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If you're seeking an affordable, convenient car park at Auckland Airport, look no further than Car Park K. Compare Car Park K to other domestic parking facilities using the table below. For detailed information on hourly and daily rates, booking procedures, and entry and exit instructions, continue reading!

Overview of Auckland Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time 
Car Park K Auckland$177.00Walk: 5 min-
Parking Mode $55.75Shuttle: 10 minBook
Aeroparks Auckland$72.99Shuttle: 7 minBook
Park and Ride Auckland $95.00Shuttle: 5 - 10 minInfo
Car Park I Auckland$156.00Walk: 8 - 10 minInfo
Car Park O Auckland$244.00Walk: 3 - 5 minInfo
Car Park M Auckland$314.00Walk: 2 - 5 minInfo
Car Park R Auckland $334.00 Walk: 1 - 2 minInfo


About Auckland Airport Parking K

Designed for long term travellers flying from the Domestic Terminal, parking at Car Park K will be one of the most affordable car parks at Auckland Airport. While the car park is an open-air facility, it is only a 5-minute walk away from the domestic terminal. 


Parking Rates at Car Park K

Car Park K is located within the Domestic precinct and is only a 5-minute walk to the airport terminals. It is the third cheapest on-site domestic parking at Auckland Airport. Rates start at $4.00 for 10 - 15 minutes, $10.00 for 1 hour, then increase to $46.00 for 1 day, $126.00 for 5 days, $177.00 for 8 days, and $296.00 for 2 weeks, or 15 days. Parking for each day thereafter will cost $17.00 per day. 


Car Park K Parking Rates

0 - 10 mins$ 4.00
10 - 15 mins$ 4.00
15 - 20 mins$ 4.00
20 - 30 mins$ 6.00
30 - 45 mins$ 7.00
45 - 60 mins$ 10.00
60 - 75 mins$ 11.00
75 - 90 mins$ 16.00
90 - 120 mins$ 19.00
*A $2.00 fee will apply for every 1/2 hour thereafter 
24 hours / 1 day$ 46.00
2 days$ 76.00
3 days$ 92.00
4 days$ 109.00
5 days $ 126.00
6 days$ 143.00
7 days $ 160.00
8 days $ 177.00
*Every day thereafter will incur a daily fee of $17.00 per day. 


Booking & Refund Procedure  

To Book: 

Whether you prefer to reserve online or do so in person, the choice is yours at Auckland Airport Parking K. To secure your spot online, visit the official Auckland Airport website, just be sure to complete your reservation using American Express, a Diner Club card, Visa, or Mastercard. You can book your spot up to 6 months prior and 24 hours before your scheduled arrival time.

*Please note: Only chipped debit & credit cards are accepted at Auckland Airport Parking K's entrance barrier. Non-chipped Diner Club or American Expresses won’t be accepted. If you need to change your nominated credit or debit card after making the initial booking, you can do so through the ‘Manage my Booking’ tab on the official Auckland Airport website. 

Don’t want to plan? No problem. Simply drive up to the car park on the day of your flight, take a ticket at the entry barrier, and pay when you return. Payment stations are located outside the International Terminal, and outside of Car Park D.


To Cancel:

Should you wish to cancel and receive a refund for your booking, you can do so no less than 24 hours before your designated arrival time. Head to the ‘Manage my Booking’ tab on the official airport’s website. 


Entrance & Exit Protocol: Auckland Airport Parking K

Entering the Car Park: 

To enter Auckland Airport Parking K, drive up to the car park’s entry barrier & tap or insert your card used when you made your online booking. Make sure it is the same nominated card, or the car park will not recognize your booking. 

If you plan to pay on-site, simply take a ticket at the gate and pay upon your return. 


Exiting the Car Park: 

Exit Auckland Airport car park K by driving up to the exit barrier and tapping the same credit or debit card used to enter.

If you did not pre-book your reservation, pay for your stay at one of the payment terminals outside the international terminal or car park D, before getting in your car to go home. 


Directions to Car Park K at Auckland Airport 

To get to Car Park K, follow the directions below if you are driving from Auckland CBD via car: 

  • Get on SH 1 in Grafton from Wellesley St E 

  • Follow SH 1 to Green Ln E / Rte 9 in Greenlane. 

  • Take exit 433 from SH 1

  • Get on State Hwy 20 in Onehunga from Campbell Road & Onehunga Mall 

  • Continue to Mangere

  • Merge onto State Hwy 20A

  • Continue onto George Bolt Memorial Drive until you see signs for Auckland Airport 

  • From George Bolt Memorial Drive, take a left onto Laurence Stevens Drive

  • Take the next left to turn into Car Park K


Reviews of Auckland Car Park K

After parking, users rate their experience via verified Google Reviews. Out of 13 reviews, Car Park K is rated a 3.8/5. User reviews express concern over a lack of assistance from car park staff, poor signage, and broken-in vehicles. Positive reviews, however, do express reasonable parking rates, a wheelchair-accessible car park, and ease of walking between the car park and the domestic Auckland Airport terminal. Car Park L is still more highly rated than Car Park K according to Google Reviews. It is also important to note that international car parks tend to fill up quicker than domestic car parks at this airport and therefore may be more crowded than usual during this time of year as international travellers are looking for a place to park. 

If you are looking for a parking experience without the hassle or worry of wondering if the car parks will be at capacity on your day of travel, Flyparks recommends looking at off-site Auckland Airport Car Parks. They are nearly half the cost of rates at Car Park K and other on-site Auckland Airport car parks when parking for a week or more. Parking Mode Auckland and AeroParks Auckland both have stellar reviews, offer complimentary, on-demand shuttles to and from the airport, and are under a 10-minute shuttle away. 


Additional Information:

  • For domestic travellers only 

  • 5 minute walk to the terminal

  • Uncovered parking facility 

  • Preferable for long-term parking



All the parking rates and related information cited are approximate and subject to change without notice, but were accurate at the time of publication for 8 days (1 week) in March 2024. For the most accurate rates of official airport car parks, visit the official Auckland Airport website. Please note that you may not book any official Auckland Airport parking(s) on Flyparks at present. Always read the terms and conditions before booking.

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