Sydney Airport Parking Rates


Regardless of whether you need covered or open air parking, budget or premium, you'll find the pricing information you need below. For a broad overview of Sydney Airport parking fees, please check the table below:


Overview of Sydney Airport Parking Rates

Car ParkCost per WeekService + Travel Time  
Air Travel­ Parking$140.25 / $17.53 per dayShuttle: 6 minBook
Airport Express­ Sydney$149.49 / $18.68 per dayShuttle: 5 minBook
Blu Emu$176.40 / $22.05 per day Shuttle: 15 minInfo
Guaranteed Space $327.60 / $40.95 per day  Walk: 10 minInfo
P3 Car Park$451.20 / $56.37 per day Walk: 5 - 8 minInfo
P7 Car Park$548.70 / $68.50 per dayWalk: 5 minInfo
P1 & P2 Car Parks
$548.70 / $68.50 per dayWalk: 3 - 5 minInfo
T1 Premium Valet $596.00 / $74.50 per dayWalk: 1 - 2 minInfo
T2 Premium Valet$596.00 / $74.50 per dayWalk: 1 - 2 minInfo
Qantas Valet$667.00 / $83.00 per dayWalk: 1 - 2 minInfo



We have accumulated a wealth of information about Sydney Airport parking prices, plus the fees charged, so you can make an informed decision about where to park next time you’re heading to the airport. For more information about the off-site parking providers listed above, please click on their names. This will take you to a separate car park profile page, where you can check customer reviews, view photographs, find key information such as opening hours, and receive a free online quote to discover the cost of parking at Sydney Airport. For more information on the options for long term parking Sydney Airport, check out our blog!


How Much Does it Cost to Park at Sydney Airport? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to inexpensive Sydney Airport Parking fees, but the car parks with the best rates are those that offer a shuttle service. If you don't mind catching a shuttle bus to your terminal to save money, it's worth considering one of these independent car parks.

The costs of Sydney domestic & Sydney international airport parking rates are as follows: for a week of parking, Air Travel Parking will be the first most affordable parking at Sydney Airport, costing $140.25 for a week of parking, or $17.53 per day. The second most affordable parking will be Airport Express Sydney, charging $149.49 for a week, and $19.96 per day. These car parks are off-site, so they are significantly cheaper than any on-site parking option. They only require travellers to a complimentary ride in their shuttle bus, which will drop you off outside your selected terminal. 

Blu Emu Parking Sydney will be the third car park with the most affordable Sydney Airport parking rates, charging $176.40 for a week of parking, and $22.05 per day. While this car park is on-site, parking here requires travellers to take a 15-minute shuttle ride to T2 and T3. Unfortunately, the car park is only for travellers flying domestically, as the shuttle does not drop off passengers at international terminals, like Airport Express Sydney or Air Travel Parking does. 

The P3 Car Park, the fourth most affordable car park option, is where Sydney Airport parking prices tend to increase drastically. Travellers can find Sydney Airport P3 parking rates to be $10.60 for 15 - 30 minutes, $31.90 for 1 - 2 hours, $56.40 for 3 - 24 hours, and $451.20 for one week of parking. For two weeks of parking at the P3 Car Park, travellers can expect to pay $846.00. Sydney Airport.The P3 facility is multi-storey and contains an express pick-up zone on the ground level. It is about a 5 - 8 minute walk to the T2 and T3, and therefore designed for those flying domestically. 

For travellers flying internationally, the P7 car park is only a 2 - 5 minute walk to the T1 terminal, however, P7 parking rates tend to be on the higher end, costing $548.70 for one week of parking, or $68.50 per day. For two weeks of parking at the P7 Sydney Airport, then, travellers can expect to pay $1,027.50. This makes it the fifth most affordable on-site car park option. There is also an opportunity to reserve your spot at the P7 Car Park with a Guaranteed Space, also known as P7 Premium Pre-booked, which is Sydney Airport's way of allowing pre-booked reservations to take place for international travellers. Rates start at $327.60 for a week of parking, or $40.95 per day with a Guaranteed Space reservation. Travellers can only book a Guaranteed Space through the Sydney Airport website. 

It's important to note that P7 parking rates are the exact same as those charged by the P2 Car Park at Sydney Airport, the only difference being that the P2 car park is a bit closer to the T2 and T3 (4 - 5 minute walk), and designed domestic travellers, while the P7 is designed for international travellers. Additionally, the P1 Car Park is currently inoperable until construction of the car lot has ceased in mid 2024. 

If you are not in the mood to park your car, consider Valet Parking Sydney Airport. Flyparks recommends these options only for travellers who don't mind paying higher airport parking rates Sydney, as prices start at $74.50 per day and $596.00 per week at the T1 & T2 Premium Valet, and $83.00 per day and $667.00 per week at Qantas Valet. In summary, there are many options available to fit everyone's needs. If you are looking specifically for the most affordable parking rates, you can check out our blog to find out more about the best options for cheap Sydney Airport parking. Additionally, you can view the most affordable Sydney Airport car parks, to the most expensive, below: 

Air Travel Parking ($140.25 for 1 Week)

Air Travel Parking

Air Travel Parking is an affordable car park that offers safe, reliable parking with very low Sydney Airport International Airport parking rates for international travellers, as well as for domestic travellers, as no matter which terminal you are flying from, Air Travel Parking charges the same rates and will drop off and pick up travellers from the select terminal they are travelling from. 

For those concerned with car park security, Air Travel Parking has equipped its facility with 24/7 CCTV to ensure continuous monitoring of vehicles. The ride from the car park to the terminals is only 6 minutes and will allow travellers to only spend $17.53 per day, and $140.25 for a week on Sydney Airport parking rates.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00 
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 6 min shuttle
  • Extra Service: Car wash service; 24/7 CCTV

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Airport Express Sydney ($149.49 for 1 Week)

Sydney Airport Express

Airport Express Sydney is known by past travellers for its punctual, convenient shuttle services as it is only a 5 minute shuttle ride away from Sydney Airport terminals. Sydney domestic airport parking rates are some of the lowest at Airport Express Sydney, costing travellers only $149.49 for a week of parking, and $18.68 per day, meaning you can splurge more on the holiday or trip you are embarking on than on parking your car at the airport.

The car park is only open from 05:00 - 23:00, so travellers arriving on flights outside of these times may need to consider a different parking option. If you want to park with a reliable, secure, and low-rate Sydney car park with an on-demand shuttle service and an excellent customer care team, then Airport Express Sydney is the way to go.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 minutes
  • Extra Service Hand car wash; 24/7 CCTV

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Blu Emu Parking ($176.40 for 1 Week)

blu-emu-sydney-airportBlu Emu Parking Sydney Airport is one of the most affordable official car parks. It offers a free shuttle service to drop off and pick up travellers from T2 & T3 every 15 minutes between 03:00 - 23:30 and every 30 minutes between 23:00 - 3:00. As a car park designed exclusively for domestic travellers, the Blu Emu can only offer low domestic airport parking rates, and can not accommodate international travellers. 

For $22.05 per day and $176.40 for a week of parking, the Blu Emu car park is a great option to consider for long term parking at Sydney Airport as rates tend to decline the longer one is parked. Not to mention, the Blu Emu Parking Sydney is considerably cheaper than its domestic car park counterpart, the P3 Car Park, as well as the P1/P2 car parks. Currently, the Blu Emu is only available to be booked on the official Sydney Airport website. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Shuttle
    • Every 15 min between 03:00 - 23:30
    • Every 20 min between 23:00 - 3:00
  • Distance to Airport: 15 min shuttle

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P3 Car Park ($451.20 for 1 Week)


Sydney Airport P3 parking rates start at $21.20 for 30 - 60 minutes, $56.40 for 3 - 24 hours, and $451.20 for 1 week, or 8 days. It is therefore an official, on-site car park with reasonable Sydney airport parking rates. The P3 Car Park is a safe undercover parking structure within a 5 - 8 minute walking distance from the domestic terminals and therefore reserved only for those flying domestically. The P3 Car Park can only be booked through the official Sydney Airport website at present. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 5 - 8 min walk

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P7 Car Park ($548.70 for 1 Week)


If you are looking for Sydney International Airport parking rates at P7, you will find that rates start at $21.20 for 30 - 60 minutes, $69.90 for 3 hours - 1 day, and $548.70 for 1 week. The P7 parking is a great option for short term stays, however, staying for a week or more at this car park is going to cost you a pretty penny. P7 Parking Sydney Airport is an uncovered facility reserved for travellers flying internationally. 

It is owned and managed by Sydney Airport and is only a 2 - 5 minute walk from the car park to the international terminal. Despite its higher rates, it remains one of the best offers on Sydney international parking rates amongst the other car parks servicing the international terminal.  The P7 Car Park can only be booked through the official Sydney Airport website at present. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 2 - 5 min walk

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P1-2 Car Parks ($548.70 for 1 Week)

p1-p2-car-parks-sydney-airportThe P1 and P2 Car Parks are owned and maintained by Sydney Airport and offer safe and reliable parking in a convenient location. While P1 Parking Sydney Airport and P2 Parking Sydney Airport do not offer the least expensive Sydney Airport parking fees, they do offer excellent parking that is within walking distance of the domestic terminals! 

*The P1 Car Park is currently under development and therefore can not be booked or utilised until the project is completed in mid-2024. Travellers can still utilise the P2 Car Park. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Service: Walking Distance
  • Distance to Airport: 5 - 8 min walk

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T2 Premium Valet ($596.00 for 1 Week)


For those looking for valet services, T2 Premium Valet offers a high-quality, convenient, and undercover parking experience for domestic travellers. Despite its convenience, it does offer rather high Sydney domestic airport parking rates, with costs starting at $99.00 for 3 - 24 hours, $241.00 for 3 days, and $596.00 for 8 days, or 1 week. Despite its high costs, it is located right outside of the T2 Departures Level and is open everyday from 5 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

The arrival process to T2 Premium Valet is simple -  drive to T2 Departures, drop off your keys, receive assistance in offloading your luggage, and off to your flight you go! This car park is recommended for business travellers and those who don't mind paying higher fees for closer proximity to the terminals, ensuring convenience. 

  • Hours: 05:30 - 23:00
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 1 - 2 min walk


Qantas Valet Parking ($667.00 for 1 Week)


Qantas Valet Parking is the valet car park open to serve domestic Qantas guests at Sydney Airport.  Despite its name, it is managed and operated by Sydney Airport Limited. It offers more expensive rates than the T2 Premium Valet, starting at $99.00 for 1 day of parking, $241.00 for 3 days, $383.00 for 5 days, and $667.00 for 8 days, or 1 week. 

Flyparks recommends reading past travellers' reviews on this valet service before booking as reviews are quite mixed. Additionally, should you decide to book this valet service, it is recommended to do so far in advance. If that is not possible, travellers can also arrive at the car park on the day of their flight and drop their car off. The Qantas Valet service is located right outside of Qantas Domestic Terminal 3. 

  • Hours: 05:30 - 23:30
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 1 - 2 min walk

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Park & Fly (Currently Unavailable)


Park & Fly Sydney is a decent option for inexpensive Sydney Airport parking fees. For a week of parking, you can experience premium parking services including valet-style undercover and outdoor parking. While someone else is parking your car, all you have to do is wait for the complimentary shuttle to pick you up and drop you off at the airport in under 5 minutes. Currently, Park & Fly is unavailable to be booked on Flyparks.

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 5 min shuttle


Park on King (Currently Unavailable)

park-on-king-sydney-airportPark on King is one of the newest and largest car parks available and still offers reasonable airport parking rates Sydney. This car park has a plethora of services and facilities, such as car washes, electric car charging, a waiting room and even luggage assistance.

Parking on King is also a highly secure facility that has security fencing, cameras, illuminated terrain and secured nightly patrols. If you are looking to book with an excellent car park that has quality service and affordable rates, then Park on King is the place for you! 

  • Hours: 04:30 - 23:00
  • Service: Shuttle
  • Distance to Airport: 4 min shuttle


Pronto Valet (Currently Unavailable)


Pronto Valet is the valet car park that is owned and maintained by Sydney Airport. While user reviews expressed displeasure over the high Sydney airport parking fees and average quality service, specifically when it came to the quality of the car washes, the Pronto Valet service at Sydney Airport is no longer operational at either the domestic or international terminals. 

  • Hours: 05:00 - 23:30
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 1 - 2 min walk


Virgin Premium Valet (Currently Unavailable)


Virgin Premium Valet is the valet car park that is available for all Virgin Australia guests at Sydney Airport. Despite once having rather affordable Sydney airport parking rates for a valet parking service, at present, Virgin Premium Valet is not operable. 

  • Hours: 04:30 - 21:30
  • Service: Valet
  • Distance to Airport: 1 - 2 min walk


Sydney Airport Parking Fees In Brief

The main airport car parks at Sydney Airport are the Sydney Car Park P1/P2Sydney Car Park P3Sydney Airport Car Park P7 and Blu Emu Car Park Sydney. P1, P2, and P3 are primarily for domestic travellers, due to their proximity to Terminals 2 and 3, whereas P7 caters towards international travellers and is located near Terminal 1, while Blu Emu is located some distance behind T2. The Sydney Airport parking fees charged by these car parks are similar for domestic and international travellers. In fact, Sydney Airport P3 parking rates are the exact same as the P7 car park charges. 

Now, if you’re planning on dropping off or picking up passengers from Sydney Airport, there are several options at Sydney Airport. Given that rates are quite similar, which car park you select is largely dependent on whether you need to access the Domestic or International Terminal. If you want to be close to the Domestic Terminals, P1/P2 are a good options (although P1 is currently inoperable); these car parks are right in the middle of the terminal buildings, and offer undercover parking. You'll pay $19.90 for an hour, and 1-2 hours at these car parks.

If you need to be nearer to the International Terminal, you're limited to P7, which charges the same tariffs for short term parking at Sydney Airport. The car parks and zones which offer hourly rates are P1/P2, P3, P7, Express Pick-up Sydney Airport and Priority Pick-up Sydney. It’s also possible to park at the Blu Emu car park, however, this would mean catching a shuttle bus to T2 or T3. 


Where to Find Sydney Airport Parking Deals

If you’re looking for the best Sydney Airport parking price, you can search, compare, and book affordable parking spaces online with Flyparks. Instead of manually comparing Sydney Airport parking rates, you can use our simple and intuitive search engine to reveal the best Sydney Airport parking costs in seconds. We also provide important information about the car parks, and the services they offer, alongside real customer reviews. We specialize in helping people find reliable, inexpensive private airport car parking in Australia and New Zealand.

When you book parking near Sydney Airport through Flyparks, you will be charged the same rate as offered by the car park. We never add reservation costs to your booking. The process is quick and straightforward, and we’re always on hand to assist, should you have any questions. Our friendly customer service team are available Monday through Friday, and reachable via email. 



While we’ve made every attempt to report on Sydney Airport parking rates accurately, prices do fluctuate based on factors such as capacity, the length of time that you intend on parking for, and service type. The rates quoted were accurate for 1 week (7-8 days) in April 2024. Please note that it is not possible to book at the official Sydney Airport car parks with Flyparks. We instead offer a range of alternative car parking options from private service providers.

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