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Informative 06 Nov 2020

Sydney Airport Parking Rates

If you’ve ever left your car at Sydney Airport before, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that Sydney Kingsford Smith has the most expensive parking rates of any airport in Australia. As a recent Productivity Commission report showed, Sydney Airport parking rates are well ahead of Melbourne and Brisbane, and double that of travel capitals such as Paris, New York, and Tokyo. According to the Australian Consumer Watchdog, Sydney Airport has made a profit of more than $1.2 billion from car parking fees alone in the past decade. In the last financial year, the Airport raked in more than $260,000 per day, or $181.00 a minute. No wonder many people are opting to park a little further away! 

With this in mind, we have accumulated a wealth of information about Sydney Airport off-site parking rates, plus the fees charged by private providers, so you can make an informed decision about where to park next time you’re heading to the airport. Regardless of whether you need short- or long-term parking, covered or open air, budget or premium, you'll find the pricing information you need below.

If you'd prefer to receive a quick quote for your exact travel dates, you can enter your details into the search bar above. We'll show you all of the available off-site car parks we have listed on our website, which you can then filter by price, journey time, and customer rating. Booking online is simple and straight forward. You can secure your spot by credit card, and then download your booking confirmation just moments later. Should you later need to amend your flight details or registration number, our customer service team are on hand to help. You can make reasonable adjustments to your booking at no extra cost. 

Sydney Airport Parking Rates In Brief

There are five official, on-site car parks at Sydney Airport, as well as the Guaranteed Space Zone, Express Pick-up, Accessible Pick-up, and Priority Pick-up, plus a number of valet parking services. The airport owns and maintains these facilities, with the aim of providing parking for all needs and budgets. This means that service levels and rates differ, as well proximity to the terminals. Your choice of car park will largely be determined by which terminal you are travelling to, how long you need to park for, whether you require open air or covered parking, and how much you wish to pay. For the purpose of this guide, we have divided these car parks based on whether they suit short- or long-term stays, for domestic or international travellers. 

The main airport car parks are P1/P2P3P7 and Blu Emu. P1, P2, and P3 are primarily for domestic travellers, due to their proximity to Terminals 2 and 3, whereas P7 caters towards international travellers and is located near Terminal 1. There are two Guaranteed Space Zones, one which lies in between T2 and T3, and the other near T1, while Blu Emu, the budget long term car park, is located some distance behind T2. The rates charged by these car parks are similar for domestic and international travellers. Booking online in advance is more affordable than paying drive-in rates, and we will show both sets of fees whenever possible. For a broad overview of Sydney Airport parking rates, please check the table below:


Sydney Airport Parking Rates Compared

Car Park 1 Week 2 Weeks Keep keys? Domestic or Intl? Distance to Terminal
Air Travel Parking $144.00 $270.00 No Both 6 min drive
Park & Fly $180.00 $271.00 No Both 5 min drive
Blu Emu $157.00 $269.00 Yes Domestic 15 min drive
P3 Car Park $190.00 $293.00 Yes Domestic 8 min on foot
P1 & P2 Car Parks $262.00 $492.00 Yes Domestic 3 - 5 min on foot
P7 Car Park $297.00 $474.00 Yes International 5 min on foot
Guarenteed Space $240.00 $379.20 Yes Both 3 - 5 min on foot


For more information about the off-site parking providers listed above, please click on their names. This will take you to a separate car park profile page, where you can check customer reviews, view photographs, find key information such as opening hours, and receive a free online quote.


Short Term Parking Rates

If you’re planning on dropping off or picking up passengers from Sydney Airport, there are several short term parking options. Given that rates are quite similar, which car park you select will be largely dependent on whether you need to access the Domestic or International Terminal. If you want to be close to the Domestic Terminals, P1/P2 are a good option; these car parks are right in the middle of the terminal buildings. P1 is a 3 minute walk from either building, and P2 is 5 minutes away. You'll pay $19.40 for an hour, and $27.50 for 1-2 hours at these car parks. If you need to be nearer to the International Terminal, you're limited to P7, which charges the same tariffs for short stays. 

Guaranteed Spaces can be booked online ahead of time, however these are more of a premium option and priced as such. P3 is cheaper than P1/2, but not by much. It takes 8 minutes to walk to T2 and T3 from P3, which discounts the price between $3.00 and $25.00, depending on how long you're staying. The first 15 minutes at P3 are free, and then rates start at $9.70 for 30 minutes, and $19.40 for an hour.

The car parks and zones which offer hourly rates are P1/P2, P3, P7, Express Pick-up and Priority Pick-up. It’s also possible to park at the Blu Emu car park, however this would mean catching a shuttle bus to T2 or T3. This is the most affordable official airport car park, and the furthest from the terminals. You can pre-book a 2 or 3 hour 'Quick Trip' on Sydney Airport's website, for stays at P2 and P7. Priced at $22.00 and $28.00 respectively, Quick Trips are for longer send offs and important goodbyes, however your booking will be void if you arrive 2 or more hours later than your booked entry time.


Near the Domestic Terminals:

There are ample options available if you're driving to the airport to collect friends and family. Although, with the exception of Blu Emu, Sydney Airport's rate structures are all very similar in regards to short term parking. 

It's worth noting that the Express Pick-up charges the same rates as P1/P2 and P3, but gets you a little closer to the Domestic Terminals. The person you're picking up will need to follow the yellow signs to the car park to meet you. The Priority Pick-up Zone is more expensive, but closer to the terminals. Passengers will only have to walk 4 minutes to meet you at the car park.


Short-term Parking Rates - Domestic Terminals

Duration P1 / P2 P3 Blu Emu Express Pick-up Priority Pick-up
0 - 15 min $9.70 Free Free Free $4.35
15 - 30 min $9.70 $9.70 Free $9.70 $8.65
30 - 60 min $19.40 $19.40 Free $19.40 $21.60
1 - 2 hrs $27.50 $27.50 $34.00 $27.50 $30.70
2 - 3 hrs $37.00 $37.00 $34.00 $37.00 $39.60
3 - 24 hrs $62.00 $51.00 $34.00 $62.00 $71.40

The rates above are for drive-in parking. It is not possible to book parking at the Express Pick-up or Priority Pick-up online. The Accessible Pick-up Area by Arrivals is free, but drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times. 



Near the International Terminal:

There are fewer options for short term parking by T1, with only P7, the Express Pick-up, and the Priority Pick-up car parks. There is very little difference in the rates offered. P7 is a 5 minute walk from the International Terminal, and prices start at $9.70 for the first 30 minutes, and $19.40 for an hour. 

To use the Priority Pick-up you'll need to have an e-TAG installed, as the charges are automatically applied to it. This zone is more expensive than the Express Pick-up area, but closer to the terminals. Passengers will only have to walk 2 minutes from the International Terminal to meet you at the car park. Rates start at $4.35 for just 15 minutes. You can view short-term Sydney Airport parking rates below, for travellers departing/arriving at Terminal 1:


Short-term Parking Rates - International Terminal

Duration P7 Express Pick-up Priority Pick-up
0 - 15 min $9.70 Free $4.35
15 - 30 min $9.70 $9.70 $8.65
30 - 60 min $19.40 $19.40 $21.60
1 - 2 hrs $27.50 $27.50 $30.70
2 - 3 hrs $37.00 $37.00 $39.60
3 - 24 hrs $62.00 $62.00 $71.40

The rates above are for drive-in parking. It is not possible to book parking at the Express Pick-up or Priority Pick-up online. The Accessible Pick-up Area by Arrivals is free, but drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times. 




Long Term Parking Rates

If you’re going away for a few days, or even a few weeks, there are several long term car parks at Sydney Airport to choose from. Rates differ depending on how close you want to park from the airport building, as well as factors such as capacity, how far ahead you book, and whether you opt to book online or pay drive-in rates on the day. The main long-term car parks at Sydney Airport are P1/P2, P3, P7, and Blu Emu.

It's worth noting that fees can differ widely between the on-site airport car parks and the private providers nearby. If you're looking to park your car at the airport for more than a couple of days, it pays to shop around. A fortnight long stay at P1/P2 will set you back a whopping $930.00 based on drive-in rates, whereas many of the unofficial car parks will quote less than $300.00 for online bookings of the same length.


Near the Domestic Terminals:

P1 and P2 are intended for long term use by those travelling within Australia, and are within close walking distance of T2 & T3. Sydney Airport advertises P3 as a more affordable alternative, but its rates are quite similar to those charged by Blu Emu for stays of 2 weeks or more. One day at P1/P2 will cost $62.00 drive-in, whereas P3 is slightly less expensive at $51.00. You could knock a couple of dollars off these prices by booking online, which would take P1/P2 down to $59.00 and P3 to $48.00. This difference starts to become more apparent after a week or so, with 8 days at P1/P2 (drive-in) costing $496.00, compared to $361.00 when booked online.

Blu Emu's online pricing is also fractionally cheaper, however it's worth comparing before booking. Two weeks at the drive-in rates will cost $269.00, while the online rate is $268.00. Hardly a saving! You can view how Sydney Airport parking rates for long-term bookings compare in the table below. These car parks serve the Domestic Terminals, T2 & T3:


Long-term Parking Rates - Domestic Terminals

Duration P1 / P2 (Drive-up) P1 / P2 (Online) P3 (Drive-up) P3 (Online) Blu Emu (Drive-up) Blu Emu (Online)
24 Hours $62.00 $59.00 $51.00 $48.00 $34.00 $30.00
2 Days $124.00 $100.00 $102.00 $92.00 $65.00 $60.00
3 Days $186.00 $155.00 $153.00 $112.00 $78.00 $76.00
4 Days $248.00 $202.00 $204.00 $128.00 $93.00 $91.00
5 Days $310.00 $249.00 $255.00 $140.00 $109.00 $108.00
6 Days $372.00 $286.00 $306.00 $157.00 $125.00 $112.00
7 Days $434.00 $288.00 $357.00 $166.00 $141.00 $125.00
1 Week $496.00 $361.00 $408.00 $181.00 $157.00 $128.00
2 Weeks $930.00 $542.00 $765.00 $253.00 $269.00 $268.00



Near the International Terminal:

If you need to use the International Terminal you again have less choice when it comes to long stay parking. The rates at P7 are fairly close to those of P3, but the long term discounts are better when you book for more than a month. A single day at P7 will cost $59.00 when booked online, while a week would cost $219.00. By comparison, you can stay for an entire month for $442.00, and two months for $761.00. Although you might want to consider a taxi at that point!

You can save a few dollars by booking your parking at P7 online. Two days at the drive-in rate are priced at $124.00, whereas the same length of time when booked online is priced at $86.00. The longer the stay, the larger the difference. Six days at the drive-in rate would cost $372.00, compared to $190.00 online. It is possible to use the Blu Emu Car Park, however you would need to take their free shuttle bus to either of the Domestic Terminals and then a second bus to the International Terminal. Compared to the rates at P7, you would save $91.00 over a week long stay if you took this option. Conversely, you would only save $13.00 over a two week long stay, which may not be worth added hassle of taking two buses. 

You can check how Sydney Airport parking rates for long-term bookings compare in the table below. These car parks serve the Interntational Terminal, T1:


Long-term Parking Rates - International Terminal

Duration P7 (Drive-up) P7 (Online)
24 Hours $62.00 $59.00
2 Days $124.00 $86.00
3 Days $186.00 $136.00
4 Days $248.00 $156.00
5 Days $310.00 $174.00
6 Days $372.00 $190.00
7 Days $434.00 $205.00
1 Week $496.00 $219.00
2 Weeks $930.00 $281.00



Cheaper Alternatives to Parking at Sydney Airport

If you take the time to search for and compare different Sydney Airport parking rates for your planned trip, it's possible to find more affordable long term parking options. There are several private car parks near the airport, which usually charge lower daily rates. If you don't mind catching a shuttle bus to your terminal in order to save money, it may be worth considering one of these 'unofficial' car parks. 

The services offered by unofficial or 'off-site' airport car parks are quite simple; you reserve your parking space online, then drive to the car park on your day of travel. Once at the car park, you show the staff a copy of your booking confirmation, and then check-in your vehicle. Your car will be safely stored while you're away, and you will be directed to the next available shuttle bus and transferred to your terminal. On your return to Sydney, you'll need to call the car park to let them know that you need picking up. They will send a driver to come and collect you. Once you're back at the parking lot you can collect your vehicle and drive home in the comfort of your own car. 

To highlight the difference in price, we researched the fees charged by two well-known private parking providers, and compared them to the main official airport car parks:


Off-site Sydney Airport Parking Rates 

Duration P1 / P2  P3 P7 Park & Fly Air Travel Parking
24 Hours $59.00 $48.00 $59.00 $45.00 $38.00
2 Days $100.00 $92.00 $86.00 $75.00 $38.00
3 Days $155.00 $112.00 $136.00 $101.00 $57.00
4 Days $202.00 $128.00 $156.00 $121.00 $76.00
5 Days $249.00 $140.00 $174.00 $141.00 $95.00
6 Days $286.00 $157.00 $190.00 $154.00 $114.00
7 Days $288.00 $166.00 $205.00 $167.00 $133.00
1 Week $361.00 $181.00 $219.00 $180.00 $152.00
2 Weeks $542.00 $253.00 $281.00 $271.00 $285.00

The above rates are online only. Please note that you cannot book at any of the official Sydney Airport car parks through Flyparks at present.


In most cases, the private car parks were able to offer a better deal on Sydney Airport parking. For instance, if you were planning a five day long holiday, you could save $45.00 on the cost of your parking by choosing Air Travel Parking over P3. Or, if you wanted to park your vehicle for three weeks in December, you'd pay $362.00 at Park & Fly, or $490.00 if you opted to be right next door to the Domestic Terminal at P2. And a month at Park & Fly would cost only $479.00, compared to $633.00 at the airport. That's a saving of around 25%.

The only airport car park that can offer similar rates is Blu Emu, but as mentioned earlier, this car park was not designed for use by international travellers. Most of the private car parks will get you to the airport via an on-demand shuttle bus service, so you won't have to board an additional bus at either T2 or T3. It's also worth noting that Blu Emu was recently reduced in size, with many bays removed. The likelihood of the car park filling up over the holiday period is quite high, so we recommend booking your parking in advance to secure a spot. 



Premium Parking Options 

If you’re travelling on business, or you simply don’t mind paying extra for a premium experience, Sydney Airport has Guaranteed Space Zones as well as valet parking services. The T2 Valet Service is aimed at domestic travellers, whereas international travellers are limited to Pronto Valet's services. Prices can be steep; just one day in the Guaranteed Space area is priced at $73.00, which almost makes valet parking look cheap at $64.00. If you're flying out for a week, you can expect to pay $240.00 for Guaranteed Space parking and $508.00 for valet parking.

Guaranteed Space parking spaces must be pre-booked online, so there are no drive-in rates available. Valet services can either be booked online or paid for at the car park. Qantas and Virgin Australia also offer their own valet services, but these are more expensive and generally aimed at their own customers. 


Premium Sydney Airport Parking Rates 

Duration Guaranteed Space Pronto Valet T2 Valet
24 Hours $73.00 $64.00 $64.00
2 Days $116.60 $128.00 $128.00
3 Days $136.80 $188.00 $188.00
4 Days $159.60 $252.00 $252.00
5 Days $196.80 $316.00 $316.00
6 Days $216.00 $380.00 $380.00
7 Days $230.40 $444.00 $444.00
1 Week $240.00 $508.00 $508.00
2 Weeks $379.20 $572.00 $572.00

The valet rates above are for drive-in parking, and the Guaranteed Space rates are online only.




Where to Find Sydney Airport Parking Deals

If you’re looking for the best deal on Sydney Airport parking, you can search, compare, and book affordable parking spaces online with Flyparks. Instead of manually comparing parking rates, you can use our simple and intuitive search engine to reveal the lowest prices on airport parking in seconds. We also provide important information about the car parks, the services they offer, alongside real customer reviews. We specialise in helping people to find reliable, inexpensive private airport car parking in Australia and New Zealand.

When you to book parking near Sydney Airport through Flyparks, you will be charged exactly the same rate as offered by the car park. We never add reservation costs to your booking. The process is quick and straightforward, and we’re always on hand to assist, should you have any questions. Our friendly customer service team are available Monday through to Friday, and reachable via email. 



While we’ve made every attempt to report on Sydney Airport parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, how long you intend on parking for, and service type. The rates quoted were accurate in the first week of November 2020, for stays in December 2020. 

Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Sydney Airport car parks with Flyparks. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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