T1 Perth Airport Parking


For travellers planning to fly from T1 at Perth Airport, and therefore need affordable, secure, and convenient Perth Airport T1 Parking, look no further! For a brief overview of Perth Airport parking rates, see the table below. 

Overview of Perth Airport Parking Fees

Car ParkCost per Week        (8 Days)Service + Transfer TimeCovered Option? 
T1 Short Term Parking$ 383.003 - 4 min walkX-
T1 Long Term Parking $ 164.0010 min shuttle X-
Bay Airport Parking$ 94.185 min shuttleBook Now→
The Car Port & Spa$ 96.752 min shuttleBook Now→
Hamer Airport Parking$ 120.758 min shuttleBook Now→
Skypark$ 130.002 min shuttleBook Now→
Long Term Car Parks$ 153.0015 min shuttle-
Short Term Car Park$ 365.002 min walk-
Regional Car Park$ 365.003 min walk-
Premium Car Park$ 380.001 min walk-
Valet Parking Perth$ 399.00Valet - 1 min walkX-


About T1 at Perth Airport

For passengers flying to an international destination via Virgin Australia, Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas, or another airline, you will need to arrive at Terminal 1 around 2 - 3 hours before your flight departure. T1 is located on Airport Drive and is one of the two international terminals at Perth Airport.


Pick Up & Drop Off at T1 

For those looking to pick up passengers from T1, you can do so by briefly stopping outside T1 at the designated bay near the entrance; however, it is only available for immediate pick-up/drop-off, and drivers can not park or exit their cars.  For longer stays in which you don’t know if your passenger will be ready to be picked up right away, drivers can park at the long-term car park and pay only $10 for 4 hours of parking, or for free for 1 hour or less of parking.

Similarly, drivers can utilize the short term car park for 15 - 30 minutes for only $9.60. Do be advised, however, that parking at the official short term car park will be more expensive than doing so at the Perth Airport long term car parks. Despite this, the short term car park will be within a 3 - 4 minute walk of T1. 


Find T1 Perth Airport Parking

Finding Perth T1 Parking can be a hassle if you don’t know exactly where to look or have trouble deciding which car park would be the most suitable for your travels. To make matters easier, we have narrowed down your options: 


Car Parks with Shuttle Services

Booking with a car park that offers complimentary shuttle services, like those seen below, means you will need to take a short shuttle ride to the airport. In doing so, you will pay considerably lower rates than parking on airport grounds. While the car parks are not specifically catered to T1 travellers, the shuttle buses will drop travellers off at a predesignated location, such as outside T1 at Perth Airport. The following car parks will service travellers flying from T1:


Car Parks within Walking Distance 

If you don’t feel like talking a short shuttle from T1, you can park with the following car parks for both long and short trips away. Keep in mind that they will likely be more expensive than the car parks listed above, as they are on airport grounds. 

  • Long Term Car Park H, 25 min walk / 10 min shuttle

  • Short Term Car Park, 2 - 4 min walk


Car Parks with Valet Services

While there is Perth Airport valet parking, it is exclusive to travellers flying from T3 / T4. 


Additional Info about Perth Airport T1 Parking 

  • Both on-site & off-site parking options are available 

  • T1 Short Term car park height restrictions are 2.6 metres 

  • The forecourt of T1 has no height restrictions 

  • Booking online can save you up to 65% 

  • Transfers between T1 and T3 / T4 will be a 15-minute shuttle ride operating every 20 mins between 6:00 - 22:00 and every 30 minutes between 22:00 - 6:00 


All the parking rates that are cited are approximate and subject to change without notice. For the most accurate rates of official airport car parks, visit the official Perth Airport website. Please note that you may not book any official Perth Airport parking(s) on Flyparks at present. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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