Sydney Airport Parking Rates


Regardless of whether you need short- or long-term parking, covered or open air, budget or premium, you'll find the pricing information you need below. For a broad overview of Sydney Airport parking rates, please check the table below:

Overview of Sydney Airport Parking Rates

Car Park1 Day1 WeekKeep keys?Domestic or Intl?Distance to Terminal
Air Travel Parking$34.75$138.75NoBoth6 min drive
Sydney Airport Express$35.75$147.99No Both 2 - 3 min drive 
Park on King$30.75$166.49YesBoth4 min drive
Blu Emu$34.00$178.00YesBoth15 min drive
Park & Fly$45.99$183.75NoBoth5 min drive
 Guaranteed Space$69.90$219.70YesBoth3 - 5 min on foot
P3 Car Park$51.90$415.20YesDomestic5 - 8 min on foot
P7 Car Park$63.90$504.90YesInternational5 min on foot
P1 & P2 Car Parks$63.90$504.90YesDomestic3 - 5 min on foot


If you’ve ever left your car at Sydney Airport before, it won’t come as a surprise to hear that Sydney Kingsford Smith has the most expensive parking rates of any airport in Australia. With this in mind, we have accumulated a wealth of information about Sydney Airport parking rates, plus the fees charged by private providers, so you can make an informed decision about where to park next time you’re heading to the airport. For more information about the off-site parking providers listed above, please click on their names. This will take you to a separate car park profile page, where you can check customer reviews, view photographs, find key information such as opening hours, and receive a free online quote for secure parking Sydney.


Sydney Airport Parking Rates In Brief

There are a lot of options for overnight parking Sydney, but the car parks with the best rates are usually the ones that have a shuttle service. Despite this, there are many options available that fit everyone's needs. This means that service levels and rates differ, as well proximity to the terminals. Your choice of car park will largely be determined by which terminal you are travelling to, how long you need to park for, whether you require open air or covered parking, and how much you wish to pay. For the purpose of this guide, we have divided these car parks based on whether they suit short- or long-term stays, for domestic or international travellers. 

The main airport car parks are Car Park P1/P2P3 Car ParkCar Park P7 and Blu Emu Car Park. P1, P2, and P3 are primarily for domestic travellers, due to their proximity to Terminals 2 and 3, whereas P7 caters towards international travellers and is located near Terminal 1. There are two Guaranteed Space Zones, one which lies in between T2 and T3, and the other near T1, while Blu Emu, the budget long term car park, is located some distance behind T2. The rates charged by these car parks are similar for domestic and international travellers. Booking online in advance for car parking Sydney Airport is more affordable than paying drive-in rates, and we will show both sets of fees whenever possible. 


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Rates for Car Parks at Sydney Airport with Shuttle Service

Rates for Car Parks with Shuttle Service

DurationSydney Airport ExpressPark & FlyAir Travel ParkingPark on KingBlu Emu Parking
1 Day$35.75$45.99$34.75$30.75$34.00
2 Days$56.25$76.50$34.75$51.00$65.00
3 Days$71.49$103.25$52.25$71.49$90.00
4 Days$86.75$123.49$69.49$91.99$106.00
5 Days$102.00$143.00$86.75$112.25$119.00
6 Days$117.49$157.25$104.25$132.75$139.00
7 Days$132.75$170.49$121.49$153.00$159.00
1 Week$147.99$183.75$138.75$166.49$178.00
2 Weeks$239.75$276.49$260.25$259.25$311.00


If you take the time to search for and compare different Sydney Airport parking costs for your planned trip, it's possible to find more affordable parking options. There are several private car parks near the airport, which usually charge lower daily rates. If you don't mind catching a shuttle bus to your terminal in order to save money, it may be worth considering one of these independent car parks. You can check out our blog to find out more about the options for cheap Sydney Airport parking

The services offered by independent airport car parks are quite simple; you reserve your parking space online, then drive to the car park on your day of travel. Once at the car park, you show the staff a copy of your booking confirmation, and then check-in your vehicle. Your car will be safely stored while you're away, and you will be directed to the next available shuttle bus and transferred to your terminal. On your return to Sydney, you'll need to call the car park to let them know that you need picking up. They will send a driver to come and collect you. Once you're back at the parking lot you can collect your vehicle and drive home in the comfort of your own car. You can see more details about each of the car parks below:





Airport Express Sydney ($147.99 for 1 Week)


Airport Express Sydney offers a very convenient and fast parking service with some of the best rates at Sydney Airport. There is an on-demand shuttle that will take you to the airport in just 2 minutes. If you want to park with a reliable, secure, and low-rate car park, then Airport Express Sydney is the way to go.


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to terminal: 2-3 min drive


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Air Travel Parking ($138.75 for 1 Week)


Air Travel Parking is an affordable car park that offers safe and reliable long-term and short-term parking at Sydney Airport. The shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at either the domestic or the international terminal in just 6 minutes. With excellent onsite security, including CCTV, you can ensure your car is left in good hands. 


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00 

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to terminal: 6 min drive


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Park & Fly ($183.75 for 1 Week)


Park & Fly Sydney offers premium parking services including valet-style undercover and outdoor parking. While someone else is parking your car, you just have to wait for the complimentary shuttle to pick you up and drop you off at the airport in under 5 minutes. When you park with Park and Fly, you can be sure that parking your car will be easier than you ever imagined and you will experience excellent customer service. 


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to terminal: 5 min drive


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Park on King ($166.49 for 1 Week)


Park on King is one of the newest and largest car parks available at Sydney Airport. This car park has a plethora of services and facilities, such as car washes, electric car charging, a waiting room and even luggage assistance. Parking on King is also a highly secure facility that has security fencing, cameras, illuminated terrain and secured nightly patrols. If you are looking to book with an excellent car park that has quality service and low rates, then Park on King is the place for you! 


Hours: 04:30 - 23:00

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to terminal: 4 min drive


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Blu Emu Parking ($178.00 for 1 Week)


Blu Emu is a great parking option at Sydney Airport that offers a free shuttle that runs 24/7. The rates for Emu Parking Sydney airport are affordable and great for long-term and short-term parking. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Park and Ride

Distance to terminal: 15 min drive



Rates for Car Parks within Walking Distance of Sydney Airport

Car Parks within Walking Distance

DurationP1 / P2 P3P7Guaranteed Space 
1 Day$63.90
2 Days$126.90
3 Days$189.90$155.70$189.90$161.20
4 Days$252.90$207.60$252.90$174.20
5 Days$315.90$259.50$315.90$180.70
6 Days$378.90$311.40$378.90$193.70
7 Days$441.90$363.30$441.90$213.20
1 Week$504.90$415.20$504.90$219.70
2 Weeks$945.90$778.50$945.90$297.70


If you’re going away for a few days, or even a few weeks, there are several car parks within walking distance of Sydney Airport that you can choose from. Sydney Airport parking prices differ depending on how close you want to park from the airport building, as well as factors such as capacity, how far ahead you book, and whether you opt to book online or pay drive-in rates on the day. The main walking distance car parks are Car Parks P1-2, Car Park P7 or the Guaranteed Space Car Park and you can discover more about each of these car parks on our blog. 

If you're looking to park your car at the airport for more than a couple of days, it pays to shop around. A fortnight long stay at P1/P2 will set you back a whopping $930.00, whereas many of the independent car parks will quote less than $300.00 for online bookings of the same length. Read below to discover more details about the car parks that are within walking distance of Sydney Airport: 





P1-2 Car Parks ($504.90 for 1 Week)


The P1 and P2 Car Parks are owned and maintained by Sydney Airport. While they are not the cheapest option at Sydney Airport, they do offer short-term and long-term parking within walking distance to the terminals!


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminal: 5 min walk






P3 Car Park ($415.20 for 1 Week)

The P3 Car Park is another official car park at Sydney Airport. This car park is more tailored to those wanting to park for a longer period of time. It is a very safe undercover parking structure that is walking distance from the domestic terminals. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to Terminal: 5-8 minute walk





P7 Car Park ($504.90 for 1 Week)


The P7 Car Park is an uncovered facility that is located only 5 minutes walking distance from the terminals.  While extremely close to Terminal 1 at Sydney Airport, this car park has rates that are quite expensive. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminals: 5 min walk





Guaranteed Space Parking ($297.00 for 1 Week)


Guaranteed Space Parking is a very expensive parking option at Sydney Airport. There are two locations so that you can access all of the terminals in a short amount of time. Note that you have to book ahead of time for this car park and it cannot be booked through Flyparks. 


Hours: 24/7

Service: Self-Parking

Distance to terminal: 3-5 min walk



Rates for Car Parks with Valet Service at Sydney Airport 

Valet Parking Sydney Airport

DurationPronto ValetVirgin Premium T2 ValetQantas Valet 
1 DayCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
2 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
3 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
4 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
5 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
6 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
7 DaysCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
1 WeekCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable
2 WeeksCurrently UnavailableCurrently UnavailableCurrently Unavailable


If you’re travelling on business, or you simply don’t mind paying extra for a more luxury experience, then there are three different options for Valet Parking Sydney Airport. The T2 Valet Service is aimed at domestic travellers, whereas international travellers are limited to Pronto Valet's services. Prices can be steep, but it is worth it for the experience. If you're flying out for a week, you can expect to pay $508.00 for valet parking.

Valet services can either be booked online or paid for at the car park. Qantas and Virgin Australia also offer their own valet services, but these are more expensive and generally aimed at their own customers. You can see more details about the valet parking below.





Pronto Valet 

*The Pronto Valet Car Park is temporarily unavailable due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


Pronto Valet is the valet car park that is owned and maintained by Sydney Airport. While they are not the cheapest option at Sydney Airport, there is a Pronto Valet service at both the domestic and the international terminals. 


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00

Service: Valet

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk





Virgin Premium Valet 

*The Virgin Premium Car Park is temporarily unavailable due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


Virgin Premium Valet is the valet car park that is available for all Virgin Australia guests at Sydney Airport. You don't even have to book this valet service in advance, all you have to do is drive up and drop off your car!

Hours: 4:00 - 21:30

Service: Valet

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk





Qantas Valet Car Park

*The Qantas Valet Car Park is temporarily unavailable due to the Covid-19 epidemic.


Qantas valet car park at Sydney Airport offers personalised parking and cleaning services. With direct terminal access, all you have to do is drop off your car, and the staff at Qantas will take care of the rest. 


Hours: 5:00 - 23:00

Service: Valet

Distance to terminal: 1-2 min walk



Sydney Airport Short Term Parking Rates 

Short Term Parking Rates

DurationP1 / P2P3Blu EmuP7Express Pick-upPriority Pick-up
0 - 15 min$9.90FreeFree$9.90Free$4.35
15 - 30 min$9.90$9.90Free$9.90$9.70$8.65
30 - 60 min$19.90$19.90Free$19.90$19.40$21.60
1 - 2 hrs$27.90$27.90$25.50$27.90$27.50$30.70
2 - 3 hrs$37.90$37.90$30.00$37.90$37.00$39.60
3 - 24 hrs$63.90$51.90$34.00$63.90$62.00$71.40


If you’re planning on dropping off or picking up passengers from Sydney Airport, there are several short term parking options. Given that rates are quite similar, which car park you select is largely dependent on whether you need to access the Domestic or International Terminal. If you want to be close to the Domestic Terminals, P1/P2 are a good option; these car parks are right in the middle of the terminal buildings. P1 is a 3-minute walk from either building, and P2 is 5 minutes away. You'll pay $19.90 for an hour, and for 1-2 hours at these car parks. If you need to be nearer to the International Terminal, you're limited to P7, which charges the same tariffs for short stays. 

The car parks and zones which offer hourly rates are P1/P2, P3, P7, Express Pick-up and Priority Pick-up. It’s also possible to park at the Blu Emu car park, however this would mean catching a shuttle bus to T2 or T3. This is the most affordable official airport car park, and the furthest from the terminals. You can pre-book a 2 or 3 hour 'Quick Trip' on Sydney Airport's website, for stays at P2 and P7. Priced at $37.90, Quick Trips are for longer send offs and important goodbyes, however your booking will be void if you arrive 2 or more hours later than your booked entry time.

The rates above are for drive-in parking. It is not possible to book parking at the Express Pick-up or Priority Pick-up online. The Accessible Pick-up Area by Arrivals is free, but drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times. 


Where to Find Sydney Airport Parking Deals

If you’re looking for the best deal on Sydney Airport parking, you can search, compare, and book affordable parking spaces online with Flyparks. Instead of manually comparing parking rates, you can use our simple and intuitive search engine to reveal the lowest prices on airport parking in seconds. We also provide important information about the car parks, the services they offer, alongside real customer reviews. We specialise in helping people to find reliable, inexpensive private airport car parking in Australia and New Zealand.

When you to book parking near Sydney Airport through Flyparks, you will be charged exactly the same rate as offered by the car park. We never add reservation costs to your booking. The process is quick and straightforward, and we’re always on hand to assist, should you have any questions. Our friendly customer service team are available Monday through to Friday, and reachable via email. 


While we’ve made every attempt to report on Sydney Airport parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, how long you intend on parking for, and service type. The rates quoted were accurate in the last week of May 2022, for stays in July 2022. 

Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Sydney Airport car parks with Flyparks. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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