aviation. The General Aviation car park is open air, and protected by 24/7 monitored CCTV and security patrols.


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to Airport: 2-5 min on foot



Rates for Car Parks with Valet Service at Perth Airport 

Rates for Car Parks with Valet Service

24 Hours$65.00
2 Days$105.00
3 Days$150.00
4 Days$192.00
5 Days$220.00
6 Days$260.00
7 Days$300.00
1 Week$335.00
2 Weeks$580.00


Valet parking at Perth Airport is an excellent option if you want to have an exceptionally fast experience without having to worry about anything. The fully insured valet team will park your car for you and all you have to do is walk one minute to the terminals. There is also an additional option to get your car washed while you are away so that you return to a fresh vehicle. If you want to read more about the valet service at Perth Airport, then you can read more below.





Valet Car Park ($335.00 for 1 Week)


If you’re looking to splash out on valet parking, you can use the official service offered by Perth Airport, in conjunction with Qantas. Perth Airport’s Valet Service is available to passengers travelling from Terminal 3 & 4, and offers convenient, secure airport parking. You’ll need to hand your keys over to the valet team, who will park your car for you. The service is less than a minute away from check-in by foot, so you’ll be at the gate in no time at all. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Valet

Distance to Airport: 1 min on foot



Perth Airport Short Term Parking Rates

Short Term Parking Rates

0 - 10 minFree
10 - 15 min$7.00
15 - 30 min$8.60
30 - 45 min$14.80
45 min - 1 hour$15.00
1 - 1.5 hours$21.40
1.5 - 2 hours$22.20
2 - 3 hours$24.00
3 - 4 hours$25.60
4 - 5 hours$27.40
5 - 6 hours$29.20
6 - 7 hours$30.60
7 - 8 hours$32.00
8 - 24 hours$54.40
1 Week$374.00


If you’re searching for short-term parking at Perth Airport, your options are the Short-Term Car Park at T1, the Short-Term Car Park at T2, and the Short-Term Car Park at T3/T4. All are within easy walking distance of their respective terminals, Perth Domestic Airport and the International Airport Perth. These car parks are also protected by 24/7 CCTV and patrols. 

In addition, you can pay for short 5-10 minute blocks or by the hour, which is ideal when you’re picking-up or dropping-off passengers at the airport. 

The first ten minutes of your stay at one of the Short-Term Car Parks are free, however the price soon rises to $7.00 for 10-15 minutes, $8.60 for 15-30 minutes, and $14.80 for 30-45 minutes. If you need to park for two or three hours, you’ll pay $24.00, and then $25.60 to park for four, plus an extra 0.59% if you pay by credit card. 


Save on Perth Airport Parking with Flyparks!

If you don’t have the time to compare all the different Car Parks near Perth Airport, don’t worry! At Flyparks, we’ll help you to find the best place to park your car as well as book budget parking Perth Airport. With access to multiple car parks, across all major Australian airports, we’ll find you the lowest prices available for your travel dates. Just use the search tool above to select which airport you’re flying from, and we’ll provide a comprehensive list of the car parks that you can filter, compare, and ultimately book with. 

We only feature spaces at the most secure airport car parks, and our friendly customer service team is on hand to help you with your booking post-purchase. You can view all of the independent car parks near Perth Airport here on Flyparks.


While we’ve made every attempt to report on Perth Airport car parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, how long you intend on parking for, and service type. The rates quoted were accurate in May 2022, for stays in July 2022. Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Perth Airport car parks with Flyparks at present. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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